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All Fines Cancelled
Cancel a Fine / Tax / Licence -

We have letters to help you out in many situations, Council tax, tv licence, parkinging fines, forced mask wearing, forced testing, forced vaccination.
Please use whatever template you require. You can fill in the forms or just press print for a blank copy.

There is no charge for this, but if you want to make a small donation to keep this site going so others can do the same we really would appreciate it. 
Don't ever say you are not paying, by doing that you admit there is a debt to pay, so play them at their own game and ask them to prove the debt and the act even exists.
We are not questioning their authority to give out fines etc, we are denying it completely.
You don't need letters, you just don't pay the fine. I've had many fines and i paid none of them going back 7/8 years, i haven't paid council tax in 6 years and i haven't paid the water since 1992. Not being a smartarse just calling it out.

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