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Future Visions
BREAKING: Michelle Fielding Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin -

Ukraine, Putin & the People’s Alliance…

Show notes …

0min introduction to Michelle Fielding and her work in channelling 

1min many asking what is going on with Putin / Ukraine / the deep state
2min previous channelling examples and successes
3min credit to Charlie Ward’s input - preparation 
4min the nature of recent channelling requests, a fight for enlightenment 
5min the matrix of fear unhappiness and strife, Biden’s involvement with Ukraine 
6min the Clinton’s Obama’s and Bush involvement, past choices, the awakening 
7min it’s not a war but a tactical response, the future geography of the world
8min the overseeing of larger geographical areas, the white hats objectives
9min stronghold of peace - Putin, the bio weapon factories within Ukraine 
10min the removal of all corrupt entities and individuals, the strategy, the gold from 9/11

11min who moved the gold to Ukraine, children human trafficking, the lab experiments 
12min gene mutations and virus experiments, the danger to humanity 
13min the long term aim of peace, Putin’s current intentions, it’s not a war
14min the deep state control within Ukraine, NATO, military plan involving Starlink 
15min NATO will be defunct, treaty for peace, power devolved back to the people, the msm
16min is Ukraine part of Russia? it was independent but financially assisted by Russia
17min why it was necessary for Putin to go into Ukraine, parts of Russia 
18min the overall peace plan through Starlink - the current 75/25 percent position 
19min the UK devolved example - it’s similar to Ukraine 

20min how the world is going to look, the military role / plan
21min the six commanders in chiefs in the world, the land masses
22min bigger regions  - north east south west regions, borders and movement 
23min oversight of these regions, how long it might take 
24min the roll out strategies according to various parts of the world, the control of humans
25min the Ukraine’s role in this peace strategy, staying indoors 
26min securing peace in the world, future operations, the Middle East and resources 
27min the UAE have yet to agree to the Starlink peace plan, the current Taiwan situation 
28min Chinese leader Xi, the timescale for Ukraine 
29min clearing the deep state factions, no easy way of doing this, it’s not their intention to cause harm
30min using the correct order in the whole process in order to achieve the new peace treaty

31min NATO replacement - the new set up, the People’s Alliance
32min the breach of sanctions within the new peace treaties, what are the consequences 
33min the 25% not yet signed in, examples
34min everything is to be aligned 
35min who is Putin working with? the Alliance, Trump’s role, the organisational set up
36min Vlodamir Zelinsky’s role in Ukraine, he was put into his position - not elected
37min future elections in Ukraine, the US, Pelosi Biden Kerry interests within Ukraine 
38min their children’s interests in Ukraine’s natural resources, Elon Musk launch of Starlink 
39min just gone live in Ukraine, a reading examining Starlink and timelines 
40min the old system will fall, interpretation 

41min a more natural system that is aligned with the people, future abundance, 7-10 week timescale
42min the new system that will actually understand people - it’s happening now
43min the rebirth of humanity 
44min further questions from Nick - commander in chiefs, the military role for the people 
45min the new quantum voting system will be overseen and protected by the military 
46min the removal of the layers of government - they will be obsolete in the new framework 
47min the monitoring and policing of Starlink and other systems, checks and balances 
48min how the deep state situation needs to be explained to the Ukrainian people
49min total freedom and democracy 
50min looking back and understanding the sacrifices that were made to get to where we will be
51min bringing the power back to the people, the need to understand our current slavery system
52min the evil motives of the deep state - examples, the Biden position - not in control 
53min the future is with Trump
54min wrapping up, Ukraine  - staying indoors and staying safe to get the job done
Simpsons Predictions For 2022 Is Shocking!
Jack Dorsey is White Hat -

(Biden’s EO on bitcoin ….

