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My new nanotech ID
AMERICA THE BLIGHT: The Method to the Madness Shocker: They Are Telling Us The Purpose Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Is To Tag, Track & ID Us. Video By Dayz Of Noah!

Whats really behind the protests and weather warfare?

They are telling us that the purpose of the COVID-19 vaccines are to tag, track and ID us for global surveillance.  One you go vac, you can never go back.  With the hyrdrogel in the Covid-19 vaccines, you will never be able to take the tracking devices out of your body.
Increasing numbers of people are questioning if this is what the ‘test’ is all about

First Tests Of New “Immunity Passports” Will Take Place Wednesday
(10-19-2020, 10:17 AM)awakened53 Wrote: Increasing numbers of people are questioning if this is what the ‘test’ is all about


If this test or swab is done properly there is no pain whatsoever, I have done hundreds of these when I was a medic, they were done mainly on the hospital staff/operators who worked in and around operating theatres or where post op infections were most likely to occur, if they were found to have any detrimental viruses or germs they could not work in such arenas until any threat was gone and the nurse recovered, they don't do these as much today.

Notice the attire of the medical staff taking the swab, they are fully covered and the patient has a mask over their mouth, the mask is there to stop the operator from getting any breath or particles on them if the person sneezes as and when the back of the throat area is touched which sometimes happens, this area being very sensetive to object there-in.

This takes me to the next part of the subject of any mobile testing centres, especially those carried out in the open air, these should not be allowed using un-trained staff other than a fully qualified nurse or doctor, the chances of catching something you never had if the operators never kept themselves sterile enough are far greater, a mobile unit cannot possibly have enough time to decontaminate, change gloves etc between each patient through a car window, they should be stopped immediately.

The main reason is because if the patient has any viruses and the subcutanious levels are damage this would let in far easier any unwanted germs that would not normally have any impact, the whole thing is a farce and designed purely to get people used to the new normal, it is all about conditioning the minds of men instead of protecting them against nothing other than a new flu or cold virus.

Again the real information needs to be shared by those who are in the know, not by cutting and pasting reports saying it is very painful, and finally, placing any object in such a place would be futile, because the cells in such sub areas are rapidly replaced daily and anything placed here would soon become loose and not remain in place..

More bad practice and tom foolery here, firstly the N 95 mask has an oulet valve which lets the entirity of a persons breath out of the wearers mask unfiltered, this alone is a no no as it can contaminate the swap as the nurse breaths outwrds all over the swab, there is so much bad advice and or diss-information on the web today, that those without any medical knowledge is open season for mind control techniques.

They also forgot to mention if the bud on the end of the stick touches even the outside edge of the container it is useless for testing in the lab.

Also if anyone who has a virus and then sneezes during the swab test in any treatment room, that room will then be contaminated by micro droplets for hours afterwards simply waiting for the next person to enter and breath it in.
Health and tech groups aim to create digital Covid ‘vaccination passport’

Health and technology groups are working together to create a digital vaccination passport in the expectation that governments, airlines and other businesses will require proof people have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The Vaccination Credential Initiative, a coalition of organisations including Microsoft, Oracle and the US healthcare non-profit Mayo Clinic, aims to establish standards to verify whether a person has had their shot and prevent people falsely claiming to be protected against the disease.  The coalition builds on work done by one of its members, The Commons Project, to develop an internationally accepted digital certificate to prove travellers have tested negative for Covid-19. The pass developed by the non-profit, established with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, is now being used by all three major airline alliances.  Paul Meyer, chief executive of The Commons Project, said people vaccinated so far were often handed just a piece of paper, reminiscent of the “old yellow cards”. By working with health IT companies, such as Epic and Cerner in the US, the new system will be able to draw from electronic medical records to create a digital card. Mr Meyer said the coalition was in talks with several governments that expected their entry requirements to evolve over the next few months from mandating negative tests to a “hybrid”, accepting either tests or proof of vaccination.

Read more: Health and tech groups aim to create digital Covid ‘vaccination passport’
COVID-19 Vaccine Passports to be Trialled by Thousands in the UK...

