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Protests and Demonstrations
Telegram Post -

Shared (not written by me) 

Please share this as much as you can so anybody going to any UK event tomorrow can use it for their protection if required.... 

NOTE: The following has been written after consultation with an expert in Common Law, and a former Met Office Police Officer of 16 years. I am not a lawyer and I am not certified to provide legal advice or representation. Do your own research. 


Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms granted to citizens of a country through national common or statute law. They include freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom from arbitrary arrest, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religious worship. 


You have no right to ask the Police Officer if they are acting under their oath or to ask them to repeat it to you. Politely ask to see their warrant card. They are required to carry at all times on and off duty. It is a disciplinary offence if they do not have it or do not show it when asked. If they do not have it, tell another Police Officer you want them detained for impersonating a Constable. A real Constable will have to produce their warrant card. 

If stopped by the police and they ask for your details, you are not required to give them. If they ask what you are doing simply reply: 

"Exercising my common and constitutional law right to peacefully protest."

Any other questions they ask, your answer is: "No comment." 

If the Police Officer asks for your details, your answer is: "Am I obliged to give you my details?" 

You are not obliged. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DETAILS. 

It is the polices’ job to prove you have broken the law, it is not your job to do their job for them. So, to every question, the correct reply is: "No comment."
If stopped, you may also choose to ask: "Do you suspect me of committing an offence"

There must be evidence. If there is none, you are free to go. You cannot be detained. Ask the Police Officer: "Am I free to go?". Once the Police Officer says "YES", WALK AWAY. 

The strawman argument is nonsensical and will get you arrested. There is no Police Officer alive that wants to contract with you. They want to know what you are doing and why. Remember every time they ask you a question, they are collecting evidence, so your reply is NO COMMENT.

If the police approach any protestor, everyone, PLEASE, take out your phones and film them. The film is good evidence which can be used if you submit a complaint against the police. 

If you are arrested, ask to see a copy of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. They must give it to you and allow you time to study it. Ask for a solicitor and during the interview your answer to all questions is no comment. It is a tactic for the officer to ask a question then after your reply (no comment) to sit quietly. People cannot help themselves they just have to start talking. So, if the officer is quiet, so are you.
Remember, regardless of your views about the police, they are people. No human being deserves to be attacked, sworn at, spitted on, pushed, shoved, berated. That is just going to get you arrested. 

There is more power in positivity, peace and love. Your family your friends, your children and future generations are watching. Act with dignity and do not allow yourself to be triggered.

There will be undercover agents and activists in the ground whose sole intention is to trigger the crowd, and make it non-peaceful. This will then be reported on MSN, creating further division within society. Don’t let this happen. 

Please share
Two protests – one against lockdown was friendly and peaceful (apart from a police thug) and the other to ‘kill the bill’ was violent, hostile, and set police cars alight. Two protests – two mentalities – and two very different worlds. Which one do you think the government wants when it is trying to curtail protest??

[Image: POLICE-CAR-MOT.jpg]
Breaking News! Police Responsible for Violence Against Peaceful Members of the Public ...
Telegram Post -

Worldwide Freedom Demonstrations 3.0
Ravers Against Lingering Covid Restrictions - London #saveourscene #freedomtodance
Millions Protest Vaccine Passports Across Europe -
Protesters pour into Paris as resistance to Macron’s ‘health pass’

spawns array of unauthorised street cafes …
FREE AUSTRALIA: The world needs to witness what police did in Melbourne yesterday -
Aussies start to Stand Up!
Amazing Anti Vaccine Mandate Protest Interviews in York UK December 2021 -

Credits Video: "English English"
We went to a protest in York against vaccine mandates to speak to people about why they were there, why they felt it was important.
We spoke to ex-military people, NHS nurses and paramedics, teachers, mothers and fathers.
Let us know what you think to the opinions shared! Whatever your thoughts on this situation, it'd be interesting to hear what you think and whether you're able to sympathise with the people we spoke to.
Pastor's wife: since the roll-out of the vaccine, he has accompanied one funeral after another
in Abroad
Earlier this month, Sarah Boyle, whose husband is a pastor, took part in a freedom protest in York, England. She opened a booklet about the consequences of the corona jab in front of the camera of the YouTube channel .
She said that right now we are in the greatest battle that has ever taken place. “A lot of people don't see what's going on. They get the shot; jab one, jab two, jab three," Boyle said. "They keep getting shots until they get a vaccine passport, at which point they are slaves to the system."
Normally, a vaccine provides immunity. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others have since said that this shot does not provide immunity and does not prevent the spread of corona, Boyle said.
Very ill
“Most people I know with corona have been double or triple vaccinated. They are very sick,” she said. At the height of the pandemic, her husband almost did not have to attend funerals.
One of her sons had to go to the hospital, which was virtually extinct. She was immediately taken to the emergency room.

“Since the vaccine was rolled out, my husband has been attending funeral after funeral,” she emphasized. “People are now dying as a result of vaccine damage. Heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, myocarditis or heart inflammation and later: cancer. My husband gets one phone call after another. It's tragic.”
“It's not even a vaccine. It doesn't work, it's an experiment.”
Please let everybody study: <<< Mainstream Media systematically ignores ... they are 100% complicit in Crimes Against Humanity

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