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5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells

5G radiation linked to coronavirus infection, new study suggests -

A new paper published in the Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents posits there may be a unique, causally connected relationship between 5G millimeter wave exposure and coronavirus [i]— an idea which, though widely discussed early on in the global COVID crisis, was eventually dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media and government officials, resulting in widespread censorship on social media platforms...[/i]


We Are Stopping 5G Masts in Bristol -

Activists describe the techniques they are using to stop the installation of 5G masts in Bristol. They have managed to prevent the erection of 7 masts now over the last few weeks and they now share how they have been doing it...

US DHS releases strategy to secure 5G networks

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released its proposal for securing 5G networks and industry will have a big part.
“CISA relies on its partnership with the private sector to understand and manage risks posed to 5G technology,” the proposal said. “With the promise of connectivity between billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is critical that CISA and industry collaborate to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that cybersecurity is prioritized within the design and development of 5G technology.”
The proposal is grouped into five strategic objectives (see graphic).

Anyone else heard a high-pitched noise at school or anywhere else? 5G?

posted to Gareth Icke

Hi Gaz, I need a bit of advice.
My son (aged 9) returned to school about 4 weeks ago now [near Leicester]. The other day he mentioned to me that he and most of the class complained about a high pitched noise they could hear. He said it was unbearable to them but the teacher couldn’t hear it.
After a while he said it stopped, although he said that it’s happened a few times now. I took to YouTube and searched for videos relating to 5G at high frequency and found one that he said “THAT’S IT” to. I’m obviously now very concerned about what’s going on in the school but have no idea how to approach the situation.
Have you heard anything like this or know anyone that could advise me further?
Thanks mate
Warning Issued by Health Council of the Netherlands: Do Not Use the 26 GHz for 5G

There has been so much controversy, opposition, and international action taken AGAINST 5G deployment that it’s been the subject of Dilbert comic strips. According to leaked memos at one French telecom company, employees are even asking their employer stop deployment. The Health Council of Netherlands is now also issuing warnings.
From Environmental Health Trust:

Do Not Use the 26 GHz for 5G Health Council of the Netherlands 5G and Health Report
5G and Health Report by the Health Council of the Netherlands (2020)
In 2020 the Health Council of the Netherlands released a report on health and 5G. They recommend against using 26 GHz frequency band for 5G, doing more research into the relationship between exposure and the incidence of cancer, reduced male fertility, poor pregnancy outcomes and birth defects. Although they state adverse health effects for lower frequencies are not proven, they do recommend monitoring of exposure before and after. The Summary does not state that health effects are proven, nor unproven.

Health Council of the Netherlands
Report released on 5G and Health
This information is directly from the summary you can download here. 
The committee has made four recommendations to Parliament
[li]Because the lower frequency bands for 5G (up to 3.5 GHz) have already been used for telecommunications applications and Wi-Fi for years without resulting in any proven adverse health effects, the committee sees no reason to stop or restrict the use of these frequency bands. It does however recommend that the exposure should be monitored before, during and after the rollout of the 5G systems. This will make clear to what extent exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields changes as a result of the introduction of 5G and any long-term health risks can then be estimated better. The WHO analysis can also be used in estimating the risks.[/li]
[li]The committee recommends doing more research: epidemiological research into the relationship between exposure to the 5G frequencies used and the incidence of cancer, reduced male fertility, poor pregnancy outcomes and birth defects. An ongoing international study into the use of mobile telephones, in which the Netherlands is participating, can play a role in this.
[li]experimental research into the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields in the 26 GHz frequency band.[/li]
[li]scenario studies to get a picture of the exposure of individuals as a result of wireless communications systems (3G, 4G and 5G).[/li]
[li]The committee recommends not using the 26 GHz frequency band for 5G for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.[/li]
[li]Finally, the committee recommends using the latest guidelines from the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) as the basis for exposure policy in the Netherlands. Because it cannot be excluded that exposure under the latest ICNIRP standards also has the potential to affect health, the committee recommends taking a cautious approach and keeping exposures as low as reasonably achievable.[/li]
Over 500 cities in Italy have passed resolutions to halt 5G until safety research has been completed. In the United States, Hawaii County, Farragut Tennessee and Easton Connecticut passed resolutions to halt 5G. Entire countries like France, Switzerland, and Nigeria are having a national conversation on the safety of 5G and they are launching major investigations to research the issue of safety. (Details HERE). In the United States, several cities have voted and passed policies to halt 5G or restrict the rollout into neighborhoods. Hundreds of doctors and scientists recommend a moratorium on 5G. For example, the Pancyprian Medical Association and Cyprus National Committee on the Environment and Child Health sent a position paper on 5G is entitled “The Risks to Public Health from the Use of the 5G Network” to the Cyprus Parliamentary Committees on Environment and Health. Read statements and position papers of scientific experts here.

There ARE studies that have ALREADY determined 5G is NOT safe. That’s why the majority of scientists worldwide oppose deployment. There are studies that have determined that exposure to other sources of wireless radiation – 1G through 4G – is also NOT SAFE

Since 2018 there have been reports about people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after 5G was installed (see 1, 2, 3, 4). Last year The World Health Organization warned that high levels of Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) which includes wireless radiation could lead to health issues in a significant percentage of the population.