British government-sponsored vaccine passports will be issued to thousands of Britons after they receive the coronavirus inoculations in a ‘trial’ run of the programe this month.
The health passport — which will come in the form of a smartphone application — has been developed by the biometric firm iProov in partnership with the cybersecurity company Mvine.
The trial is expected to be completed by March and will be overseen by two directors of public health in a local authority, yet to be announced. The stated goal of the project is to see how health passports can function as a means of tracking how many people have received the first or second dose of the vaccine.
Frank Joshi, the director and founder of Mvine told the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday: “The idea is that we are there ready and waiting in the event that we find ourselves interested in a situation where we need to prove something about ourselves.”

The chief executive of iProov, Andrew Bud claimed that it was “very important” that vaccination programmes should be tied with Britain’s socialised healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS).
The concept of coronavirus health passports was first floated by Health Secretary Matt Hancock in April, who said at the time: “We are looking at an immunity certificate. People who have had the disease have got the antibodies and then have immunity can show that and therefore get back as much as possible to normal life.”
The government has since expressed mixed messages on whether it would roll out vaccine passports, with Cabinet Minister Michael Dove proclaiming in December that they were “not the plan”.
The recently installed vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi, predicted just days prior that British businesses would require immunity passports for their customers.
On Tuesday, Mr Zahawi denied that the government was planning to introduce vaccine passports, saying: “We have no plans to introduce vaccine passports.”

read more.....
Vaccine Passport Push Exposes the Bullying Authoritarians in Our Midst

Twelve months ago it would have been unthinkable that any public figure would be suggesting that people would need to show their vaccination records before entering a shop, or any public place, but that’s where we are in Britain today.
Just when you thought  Covid-authoritarianism (and authoritarianism is actually putting it mildly), couldn’t get any worse, it just did.
This week we’ve seen a number of politicians and high-profile media figures promote the idea of mandatory vaccine passports. And not just for international travel. On Sunday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who, I kid yet not, once wrote a book entitled ‘The Assault on Liberty’, refused to rule out vaccine passports to allow entry to supermarkets and pubs. ‘It is under consideration’ he said.
While most normal people reacted with disgust to the suggestion that we should need to prove that we’ve been vaccinated for Covid in order to buy half a dozen eggs and a pint of milk in the local Tesco’s, Good Morning Britain’s motor-mouth presenter Piers ‘For Fears’ Morgan who has played a massive part in stoking Covid hysteria, couldn’t curb his enthusiasm for the idea.
Quote:Love the idea of covid vaccine passports for everywhere: flights, restaurants, clubs, football, gyms, shops etc.
It’s time covid-denying, anti-vaxxer loonies had their bullsh*t bluff called & bar themselves from going anywhere that responsible citizens go.
— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 14, 2021

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EU documents show that vaccine passports and the whole current ‘vaccine’ agenda was being planned before ‘Covid’ conveniently struck (or rather didn’t)

[Image: immunity-passport.jpg]

[Image: Screen-Shot-2021-03-20-at-06.52.17-1024x722.png]
UK Now Considering Digital Face Scanning to Enter Pubs

The UK government is funding companies that are producing technology which will utilize digital face scans to check people’s vaccination status and allow or block them from entering pubs, stadiums and other venues.
“Britons could have their faces scanned to allow them to access pubs, gigs and sports events under one government-funded plan being drawn up for vaccine passports,” reports the London Times.
Two companies – Mvine and iProov – are working together on the system after being given a £75,000 grant by the government having already worked with the NHS on facial recognition technology in the form of the contact tracing app.
The technology is being proposed as a solution to concerns that presenting vaccination status via an app on a phone will be too slow when multiple people are entering a busy venue.
“Whoever is standing on the door of the pub is going to have to scan the certificate, read the name and date of birth, then ask the person for an ID document, check that the name and date of birth on the ID document are the same, squint at the photograph on the ID document and then make sure that the person in front of them is that person,” iProov CEO Andrew Bud said. “To which the answer is, that’s not going to happen.”
Quote:UK went from looking to covid vaccine passports to you need vaccine passports to face scan to enter a fricking pub in less than 6 months.

Face-scanning at pubs could offer key to vaccine passports
— ultrapurwater (@ultrapurwater) March 28, 2021

Read More: UK Now Considering Digital Face Scanning to Enter Pubs

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