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Future Visions
G-M0 Bay and the 45th - ENCODED MESSAGE - TOP SECRET
TANK Breaks Down Kim Clement Prophesy about ESTHER -
Dec. 21st Uluru - The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything -

... Those obsessed by greed, gossip, power, backbiting and turmoil will be drawn to the lower vibration while those seeking wisdom, introspection and Old Ways will be called to the higher resonance...

... I have been instructed to provide clarity, for a specific shared intention for the Ceremony on the 21st December 2020. This is the intention given directly by Original People, Lore keepers. I am passing on their words...
All shamans are the same the world over, the require your deep attention, normally using some kind of narcotic or trance inducing chant, they have a message from the ancestors, yet none are real but imaginary, only ones mind holds anything dear but its not real.

He is down in the hole but nobody can see him, why is it always a him and never a her?

The final clue to all archetypal parlance is found in the land and the living food itself, as to where all types of sympathetic magic began, on the planet, terra firma itself, not in space and time or an off world entity and illusion.
The Astrology of the US Election and beyond -
Trump Prophecy 2016 -

How The Simpsons Have Predicted All Of 2020 (Donald Trump, 2020 Election)

Simpsons Predictions For 2021
JC Kay, Michael Jacob and Charlie Ward -
Teymara Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin -

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