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Plastic Celebs
Sheep Farm 17 | Meet The Flockers | Plastic Celebs Pt.1 (1hr:16mins)

This presentation is in 2 parts (2hrs 40mins), it covers the famous people we have been programmed to hero worship. These individuals represent, Governments, NGOs, & Businesses. They also appear in Media, Films, TV and Radio programs are part of a huge operation to mind control the masses. We, the people tuned into what is really happening, the 1-2% of the world know this reality is false.

Pt.1 Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Lenny Henry, Predictive Programming, Netflix & Spiderman Video Game, Possessed Preachers, & What are Fringe Magnets & Plastic Celebs?

Sheep Farm 17 | Meet The Flockers | Plastic Celebs Pt.2 (1hr:20mins)

David Beckham, UNICEF, Malaria Vaccines, Greta Thunberg & Family, David Attenborough, Piers Morgan Bloodlines, RFK Jr.

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