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Bitcoin and Mitochondria
Bitcoin and Mitochondria Part 1 | Dr. Jack Kruse |

Time Stamps -

0 min Introductions - Dr Jack Kruse, Zak Dean and Frankie. Topics to be covered - the    
0min decentralisation of the financial and medical industries - quantum biology and finance
1min Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon - credentials, Patreon, TV show, books
2min Jack’s story, the hormone Leptin discovered in ‘94
3min environmental cues, experiments to find cures
4min the success following these experiments using unconventional quantum biology 
5min the Quilt document - 2 million followers, a growing website
6min the role the environment plays in our health / disease and the mitochondria of the cells
7min the work of Dr Doug Wallace in the field of cellular mitochondria, sunscreen danger
8min independent research on sunscreens, the danger of artificial blue light 
9min auto immune conditions, focusing on how we transform energy in our environment 
10min look at China and India - the Sun’s importance, photosynthesis, CO2, water, sugar

11min the tarp analogy
12min the sunglasses / sun cream madness in Australia 
13min why wearing sunglasses and using sun cream is an unhealthy activity 
14min the sun does not make us ill, as the centralised health authorities would have you believe 
15min the decentralised pathways begin with mitochondrial biology, blue light - metabolism 
16min the water cycle differences in different parts of the world, auto immunity 
17min  the DNA and RNA in relation to our different environments, Covid example, EMF factor
18min  the links between high latitudes and natural immunity, Vitamin D levels and risk of Covid 
19min the severe lockdown impact on our health
20min what we respond to in our environment, how do we help people - what are the solutions

21min using the vear negativa approach- the importance of sunrise, the gas gauge analogy 
22min the bodies inner gauge is confused if there’s no natural sunlight for prolonged periods 
23min leptin hormone is programmed by natural sunlight - you need to balance your needs
24min 10% of mitochondria energy lost per decade, Pisa energy - barbecue lighter analogy 
25min the sunlight/cold temperature equation used for optimal mitochondria levels in the body
26min cold augments mitochondria function- improves electrical charge in the body 
27min misconceptions about sun, past studies on benefits of solar exposure, smoking analogy 
28min Google ‘Sweden 2016 the sun is good’ - it’s ignored by the Australian medical system 
28min middleman in health system is hospital/Big Pharma-decentralised system removes them
29min then everything starts working - tarp analogy again, see the sun rise every day
30min swimming with the waves of nature, living in the best places for your health

31min avoid densely populated cities, hydronic/isotopes at sea level reduces piso/mitochondria 
32min diamond and quartz analogy, Frankie and friends health problems explained 
33min the thermodynamic here - all living in the same environment, what doctors say / do
34min ankle sprain, heart failure, star dying all get bigger as they lose energy
35min energy production / transformation is causing the weight gain - not working properly 
36min the sun is your blood - what doctors should be looking for and fail to identify
37min problem is the energy transduction process in your mitochondria - see published papers
38min the medical establishment/doctors are years behind, exercising under blue light, studies
39min doing the research - doctors who know nothing misdiagnose all the time
40min what centralised medicine constantly get wrong - not fixing diseases / illnesses

41min  peoples defects - most have mitochondrial DNA diseases - biological/nuclear DNA
42min low / high cholesterol issues - all statins are mitochondrial toxins
43min cholesterol makes vitamin D, a lack of sunlight causes increased cholesterol 
44min low nitric oxide levels causes high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction / RF microwave link
45min problems younger generations face due to increasing tech and radiation as EMF increases 
46min reduced sex hormones effect, that’s why seeing the sunrise is so crucial 
47min UVA/UVB light reduces hormone levels - causes of breast and prostate cancer 
48min effect of blue light on cellphone - various disorders they cause-light water magnetism
49min how the mitochondria works, melatonin, tryptofan amino acid, sunlight, the light of day
50min nicotinamide and carbohydrates, coconuts in the wrong environment-chaos/inflammation 

51min we can change our environment to maximise health, being an expert, unlearning stuff
52min knowing what’s untrue, researching
53min bitcoin buys more time/freedom, exactly the same with sunlight
54min decentralised principles - fiat / bitcoin difference, mitochondrial biology freedom
55min bitcoin is simple - no cost, learn how to use the sun sensibly, knowing the basics
56min Covid is totally tied to electromagnetic issues - especially NY California, people of colour 
57min both Bitcoin and Mitochondria are easy concepts
58min difficult economic experiences of hard earned money
59min Einsteins environment - problem approach, US bond market, devaluation 
60min peoples faulty beliefs will lead to future problems

61min health and wealth are fundamentally linked
62min starting bitcoin - buy a small amount first, all food is a barcode
63min mitochondria is the cipher, every living cell emits extremely low uv light 
64min getting better information away from centralised systems in order to benefit health/wealth 
65min office lighting’s detrimental effect on health - flicker effect
66min migraines caused by stroboscopic lighting effects
67min wolves taken out of Yellowstone park then put back in two decades later - ecosystem 
68min the serious health impacts of replacing the natural sunlight with artificial light
69min we need to find our the real reasons behind various health issues
70min investing a little time with research in order to solve health issues

71min tangible or physical aspects - mental /psychological way of thinking 
72min mental illness link to lack of sunlight - rock and pop star suicides
73min the deadly uncoupled system, always an answer, being wary of experts
74min understanding bitcoin - it’s completely decentralised, trusting yourself / the environment 
75min we’re designed to be outside, a time and place for it, health / wealth equations
76min possible threats against bitcoin, Nigeria bitcoin situation 
77min bitcoin is built for certain countries, bitcoin is beautiful by design
78min vegans - plants are harvesting us, the bitcoin algorithm effect
79min the link between history and monetary policy, medical bankruptcy 
80min seeing the real truth, not official truth

81min learning the wrong things at medical school 
82min so many rabbit holes to explore, patreon, the Covid vaccine - advice
83min no need for them - the sun is the vaccine, redox potential, which vaccines to avoid
84min what you need to consider before taking one
85min the risks of older people or those with darker skin
86min with good mitochondrial redox, you don’t need one, holding our leaders to account
87min freedom and control-you could buy enough bitcoin to leave/escape a poor environment 
88min the importance of teaching people fundamental history 
89min central bank of Australia action, watching the short end of the yield curve
90min the ten year yield in the US, what it costs, what it means

91min the short rates and fiat currency risk in Australia 
92min the actions/behaviour of the central banks, regulatory hurdles
93min the ICO issue, people will still trade in bitcoin 
94min closing comments

Bitcoin and Mitochondria Part 2 | Dr. Jack Kruse

Zac and Frankie interview Dr. Jack Kruse about bitcoin, bluelight toxicity, vit d and why sunlight heals, 5g and more!

Bitcoin and Mitochondria Part 3| with Dr. Jack Kruse

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