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Lets do The Matrix films
If i remember correctly (and i'm not assuming i am), John Gibbons (Alchemy radio) has had a chat with Mark Passio.
Does this ring true: Hollywood is a consent (not content) producer, films showing the direction the world is heading (or intended to) and viewers consent towards that goal is taken from the popularity of said films. This also creates a mechanism to discredit those using the films as an analogy/allegory or literally due to them being 'only fictional' ('It's only a film').
Similar to policing by consent (UK), we are not told that we have to consent to Statutes & Acts (Legislation) and are therefore tricked into following these as Law (Common).
I had no idea about this but makes perfect sense ... have you got a link to that interview?! Be great to hear it! Mark Passio is great!
Sorry Charlotte, i was confusing Alchemy radio with Antimatter Broadcast: Occult Empire - Mark Passio Alchemy II : The True Great Work (2hr podcast -
Bit off topic!
The Hollywood bit is from my twisted imaginings

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