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The Makers of Things
Over the last several days it's been raining again so I have been busy tinkering in the old workshop, her in doors really likes dragon flies so I put this together this pendant using scrap silver sheet for the wings and a shank from an old George 4th silver spoon, the eyes I hand turned from Pink Ivorywood, the kind that the Zulu cheifs of old had as their Royal ceremonial staffs.

[Image: vgk1td.jpg]

[Image: 9zo8dc.jpg]

On the theme of Pink Ivorywood I also made this soft blow hammer from stock 1" brass hex bar and the same timber, this complements my other silversmith hammer that I made last year.

[Image: 143ezvp.jpg]

The pair together,

[Image: 2vlwbih.jpg]

Thanks for looking.

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