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108 Rapists and pedophiles: The Royal family's circle
Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

  • Greville Janner
  • Derek Laud
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Stuart Hall
  • Peter Nygard
  • Jeffrey Epstein
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild
  • Jean-Luc Brunel
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Woody Allen
  • Peter Mandelson
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Muammar Gaddafi
  • Sir David Frost
  • Father Keith Gleed
  • Richard McDonald
  • Charles Howeson
  • Tony Robbins
  • Dale Winton
  • Queen Victoria School pedophile ring (the 'Friends of QVS')

Prince Andrew's "relationship with [Greville Janner] raises as many questions as that of his friendship with Epstein. The British media has turned a blind eye to the Janner-Duke of York relationship.

"... Alan Kerr was trafficked to London by a paedophile while he was 15 or 16 years old ...

"One night, Greville Janner, then a Labour MP, 'came up behind me and started talking to me'. A short while later, he escorted Alan to the bar in Dolphin Square. Alan slept with Janner each night during the week that followed. 'I was desperate for somewhere to live at the time. I wanted accommodation, food and security'. Janner would throw him back on the street in the morning and then meet up with him at night.

"[Janner] invited him to go to a show in Earl's Court ... Janner then told him that he had to submit his – Alan's – name for security clearance as they would be on Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's guest list ... Shortly afterwards, they attended 'The Prince and the Pauper' at Earl's Court Olympia with the Royals ...

"While they were waiting for the show to begin, Alan and Prince Andrew conversed. They also chatted during the intermission ...

"'I wasn’t nervous. Janner let me do the talking. They seemed to know each other quite well. That’s why I was able to talk to him. Sarah Ferguson didn't speak much' ...

"Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were engaged at the time ..."

Greville Janner "would have been charged with a string of sex offences against children, the CPS said. He would have been charged with 14 indecent assaults on a male under 16 between 1969 and 1988; two indecent assaults between 1984 and 1988; four counts of buggery of a male under 16 between 1972 and 1987; and two counts of buggery between 1977 and 1988."

Derek Laud "joined [Prince Andrew] and a sailor pal at the royal home in Dorset ..."

"We have evidence that Derek Laud, close friend of Michael Brown MP, sodomised an underage boy at one children's home so savagely that the child received hospital treatment for a ruptured anus ..."

"[John Allen] also had a ready supply of boys to use in his burgeoning film business. Through a company owned by his niece in Copenhagen, paedophile material was transported to London for private showings in Dolphin Square and nearby in Winchester Street, Pimlico, where Derek Laud, Michael Brown MP's boyfriend, had set up home.

"... Laud is a consultant with Ludgate Communications ... In his public relations capacity he is a frequent visitor to Conservative Central Officer where he meets Alistair Cooke [Lord Lexden] ...

"Stephen Hasshim was only 13 when he was introduced to Laud. He was living in care at Greystones Heath children's home in Merseyside.

"Gary Cooke [aka Mark Grainger], an associate of [John Allen], who is now in prison for child abuse, brought Laud in on the recommendation of [Allen]. He gave him Stephen for the night.

"The child was repeatedly brutally buggered by Laud ... [The] next day Stephen Hasshim had to go to hospital and receive treatment for a ruptured anus. He never met Laud again, but has positively identified him and remembers his name."

"Sir Jimmy [Savile] was also a firm favourite with Prince Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson"

On June 15 1987 "four members of the U.K. royal family – Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sarah, Duchess of York -- took part in a one-off version of ['It's a Knockout'] for charity, which was hosted by [Stuart Hall]."

Prince Andrew's team competed for the World Wildlife Fund, WWF.

A team led by Princess Ann, featuring Cliff Richard, competed for Save the Children: the same charity, coincidentally, that Ghislaine Maxwell had supported less than two years earlier, when she and Floella Benjamin co-hosted a 'Disney Day Out' at Lord and Lady Bath's Longleat House on September 13 1985.

"[Stuart Hall] is currently serving a 30-month jail term for sexually abusing 13 victims, one as young as nine ... [He] eventually admitted 14 counts of indecent assault against girls aged between nine and 17 over a period of almost 20 years."

