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The Catholic Church and the Rothschilds in 1823
Steve Wrote:P2 was behind the murder of Pope John Paul I after his Freemasonically significant 33 days in office in 1978. He was poisoned after privately ordering the removal of all Vatican Freemason clergy and staff over their P2 activities. No post-mortem was carried out on the Pope to cover up the truth and the same network murdered Roberto Calvi, chairman of Banco Ambrosiano and labelled ‘God’s banker’ for his connections to Vatican finances. He fled to London after the P2 scandal broke and was murdered to stop him revealing what he knew. Calvi was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge at the entrance to ‘The City’ ,the London financial district controlled to its fingertips by secret societies and protected by its own Freemason-dominated police force.
This is described in David Yallop – “In God’s name, an investigation into the murder of Pope John Paul” I (1984):

Recently Colombo gangster Anthony Raimondi, nephew of notorious mobster Lucky Luciano, in his new book,“When the Bullet Hits the Bone” described that he was sent to Italy with a team of hit men to murder Pope John Paul I with cyanide in 1978.
Raimondi was recruited for the hit by his cousin, cardinal Paul Marcinkus. Marcinkus first knocked out the Pope by spiking his nightly cup of tea with Valium; the drug was so effective that the pope would have stayed still “even if there had been an earthquake”.

Raimondi described the murder:
Quote:I stood in the hallway outside the pope’s quarters when the tea was served. I’d done a lot of things in my time, but I didn’t want to be there in the room when they killed the pope. I knew that would buy me a one-way ticket to hell.
He [his cousin] measured it [the cyanide] in the dropper, put the dropper in the pope’s mouth and squeezed. When it was done, he closed the door behind him and walked away.

When a papal assistant checked on the Pope, he cried out that “the pope was dying”, and Marcinkus with 2 cardinals “rushed into the bedroom like it was a big surprise”.
Then a Vatican doctor ruled that Pope John Paul I had suffered a fatal heart attack.

According to Raimondi, the pontiff was killed because he would expose a stock fraud, involving forgeries of the Vatican’s holdings in American companies like IBM, Sunoco and Coca-Cola. Mobsters would sell the phony stock certificates to unsuspecting buyers.
The fraudster in this scam included Marcinkus, who ran the Vatican bank, and about “half the cardinals and bishops in the Vatican”, who would have been jailed over the fraud:

More information on Propaganda Due (P2), Gladio, false flag terror and a summary of the Yallop book:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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