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107 Rapists and pedophiles: The Royal family's circle
Prince Charles

  • Michael Fawcett
  • Peter Hain MP
  • Paul Kefford
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Bishop Peter Ball
  • Sir Laurens van der Post
  • Stephen Salmon
  • Michael Colvin
  • Charles Hornby
  • Arthur C. Clarke
  • Robert Coghlan
  • Roger Benson
  • Sir Harold Haywood
  • Lord Richard Attenborough
  • Ted Hughes

'Prince Charles's aide had raped George Smith'
"Newspapers from Scotland and Italy to Australia reported the central allegations: that George Smith, a former valet to Prince Charles, says he saw the prince having sex with another male aide, Michael Fawcett; and that [
the Prince's aide Michael Fawcett raped George Smith]."

During a police inquiry "detectives were told that a tape recorded by Princess Diana of the supposed rape victim describing his ordeal had gone missing ... [Paul Burrell] confirmed he had seen the tape ...

"'This account was taped by the princess as proof of evidence. She thought this person had a right to document it so it could never be covered up ...'"

Peter Hain MP "[became] a friend of Prince Charles -- the two of them being united by a bizarre belief in the efficacy of homeopathy."

In July 2007, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Peter Hain was among a group of individuals involved in ritualized sexual abuse.

The late Dr Coleman's entry on the Labour politician includes her client's assertion that Mr Hain is "in cult records as having satanic meetings in masonic hall twice this year. Unlikely could attend without being members of the cult".

e] Day ... told the tribunal earlier that her problems began when ... she was assigned as PA to
Paul Kefford[Prince Charles'] assistant private secretary
She said that despite being told that Mr Kefford, 32, was homosexual, she felt that he still posed a sexual threat to her. She has accused the former civil servant of 'inappropriately touching' her."

Inside the paedophile's lair: Chilling pics of bunk beds at [Jimmy] Savile's Highlands cottage raided by police where 'up to 20 suffered abuse'
-- The DJ bought remote home in 1998 and
entertained guests including Prince Charles

Jimmy Savile sex scandal: 'He liked licking Prince Charles' young royal staff'

"[Bill] Oddie, 71, said no-one spoke out because the DJ [Jimmy Savile] was friends with Prince Charles"

"A spokesman for the Prince of Wales previously confirmed he and Savile formed a friendship in the late 1970s"

Former Church of England Bishop [Peter Ball] who describes Prince Charles as a 'loyal friend' charged with sex offences dating back to 1977

[During his time in Lewes] "[Bishop Peter Ball] got to know [Jimmy] Savile well and he was the bishop's principal entree into the Waleses' household.
"But Ball's royal friendships were not confined to the Prince of Wales. He was on close terms with the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and was invited to preach at Sandringham."

[Sir Laurens van der Post] was a knight of the realm, a friend of both Margaret Thatcher and the Prince of Wales, and a man known to have sexually abused a girl of 14"

"Ex-Petty Officer Stephen Salmon, 66, subjected his victim to a catalogue of abuse in the 1980s - when she was between seven and 12-years old ... Salmon [was] a bodyguard on the Royal Yacht Britannia for the newlywed Prince and Princess of Wales' honeymoon."

Five witnesses to sexual abuse at the Bryn Alyn Community children's homes run by John Allen died in a fire allegedly 'arranged' by
 Conservative MP Michael Colvin
"He was a friend of the Prince of Wales ..."

Charles Hornby "... enjoyed the graceful life of the country squire who on occasion had Prince Charles among his dinner guests at Tetbury, Glos.

"... Hornby [pleaded] guilty at the outset to conspiracy to procure the commission of acts of gross indecency with persons under the age of 21, committing acts of gross indecency, and attempting to pervert justice."

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke: "I am convinced that this is nothing more than a cheap attempt to embarrass my friend Prince Charles."

Smirk of a pervert and a liar; police probe links [Arthur C. Clarke] to international child sex ring
"[The Daily Mirror] have a copy of a secret document which names Clarke as a paedophile known to members of the North American Boy Lovers Association, one of the world's most notorious child sex networks. US detectives, who arrested leaders of the association 10 years ago, say Clarke was named by other paedophiles they quizzed during an FBI investigation."

"Told one of them [the boys] was just 13, he said: 'If he really was 13 he will be a very mature 13.' Asked if he thought that was morally wrong he replied 'No.'
... The Sunday Mirror spoke to three boys who claim to have had sex encounters with Clarke."

"[Senior British diplomat] Robert Coghlan, 54, will be sentenced today after a jury at Southwark Crown Court found him guilty of importing 109 obscene tapes, 70 containing child pornography, in March this year. Customs investigators said he was part of a secret international paedophile network.

... Coghlan, a fluent linguist with 33 years in the Diplomatic Service, accompanied Diana, Princess of Wales [and, presumably, the Prince of Wales] on her visit to Japan ..."

"A retired lecturer [Roger Benson] has been jailed for five years for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl

... Judge Rose said Benson had been involved in very important work with the Princes Trust [i.e. Director of Public Sector Operations]. He told him: 'I wonder if that work would have continued a day longer if the trust, if the Prince of Wales, had known you were a paedophile?'"

Sir Harold Haywood worked closely with Prince Charles to establish the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust and the Prince's Trust.

Previously, as chairman of the Albany Trust in the mid 1970s, Haywood commissioned and touted a booklet that sought to normalize sex between adults and children.

"Though he was a fervent Labour supporter, [Richard Attenborough's] friends included Prince Charles ..." 
"Attenborough was close to Princess Diana and taught her (at her husband's request) how to make speeches ... He and his wife often had the Princess to lunch, and became confidantes ..."
The Independent, August 26 2014

Richard Attenborough "admits that Diana's frankness about her marital problems put him in a terrible position with his friend Prince Charles ..."

At some point in or after 1997, a client of the late Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Richard Attenborough was involved in organized child sexual abuse.

Ted Hughes "was accused of serious physical abuse (and even, by [Assia] Wevill, of rape) too many times to doubt."

Ted Hughes ..."shared his interest in spiritualism with Prince Charles, who often invited Hughes to Highgroveand treated him as his 'spiritual advisor and friend'. After Hughes' death Prince Charles ordered two stained glass windows to be placed in his private shrine ..."

"The Sanctuary is a Harry Potter-esque temple built by Charles deep in a glade in Highgroves grounds ... Constructed to a sacred geometry design ... Inside, there is an oak table with a rush cross hanging above it, as well as the wood-burning stove in front of which Charles and [Bishop Peter Ball] would sit.

"Two stained glass windows are dedicated to the memory of Ted Hughes [and] the writer Sir Laurens van der Post, Charles's philosopher guru.

"One former member of the Highgrove staff told me that Ball himself had consecrated the building, although it was later reported that the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, had been invited to perform a blessing."

"Roy Davids, former head of the books department at Sotheby's auction house, who knew Hughes well ... [said] 'Ted's relationship with the royals was much closer than anybody has so far known'

... "According to Davids, Hughes wrote private poems for the Queen Mother ... Hughes would regularly spend time at [the Queen Mother's] home at Birkhall on the Balmoral estate."
Literature and the Monarchy

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