"Millionaire fashion tycoon Peter Nygard, 79, invited [Prince Andrew] and ex Sarah Ferguson to his luxurious estate in the Bahamas in 2000. He and the prince were pictured together. Now, a string of alleged victims have accused Nygard of sex attacks on women and girls at parties there. ­

"Fifty-seven women filed sex allegations in a New York lawsuit and he was arrested in Canada under a US extradition treaty. Today he was indicted on sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes ...

"Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and their two daughters toured the grounds of Nygard’s estate for two hours, but did not stay at the mansion. Fifty-seven alleged victims ... have joined the legal action, which claims that Nygard used violence, intimidation, bribery and company employees to lure victims."

"In 2019, federal prosecutors charged Jeffrey Epstein with one count of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking ... Since Epstein's arrest, the Duke of York has issued several statements regarding their friendship ...

"They met in 1999. According to the Guardian, their friendship began when Prince Andrew was introduced to Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell ... [Photos] of the Duke of York with Epstein at Royal Ascot in 2000 recently surfaced. [The woman] standing between them is Maxwell ... The two men were also photographed walking together in Central Park in 2010 ... a 2010 video of Prince Andrew inside Epstein's New York City home (likely taken around the same time as the above photo) was published ..."

"Giuffre has accused Andrew of sexually abusing her at [Epstein's] mansion in Manhattan and at other locations in 2001 when she was 17. Her legal claim alleges she 'was compelled by express or implied threats by Epstein, Maxwell, and/or Prince Andrew to engage in sexual acts with Prince Andrew, and feared death or physical injury to herself or another and other repercussions for disobeying Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew due to their powerful connections, wealth and authority'. It further alleges that the prince knew she was a sex-trafficking victim ..."

Paul Page from Scotland Yard's SO14 Royal Protection Command "referred to a series of alleged security breaches at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of York was said to have entertained women there, including Ghislaine Maxwell ..."

Maxwell "faces seven charges relating to four women ... including two of sex trafficking. The new indictment claims that from 2001 to 2004, Maxwell trafficked a girl who she first met when she was 14 and groomed her for abuse."

Lynn Forester de Rothschild "was one of the names on Epstein's private-jet log."

Ghislaine Maxwell "[denies] that she introduced her close friend Prince Andrew to Epstein ... friends claim the introduction was made by ... Lynn Forester de Rothschild in 1999 ..."

Alan Dershowitz: "I first met him [Jeffrey Epstein] through Lady de Rothschild."
The Today Show, January 22 2015

Lynn Forester de Rothschild "was a long-standing friend of Epstein."

"Until 2016, [Ghislaine Maxwell] lived in a 7,000-square-foot Manhattan townhouse ... [It] was purchased for $4.95 million in October 2000 by an anonymous corporation with the same address as Epstein's finance office ... The seller was Lynn Forester ... Forester sold the mansion for about $8.5 million less than its assessed market value ... Forester bought the home in 1997 ..."

Lynn Forester de Rothschild "is raising dosh for the Outward Bound Trust. Prince Andrew, 'a friend', invited her onto the board."

"Lynn entertained keen golfer the Duke of York at her Vineyard home when she hosted three days of celebrations for Evelyn's 69th birthday in August [1999]."
Mail on Sunday, December 3 2000

"French investigators may seek to question Prince Andrew about his links with Jean-Luc Brunel, the French modelling agent who faces charges of raping minors in connection with Jeffrey Epstein ... it has been reported."

Virginia Giuffre said "Are you sweating yet, Prince Andrew? You should be. Your buddy Jean-Luc Brunel is behind bars. Remember those girls he supplied to you on the island?"

"Prince Andrew spent time with several young women [and] Woody Allen while staying with paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein in the United States, it has been claimed ... 'Andrew barely left the house but lots of people, including Woody Allen and several young women, were seen going in while he was there,' [a] local said ..."

"... [When] I was 7 years old, Woody Allen led me into an attic ... He then sexually assaulted me ..."

