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Electronic money that is exchanged for fiat money is the same thing, thus a stalemate, however labour exchanged for tally that is physical is far better, this absolutely closes the doors of the cryptomaniacs, bankers,  who will then pen the minimum into a maximus, always end up the money maniacs due to putting it all in one place, so what am I talking about here, yes, Barter, but barter with a difference.

What we might do is exchange our physical energy with others who do the same and keep a tally and stick to it.

Today we cannot do a run on the banks who are themselves bankrupt, but what we can do is demand from here on in a physical form of exchange, turn the clocks back and buy real commodities with the imaginary and use it in our immediate environments and invest it with those who can create something real with it, doing so removes the hoarders of our labours, labour is a constant, storing it with those who feed from it without producing something themselves is a constraint.

Once we cross the rubicon and go digital we are fecked basically, because we are then putting our eggs in an electronic basket which does not belong to us, all the powers that should not be will do is close down the lines of engagement to prevent getting at the crypto, humans always look for the easy route and are squirrel like and try to hide their nuts, but will loose most of them in the process.

Physical energy cannot be stored, but the commodities that this physical energy creates can be used and shared, this does not mean a return to the caves but a return to humans becoming creators again of what they need to survive.

As we are we are consumers 90 percent and creators 10 percent, with these figures we are going to die a very slow death, no iffs or but and no doubts about it.

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