Show notes -

0 min  Introduction 

1 min Michelle’s channeling success
2 min Elon Musk teaming up with Jack Dorsey
3 min background to Dorsey, they’re long time friends 
4 min the Twitter board, Crypto / digital currency / bitcoin 
5 min Musk and Dorsey’s investments, Block - fin tech company, Bitcoin use 
6 min stopping bitcoin, Tesla company- cars
7 min central bank digital dollar, PayPal, Tesla, Space X
8 min Block - a digital payment system, combining their power
9 min Elliot management and Twitter - tried to remove Dorsey
10 min Musk buys Twitter and is sacking the entire Twitter board

11min what the board were neglecting to do, the shareholders 
12 min Trump’s Twitter ban deliberate? is Dorsey a White Hat?
13 min what is the role of Dorsey?
14 min he’s a white hat, part of truth social movement - what it is
15 min all truther channels and apps and people are involved in truth social 
16 min the new platform that is censor free
17 min Trump’s censorship - explanation, strategic move
18 min behind the scenes work, mcafee, assange, snowden involvement 
19 min see previous quantum video - concept mentioned by snowden 
20 min snowden and assange behind the scenes - others waiting for green light 

21 min surprise white hats revelations, Bitcoin and digital currency, the CBDC
22 min the Central Bank is gold backed unlike the Fed Reserve 
23 min the NASARA bank, Sunak promoting the CBDC, high street banks collapse 
24 min countries required to sign into the Starlink system 
25 min the CBDC is the new gold backed system, not New World Order / NWO
26 min there aren’t two systems- the new system is already up and running 
27 min the new currencies are already available as digital / cryptocurrencies 
28 min no new physical currency, rainbow currency, crypto needs to be gold bacd
29 min what cryptocurrencies? backed by gold and licensed
30 min is bitcoin okay / good?

31 min how currencies will be moved around - quantum tech
32 min new system designed to help people, and not oppress them
33 min what about Musk’s dogecoin crypto? Military involved?
34 min UK corporate business - 4 day week, PIP for disabled / Centrepoint
35 min introducing Nesara Gesara for the vulnerable first, by 2024
36 min eventually everyone will benefit under new system 
37 min the set up of new global economic financial system  - founding states
38 min the DIAA app implemented in Ukraine providing the UBI 
39 min it is being introduced at different times / stages all over the world
40 min crypto is also tied to credit cards - Visa / Mastercard 

41 min the EO on March 9th signed by Biden - framework for Crypto 
42 min the 120 days from the issue of EO, the 7th July 2022
43 min emailing Michelle, Biden puppet - white hats
44 min will RV be digital currency only, the RV - crypto currency 
45 min the dinar, dong etc - system has been there all along
46 min is the golden jubilee on 4th June 2022 significant?
47 min new constitution / framework for digital currencies? Starlink
48 min white or black hat financial system? It’s under the white hats, connectivity
49 min what will new system look like? What about coins, notes, digital wallet?
50 min lobstr, Diaa app compatibility? a new digital framework for each country

51 min quantum phones / why there’s a delay, lined up countries, the Middle East 
52 min who’s making all the quantum equipment? Issue of the digital cryptcurrency 
53 min the misuse of the crypto within the new system
54 min Nick Fleming’s advice?
55 min questions from host re the above
56 min why the storyline? 
57 min the bad system is actually the good system 
58 min the Musk and Dorsey partnership, Starlink encrypted? Control?
59 min the quantum system only works in the right conditions ie no war/conflict etc
60 min UK the green light? The military plan - no involvement in this aspect / area
61 min financial clarity 
62 min closing comments, appeal for help with information / updates / expertise
Farsight Human News Forecast: May 2022

… from 10 minutes in

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Intysam - 18:20
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Shantae - 48:21
Summary Comments - 56:14

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Stargate Newsletter: 1998 X-Files Movie Predicted the Jab, Deep State Dam Burst Soon
Michelle Fielding Discusses Digital Currency Implementation Via Devolution with Nicholas Veniamin

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