On September 30, 2002  "[Prince Andrew] enjoyed a boys' night out with none other than Bill Clinton and ... Kevin Spacey."
Daily Telegraph, October 2 2002

On circa October 1 or October 2, 2002Kevin Spacey was "spotted at ... Cecconi's, where he had dinner with Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew."

[Kevin Spacey and Prince Andrew] "were pictured together at a fundraising event for the Old Vic in 2003."

"... Kevin Spacey was given a VIP tour of Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew. The Duke of York personally escorted the actor into the heart of the Palace, including areas strictly off limits to most visitors."

"... [At] least 20 young men reported alleged sexual misconduct by Spacey at [the Old Vic] between 1995 and 2013 ..."

"An anonymous man filed a lawsuit against Spacey in New York [in 2020], alleging the actor sexually abused him in the 1980s when he was 14."

"In 2018, Spacey was charged with indecent assault stemming from an alleged incident with a teenager on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, during the summer of 2016 ..."

"The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office declined to file charges against Spacey in two separate sexual assault allegations ..."

In 1999 Peter Mandelson began dining frequently with Prince Andrew at the prince's home, Sunninghill and joined the prince's NSPCC 'Full Stop' campaign, "showing up to a series of fundraisers which the duke attended".
Reportedly Mandelson and Prince Andrew "became friends" through this campaign. In December 2000 the pair were witnesses at the wedding ceremony of Ghislaine Maxwell's friend Lynn Forester de Rothschild to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. In 2001 Mandelson "played a pivotal role" in Prince Andrew's appointment as Britain's international trade envoy.

In 2001 Mandelson was the subject of an allegation of child sexual abuse recorded that year by David Icke in his book 'Children of the Matrix', and later elaborated upon by an anonymous online commenter. (N.B. the alleged abuse may have occurred some time prior to 2001). "As well as on the boat itself, children from Isle of Wight care homes were abused by both Edward Heath and Peter Mandelson at the Priory Bay Hotel, near St Helens on the eastern side of the island ..."

In 2003 Peter Mandelson was a person of interest to Operation Ore detectives in connection with the alleged accessing of online pedophile material by someone using the name Peter Mandelson.

Dr Joan Coleman recorded in circa March 2006 that a client had alleged to her that Peter Mandelson had at some point been involved in organized child sexual abuse. As the psychiatrist recorded in her published case notes: "Mandelson [is] involved in cult in France and Brussels. Likes boys. Pays cult cash for rent boys but seems to be part of it. He ordered severe torture prior to murder of boy Kevin, aged 17, a runaway from Newcastle. who had some hold over him and was blackmailing him. Kevin was tortured and killed. Body dumped in sea, south coast, after being cut up."

The Duchess of York "was spotted at [a charity event] in March with celeb pals including ... Harvey Weinstein ..."

"The Duchess of York ... gave younger daughter Princess Eugenie an early treat before her 16th birthday today. They went to Selfridge's last night for a catwalk show and party hosted by ... Harvey Weinstein for his girlfriend, Georgina Chapman ..."
London Evening Standard, March 23 2006

Harvey Weinstein "was in London for a screening of 'Lion' with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Princess Eugenie ..."

Harvey Weinstein "is married to ... Georgina Chapman, a friend of the Duchess of York."

"... Fergie's great friend, Georgina Chapman ..."
Mail on Sunday, July 16, 2006

"A photo has emerged of Epstein with Harvey Weinstein ... and Ghislaine Maxwell at the 18th birthday ball of Princess Beatrice, [Prince Andrew'selder daughter. At the time of the ball in 2006 the police had raided Epstein's Florida mansion and prepared an arrest warrant for child sex abuse charges."

"Queen Elizabeth recently stripped Harvey Weinstein of his OBE. Prince Andrew ... has been named in the Weinstein sordid saga of the sexual abuse of 87 women."