‘5G is killing people in Sweden’ – WE NEED YOUR HELP! They call the consequences ‘Covid-19’

Our Children Are Now In Grave Danger – by Claire Edwards

This is a response to the request for information from a parent near Leicester, UK, about a high-pitched noise[sup][2][/sup] perceived by his child and classmates and his suspicion that it may be connected to 5G. Below I present evidence not only that his suspicion may be well-founded, but also that his child – and all other children in the UK and elsewhere – may be facing multiple threats in 2020 that go well beyond the danger from 5G.
Accelerated installation of 5G during lockdowns
The “Covid” lockdown measures across the world included prioritizing the accelerated installation of 5G on the spurious grounds that it would be needed by emergency services. This led to the “mysterious” deaths of ambulance workers[sup][3][/sup] and birds,[sup][4][/sup][sup],[5][/sup] which cease to be mysterious when one is aware of the extreme dangers of WiFi,[sup][6][/sup] hotspots/public access points,[sup][7][/sup] 5G[sup][8][/sup] and WiGig at 60 GHz,[sup][9][/sup] which prevents the uptake of oxygen by haemoglobin.[sup][10][/sup][sup],[11][/sup]
The widespread installation of 5G antennas and 60 GHz WiGig – both of which use highly dangerous beamforming antennas that concentrate the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – endangers adults, and especially children, whose bodies and brains contain more water than those of adults and who have developing brains.
Ongoing international campaigns against WiFi in schools
There are ongoing vigorous campaigns against the use of WiFi in schools around the world.[sup][12][/sup] Weapons expert Barrie Trower, who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of children, states that exposing children to WiFi will produce sterility within five generations.[sup][13][/sup] Professor Emeritus Martin Pall states that this would be achieved a great deal faster with 5G.[sup][14][/sup]
Tinnitus or whistling in the ears is one of the well-known symptoms of exposure to EMR. Below is a list of symptoms recorded by Dr. Yael Stein,[sup][15][/sup] who specializes in research into so-called electrohypersensitivity, which results from exposure to the environmental toxin that is EMR.
Let us compare the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the symptoms of the alleged “Covid”.[sup][16][/sup]

Read more: Our Children Are Now In Grave Danger – by Claire Edwards
People suddenly die outside hospital from ‘covid’ in Brno, a major city in the Czech Republic, after 5G was switched in October

Hundreds of people die every day from covid-19.  According to the Ministry of Health, there were 223 deaths on Tuesday, less than two hundred the day before.  Doctors from the University Hospital at St. Anne’s in Brno came up with a warning finding.  According to experts from the Institute of Forensic Medicine, some of them die suddenly at home without getting to the hospital.
 During the spring wave of the pandemic, doctors in Brno assumed that they would come across a person with coronavirus more or less accidentally when detecting a sudden death, for example after a car accident or injury.  And indeed, until September 22, they did not record any such case.  But then came a major turning point.  “Since then, at the end of October, we have had a total of 32 such cases in which people died at home without knowing the cause,” said Tomáš Vojtíšek, head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.
 In three-quarters of the cases, doctors found at autopsy that the immediate cause of death was viral pneumonia due to covid-19.  “Another 16 percent were thrombotic conditions associated with fatal pulmonary thromboembolism, ie blood clotting disorders, and in three people the association of death with coronavirus was not demonstrable,” the head added.  
In the last week of October, the deaths from coronavirus accounted for a quarter of all autopsies performed by doctors there.  The average age of the deceased subjected to autopsy was 69 years.  “Despite the relatively small number of cases so far, covid-19 has the potential to lead to sudden or unexpected deaths outside healthcare facilities without limiting the availability of inpatient care due to overload.  So far, almost all patients in the Czech Republic have died during hospitalization, “added Vojtíšek.
 Doctors from the Institute of Forensic Medicine also work in protective equipment, although the deaths of the deceased are lower.  The autopsy takes two hours, and the processing and evaluation of the entire case takes much more time, including the evaluation of laboratory and microscopic examinations.

Read more: People suddenly die outside hospital from ‘covid’ in Brno, a major city in the Czech Republic, after 5G was switched in October (In Czech)
Landmark Study Highlights Health Threats of 5G on People and Planet

The New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology heard from 13 experts in epidemiology, occupational health, toxicology, physics and engineering, plus one wireless industry expert. All except the industry rep agreed RF radiation coming from wireless devices affects humans, animals, insects and plants
Story at-a-glance:
[li]Newest data from the New Hampshire legislative commission confirms wireless technology produces significant negative effects on humans, animals, insects and plants.[/li]
[li]In the race for hyper-fast internet speed and connectivity, experts are making comparisons between the release of 5G and the lies told by the tobacco and oil industries.[/li]
[li]The structure required to support 5G will place cell antenna ports close to your home and workplace, making it nearly impossible to avoid and raising your risk of excessive oxidative stress that may lead to anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s.[/li]
[li]It is important to get involved in helping to prevent implementation of 5G by contacting your local lawmakers and signing local petitions. Consider taking steps in your home to reduce exposure.[/li]
Flying under the radar, so to speak, during the media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the rollout of a hyper-fast speed 5G wireless network. As millions of Americans are suddenly working remotely, it has proven to be a powerful opportunity for regulators to move 5G forward.
Yet, in the face of expanding wireless connections, a landmark study recommends reducing exposure.
Despite concern by many experts, the implementation is moving forward under the guise of bringing a faster and more efficient internet, at any cost. The term 5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless access, which Jonathon Adelstein, head of the Wireless Infrastructure Association, characterizes as “4G on steroids.” The association represents nearly 200 companies in the telecommunications industry

Read More: Landmark Study Highlights Health Threats of 5G on People + Planet
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