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The Makers of Things
Over the last several days it's been raining again so I have been busy tinkering in the old workshop, her in doors really likes dragon flies so I put this together this pendant using scrap silver sheet for the wings and a shank from an old George 4th silver spoon, the eyes I hand turned from Pink Ivorywood, the kind that the Zulu cheifs of old had as their Royal ceremonial staffs.

[Image: vgk1td.jpg]

[Image: 9zo8dc.jpg]

On the theme of Pink Ivorywood I also made this soft blow hammer from stock 1" brass hex bar and the same timber, this complements my other silversmith hammer that I made last year.

[Image: 143ezvp.jpg]

The pair together,

[Image: 2vlwbih.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
Two hair ties, one made from brass and the other silver from recycled items,
Another new week and another homemade product, from drawing board 3D to the final homemade engraving aid in the form of this pneumatic engravers hammer.

Made to make my creativity easier, total cost for this was fifty Sterling over the last several months of developing it in between gardening and a myriad of other chores.

A few pictures of it in sectional view/Solidworks 3D CAD and a short video of it actually working.

[Image: get?url=https%3A%2F%2Flive.staticflickr....=800&h=333]

[Image: get?url=https%3A%2F%2Flive.staticflickr....=800&h=410]

If there might be anyone who wants to have a go at making it just let me know and I can give more 2D drawings and schematisc.
My most recent project was this Trojan helmet pendant made from recycled  Sterling silver, it measures 50.00mm by 30.00mm by 4.00mm thick, and weighs 2 fully Troy onces.
Post image changed their standing so I lots most if not all of my pictures there, so I now have a flickr account,

Here is something I made towards the end of last year, another mask pendant in recycled sterling silver, 1 Troy ounce in weight.

Also this homemade jeweller engraving vice made from several off the shelf parts,

Video here,
Hi folks it been a while since I made anything, here is something I have made for here indoors over the winter and spring.

A pair of simple earrings made from an old section of oyster shell.

A garden trug made from some surplus rosewood I had laying about the workshop.
(09-23-2019, 07:17 PM)The Apprentice Wrote: My most recent project was this Trojan helmet pendant made from recycled  Sterling silver, it measures 50.00mm by 30.00mm by 4.00mm thick, and weighs 2 fully Troy onces.

Update and replacing the files that I lost earlier.
I need a little help in trying to find out if my threads on the David Icke forum have been removed, one was called Hands and Minds where I added things that I made, together with other creative makers wares, it seems to be missing as well as the communities thread/forum that did so well on the old forum, it seems as if creativity is frowned upon and has been put out to grass on the new forum.

Here is an all new part for a 7 keyed musical instrument I have just designed to be part of an old style set of bagpipes I am making for myself, it is great to have a 3D drawing package to design things before you begin making them, any part can be changed without wasting any valuable materials as you would through R & D.

Creativity is the engine of life and most important in a system that is slowly starve of the creativity, has Icke followed suit and now helping the NWO put this most valuable human trait to sleep.
I made this simple bracelet this week from scrap silver sheet and a second hand lock clasp from the bits bin, I made the metal dish former and the forming punch too.
The disks were cut into a roundish shape leaving small imperfections around the edge so when they are planished it leaves a wavy effect around the cusp of the dishes.

The bracelet is also reversable so the dishes catch the light in a different way to the textured opposite side.

Finshed with Greek cross at the middle.
Here are two more of my faviorite tools, the first one is a 4D pantograph that I made for carrying out an experiment for artificially inseminating queen honey bees in order of breeding a clean strain of bee against the parasite Varroa Destructor, if there are any beekeepers here they will understand what it's all about.

[Image: 49976267972_175fbd2311_h.jpg]20150101_000321 by Shed Life, on Flickr

Another tool is my homemade Victorian style wood fretsaws, you can see one being made here,

[Image: 49976019791_9f540ceff8_b.jpg]20160923_163138 by Shed Life, on Flickr

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