Why did Prince Andrew visit Gaddafi in Libya with 'shady' Tory?
"Prince Andrew secretly flew to meet Colonel Gaddafi with ‘shady’ former Tory treasurer David ‘Spotty’ Rowland, it was disclosed last night... Buckingham Palace went to extraordinary lengths this week to try to conceal the Libya trip by the Duke and Mr Rowland'

Colonel Gaddafi 'kidnapped and raped hundreds of girls and boys'

"Ex-wife Sarah Ferguson had invited a host of Prince Andrew's friends ... TV chat show host Sir David Frost [arrived] before the 9:30pm garden fireworks."
The Daily Record, Feb 21 2000

Sir David Frost was the subject of one or more allegation(s) recorded by psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman that he (Frost) had been involved with a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder. Dr Coleman learned from multiple clients that Arundel Castle was among the locations where ritual abuse ceremonies occurred. Arundel Castle was owned at the time by Sir David Frost's father-in-law, the 17th Duke of Norfolk, Miles Fitzalan-Howard, who was likewise an alleged pedophile according to Dr Coleman's client(s).

"Prince Andrew attended [Lakefield College School] when the late Father Keith Gleed was chaplain.

"They remained friends thereafter, and Gleed attended the prince's 21st birthday and his wedding to Sarah Ferguson, according to Maclean's magazine.

"During Gleed's six-year tenure at LCS, he sexually abused at least five boys, the magazine reported. The youngsters remained silent until 2010, when Prince Andrew donated a baptismal font for the chapel in memory of Gleed."

"The Scots head of Princess Beatrice's new school [Aiglon College in Switzerland] has been accused of child sex abuse. Gordonstoun-educated Richard McDonald, a friend of Prince Andrew, is being held in a Swiss remand prison ...

"McDonald and Prince Andrew were contemporaries at Gordonstoun, a sister school of Aiglon ..."

A disgraced fall from grace: Plymouth's most respected businessman and banker to the Queen
-- Charles Howeson found guilty of indecently assaulting eight young men

Charles Howeson "will host a lunch for [Prince Andrew] at the Plymouth Business Area Association ..."
London Evening Standard, March 10 2011

"Charles Howeson stands between The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to the Groundwork Trust exhibition in 1992"

"Charles Howeson stands next to the Duke of Edinburgh who addresses the crowd at the Mount Batten Centre in 1999"

Sarah Ferguson works with investor accused of sexual offences at eco energy firm
"... [A] series of former staff claimed [Tony Robbins] exposed himself and sexually harassed them over 30 years ...
"The Duchess, mother to princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, took the job as brand ambassador for renewable energy firm Pegasus Holdings earlier this month [August 2019] ..."

"Self-help guru Tony Robbins has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl at a summer camp ... Campers were as young as 13 at SuperCamp in 1985 ..."

"The Duchess of York joined guests at a celebrity fashion show last night ... [The] show for Children In Crisis ... was hosted by broadcaster Dale Winton ..."
Coventry Evening Telegraph, May 26 1999

Dale Winton: "I was the compere at a charity function and the organisers told me Sarah Ferguson was to be my date for the evening."

A client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Dale Winton's details had been seen on a list of financial contributors to a group involved in ritual sexual abuse and murder. Reportedly the alleged list was seen on a laptop owned by an employee of Hambro called Mark Davis.

"Queen Victoria School has been linked to Thomas Hamilton, who killed 16 pupils in the Dunblane Primary attack in 1996 ... [Glen Harrison], a former housemaster, claimed pupils were abused by a paedophile ring at the school in the 1980s and 1990s."

"[Glen Harrison] and his wife refused to sit alongside Prince Andrew at a school dinner [on June 19, 1991]  'in protest at the many unheard voices and suffering of young boys' ..."

"On one occasion a black Bentley ... appeared at QVS with Prince Andrew inside ... [Nobody] seemed to be aware he was visiting and there was no pomp and ceremony.  The pupils around were shooed away from trying to see who it was ... Maybe QVS got short notice that someone was coming, but then why was the purpose of his visit not disclosed?"
Princess Michael of Kent

  • Thomas Leopold
  • Lord Paul Drayson

At some point apparently prior to or in May 2006, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Princess Michael of Kent was or had been among a group of individuals involved in ritualized sexual abuse.

Also in 2006, Princess Michael and her husband sold Nether Lypiatt Manor to an alleged fellow member of the group, Lord Paul Drayson.

