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Trump vs Biden 2020 US Election
Planned Coup evidence captured on Zoom ...

2020 Election Coverage -

Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots -

A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades...


How it works ...

Phony ballots 

The ballot has no specific security features — like a stamp or a watermark — so the insider said he would just make his own ballots.

“I just put [the ballot] through the copy machine and it comes out the same way,” the insider said.
But the return envelopes are “more secure than the ballot. You could never recreate the envelope,” he said. So they had to be collected from real voters.
He would have his operatives fan out, going house to house, convincing voters to let them mail completed ballots on their behalf as a public service. The fraudster and his minions would then take the sealed envelopes home and hold them over boiling water.

“You have to steam it to loosen the glue,” said the insider.

He then would remove the real ballot, place the counterfeit ballot inside the signed certificate, and reseal the envelope.

“Five minutes per ballot tops,” said the insider.

The insider said he took care not to stuff the fake ballots into just a few public mailboxes, but sprinkle them around town. That way he avoided the attention that foiled a sloppy voter-fraud operation in a Paterson, NJ, city council race this year, where 900 ballots were found in just three mailboxes.
“If they had spread them in all different mailboxes, nothing would have happened,” the insider said.

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
- Joe Biden

# Fairfax Virginia has switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden stating a “clerical error”
# Wisconsin suddenly discovers over 112k Biden ballots between 3:30 am and 4:30 am
# Nevada has decided they won’t have all vote counts in until Thursday
# Michigan has gained 138.339 ballots for Biden since they stopped counting last night. A whopping zero for Trump
# 6 states trump has sizable leads, all six states decided to stop counting ballots on election night (unheard of) and they all have blue strong holds
# Jack from Twitter deletes the current sitting presidents tweet on election night. Glaringly obvious election interference
# LeeJoe, who was running for district 16 senate seat in Idaho and stated so on his account profile, gets his account deleted from Facebook not once but twice. Another example of a glaringly obvious election interference.
# North Carolina has 100% of precincts counted with Trump in the clear lead and it’s not being called

You don’t think we are watching a live coupe happen? They aren’t very good at hiding it, it’s incredibly obvious to a logical person. The media told us ahead of time that they, and only they, will decide who won. This won’t end well...........for Biden and his deep state cronies though. You can’t fix a problem you can’t see. This country has been plagued with voter fraud for decades. Trust me, this is just beginning. Expect the inter webs to go down and expect massive riots to begin. Anything to distract you from the truth. Welcome to America BUT fear not! We were born for such a time as this. His plan is perfect. BE EXCITED to be living in this moment and watching His plan unfold.
‘This is absolute fraud’: Eric Trump ..


There is 'something odd about postal votes which magically materialised' for Biden -

Sky News host Alan Jones says there is something odd about the hundreds and thousands of postal votes which "have magically materialised for Biden" in the last 24 hours.

I am not a conspiracist, but I have been in this game a long time.

I have never seen anything like this in my life.

As I said when we finished broadcasting last night, Donald Trump was a mile in front in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan.
In Michigan he was 54% to 43%, yet overnight hundreds of thousands of postal votes have magically materialised for Biden.

Biden’s 43% has gone to 50.5%.

Trump’s 54% has sunk to 48%.

So Biden has found, in 24 hours, 350,000 votes.

Pull the other leg.

In Wisconsin, last night, Trump was 54% to 46%; now Trump’s 54% has gone to 48.9%. Biden’s 46% has gone to 49.6%.

That has now been declared for Biden.

That is 210,000 votes, overnight, to Biden.

Where are these votes from?

It is clear that this Presidential election is being rigged.

And when it comes to the House Democrats, they have failed to increase their majority and have, in fact, lost seats.

The Republicans held onto the Senate.

Usually, we would see the House and Senate seats flip on the coattails of the Presidential race.

If Biden does win the Presidency, not only will he have to deal with an extremely divided House which will see the radical left and moderate Democrats warring with one another for supremacy, but also he has no ability to deal with a Republican-held Senate.

And then, thanks to Trump, Biden would be dealing with a conservative majority Supreme Court, so, thankfully, none of his ridiculous policies would be enacted by executive order.

That supposes Biden wins.

You expect me not to be on the fence. Well, I still think Trump is in the fight.

Watch 'Alan Jones' at 8pm AEDT and 7pm AEST on Sky News Australia - Foxtel (ch 103 & 600), regional free-to-air Sky News on WIN (ch 53 & 83) or listen live via the iHeartRadio app.


EXCLUSIVE! Possible Voter Fraud In Michigan? Lawyer Captures Video! | Louder With Crowder -




SUSPICIOUS: Biden Got 100% Of Votes In Wisconsin, Michigan During Late Night Vote Counting

Two critical battleground states necessary for President Trump to win re-election saw irregular and abrupt vote tally jumps for his opponent. These vote tally jumps occurred in the dead of night and after election officials allegedly stopped tabulations for the night.
An analysis of the state and county hourly voting tallies in both Wisconsin and Michigan reveals significant jumps in Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s vote totals. These vote total jumps – which came in single instance ballot dumps as reported by ABC News and Nate Silver’s Five-Thirty-Eight.
In Wisconsin, at between 2 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. ET, the total number of votes increased by 125,000. Of these 125,000 votes, 100% were for Biden, without a single vote for President Trump recorded.
Quote:I mean LOOK at this graph for Wisconsin
I’ll zoom in just so you can see the part where Biden votes came out of NOWHERE
Read more: SUSPICIOUS: Biden Got 100% Of Votes In Wisconsin, Michigan During Late Night Vote Counting
Nigel Farage's US Election update -


Throwing away ballot papers?


Sarah Westall on Ktalk w/ Jason Anderson: Election Coup, Google Lawsuit & more -

Sarah Westall joins Jason Anderson to discuss a planned election coup, riots, and civil unrest. We also discuss extreme big tech censorship and the current lawsuit “We the People vs Google” that includes Sarah Westall along with 14 others including: JustInformed Talk, SGT Report, X22 Report, SpaceShot 76, TruReporting, RedPill78, Edge of Wonder, Praying Medic, Amazing Polly, Woke Societies, Daniel Lee, Deception Byes, InTheMatrixxx, and Destroying the Illusion.


"MASSIVE FRAUD" Rudy Giuliani Says Major LAWSUITS Will Be Happening -
Political Coup D’état has Been Planned, Now it’s Being Implemented w/ Harley Schlanger -

Harley Schlanger rejoins the program to discuss the political Coup D’état that is being attempt right now in the United States. Harley explains what steps have led up to this and what we can expect to come. It is important for everyone to know that the President’s administration knew of this plan and is countering strong. Our very Republic is on the line if this Coup D’état is successful. Harley shares what we have in store if this treasonous coup is not shut down. 

U.S. Postal Worker Caught With Stolen Ballots At Canadian Border

A United States postal worker was charged with delay or destruction of mail after Customs and Border Protection intercepted him on the Canadian border on Election Day with a trunk full of absentee ballots.
The charge for Brandon Wilson, 27, of Buffalo, New York, carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
“This Office is committed not only to ensuring the integrity of the mails but also of individuals’ rights to vote in a free and fair election,” stated U.S. Attorney James Kennedy. “The criminal conduct with which this defendant is alleged to have engaged, undermined both of those interests.”


Biden Declares Victory, Why 70 Million Trump Voters Will Not Accept The Outcome


Giuliani responds after race called for Biden -

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