"The mystery buyer of Princess Michael's country mansion was revealed last night - as [Lord Paiul Drayson] ...

"Lord Drayson was already a hugely controversial figure thanks to the awarding of a multi-million pound Government smallpox vaccine contract to his drugs firm after he gave £100,000 to the party. He was made a Defence Minister [in 2005] after donating more than £1million to Labour funds ... As Minister for Defence Procurement, Lord Drayson ... is in charge of £6billion of spending."

Tory MP Henry Bellingham said: "[Lord Drayson] is someone who should be under investigation by the police looking into the cash for honours scandal ..."
Daily Mail, April 29 2006

At some point apparently prior to or in April 2006, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Lord Paul Drayson and Princess Michael of Kent, from whom Drayson bought Nether Lypiatt Manor, had at some point become members of the same group involved in ritualized sexual abuse.

Thomas Leopold "was asked by Princess Michael of Kent to coach her then teenage son, Lord Frederick Windsor ...
"Leopold admitted downloading five indecent images of children on or before April 25, 2006. The content of two of the images was graded at level one ... two of the images were deemed level two and one file was at the more serious level three ..."

  • David Tracey
  • Gary Goldsmith
  • Christopher Exley
  • Richard Langley
  • Sir William Straubenzee
  • Hon. William Wellelsey Grosvenor [? uncertain]
  • Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer
  • An officer of the Grenadier guards
  • Sir Ian McKellen
  • Sir Elton John

"Ex-cop claims a royal was in paedophile ring but inquiry was closed to shield Buckingham Palace from scandal."

"[Geoffrey Dickens' dossier] is believed to have named members of the royal family ..."

Anthony 'Tony' Daly has identified St James's Palace as a location where he was sexually exploited as a youth aged 20 in 1975The sexual predator in this case was an officer of the Grenadier guards
Playland: Secrets of a Forgotten Scandal - by Anthony Daly

"Since we started this enquiry we have had the ... [death] of James Rusbridger who had, according to ITN, been on the point of disclosing ... paedophile material from within the royal family ..."

[David Tracey] is believed to advise on security for Buckingham Palace
– 48-year-old charged with four counts of making indecent images of children

"[Gary Goldsmith is] a pimp and drug dealer ...
"You [Kate Middleton and Prince William] ... have recently stayed at this bordello as his guests."

Police officer who protected Royal family facing jail after admitting downloading child porn
Christopher Exley admitted having 53 indecent images
- He is a serving policeman who works in the Met's Special Operations which protects the Royal Family

Richard Langley, a senior aide at Buckingham Palace, was a visitor to the Elm Guest House when it operated as a de facto child brothel:

Ex-education minister and devout Christian Sir William Straubenzee was an abuser

Princess Diana "was introduced ... by her close friend William van Straubenzee ..."

Princes William and Harry "have known the van Straubenzees for years through their uncle, Willie, who was a great friend of Princess Diana"

Queen Elizabeth II's father King George VI had a Lord-in-Waiting named 5th Baron Ebury Robert Grosvenor, whose son, Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor, may have been involved in a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder.

Quote:N.B. Lords-in-waiting "are peers who hold office in the Royal Household of the sovereign ... There are two kinds of lord-in-waiting: political appointees [such as 5th Baron Ebury Robert Grosvenor] who serve as junior government whips in the House of Lords ... and non-political appointments by the monarch ... Lords-in-waiting (whether political or non-political) may be called upon periodically to represent the sovereign ..."
At some point apparently prior to or in August 2006, a client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that an individual who once lived in Hampstead named William Grosvenor had been "high in [the] group", possibly as a "Commander".

This may or may not be a reference to Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor whose father (as noted above) was a Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II's father. Note, however, that Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor, a cousin of the Aga Khan who was on the board of Elipitya Rubber Holdings, died age 60 on September 28 2002. The funeral was held at St John the Baptist Church in Eversholt, Bedfordshire, and it's unclear if this particular William Grosvenor had previously resided in Hampstead (although his father 5th Baron Ebury Robert Grosvenor did have Hampstead links, having married in Hampstead). Thus, Hon. William Wellesley Grosvenor may or may not be the "William Grosvenor of Hampstead" identified as an alleged abuser by Dr Joan Coleman.

The late Princess Diana's brother, Earl Charles Spencer, was the subject of one or more allegations recorded by psychiatrist Dr Joan Coleman that, at least "in the early 1990s", he (Earl Spencer) was involved with a cult which practiced ritual sexual abuse and murder.

As a vice president of the National Youth Theatre in the 1990s, actor Ian McKellen is thought to have worked alongside its patron Prince Edward. 

(Ian McKellen and Prince Edward may also have had dealings with Lord James Hanson, of Hanson Plc, who in 1992 agreed a highly lucrative 5-year sponsorship deal for the NYT. Lord Hanson's son, Robert Hanson, has been friends with Ghislaine Maxwell since Oxford.)

A client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Ian McKellen's details had been seen on a list of financial contributors to a group involved in ritual sexual abuse and murder.
Reportedly the alleged list was seen on a laptop owned by an employee of Hambro called Mark Davis.

"As with any close friendship, Princess Diana and Elton John had their ups and downs ...
"The pair first met at Prince Andrew’s birthday party in 1981, where John was performing ...
"... [He’s] remained close to Prince William and Prince Harry and attended both of their weddings. He also ... loaned [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex] his private jet to visit him in France ..."

A client of Dr Joan Coleman told the psychiatrist that Elton John's details had been seen on a list of financial contributors to a group involved in ritual sexual abuse and murder. Reportedly the alleged list was seen on a laptop owned by an employee of Hambro called Mark Davis.

'Graham X' claimed in February 1987 to have supplied Elton John and Elton John's longtime close friend Billy Gaff  with some 10 male youths for an alleged April 30 1986 'pedophile party' at Gaff's home in Finchampstead. The Metropolitan Police responded by saying that the force was ready to interview Graham X, and asked that the Sun supply them with his identity or that Graham X contact them. The Sun's then legal manager, Henry Douglas, indicated that the newspaper would probably make Graham X's statements available to detectives.

N.B. Billy Gaff had recently managed the career of Elton John's other close friend, Rod Stewart. Gaff, John and Stewart had been witnessed together at Gaff's apartment in Pimlico as early as 1970
John and Stewart had both used executive producer Mike Gill, who ran PR agency Mike Gill Associates from within the Gaff Management company before subsequently heading Gaff's record label, GM Records.

Who was 'Graham X', the apparent whistle-blowing child trafficker who accused Elton John and Billy Gaff? According to subsequent press reports he was an individual named Stephen Hardy, whom the Sun had paid to invent lies. It is unknown, however, whether the Mirror, which carried an exclusive interview with Mr Hardy, paid Hardy to say this.

Separately, a 19-year-old complainant ('Malcolm X') told the Sun that, in the early 1980s, Elton John and John's then partner, Vance Buck, had forced him to take part in sex at Woodside, Elton John's home near Windsor Castle, after plying him with cocaine.

Quote:In May 1988, The Guardian reported:

"A young man who ... supplied 'rent boys' for showbusiness parties was found guilty yesterday of living off immoral earnings ... Charles Springall and his co-defendant, Tony Bowles, were 'links in a chain' ... 

"The [pedophile] parties, the court was told, took place at the home of Mr Billy Gaff ... where the former manager of Rod Stewart watched young boys having sex  ..."
Springall and Bowles "[used] runaway teenagers they met in Soho amusement arcades, the court was told ..."
The Guardian, May 13 1988

On December 20 1987 "[Robert] Maxwell withdrew from his agreement with Elton John to buy Watford"
Illustrated London News, February 27 1988

Beyond Watford football club, Robert Maxwell and Elton John have something additional in common:
Together with Richard Branson (who publicly endorsed Ghislaine Maxwell's fake charity TerraMar) and Greville Janner (the serial pedophile), Robert Maxwell and Elton John are former clients of the same "emotionally and physically abusive" lawyer to the stars: the late George Carman QC.
If you have any additional information about this topic, please send us a Direct Message.
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