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Was the guidelines prepping us for war?
My personal own opinion I believe the guidelines were prepping us for war. For example I look at social distancing as nothing more than an exercise to prepare us for war, so people will queue in an orderly fashion for food, medicine, supplies, or onto trains of to some concentration camp. Even the words used like frontline workers/warriors, the enemy is the virus, we are at war with COVID, people who break the guidelines are traitors, people who questioned are deniers,  snitches get riches, do your bit, your country needs you, etc....  is military/war lingo.

What got my attention early was when I seen the Red Cross ship sail into New York, at the start of covid which shadowed the city, it was like a symbol of war.

By creating famine and a supply chain crisis, its very easy for the powers to be, to get people to fight in their upcoming engineered wars, which I believe what their planning right now, and the quickest way to bring about great change is a major war. That's when the Great Reset will be offered as the only solution, but something else will be dropped on us around the same time I believe, a Cyber Attack, the World Economic Forum call it Cyber Polygon, which they have now removed from their site , but are still the main driving force behind it.
The simplest explanation about the project, its like Event 201, a simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, that took place in October 2019 before anyone had heard of covid 19. The Cyber Polygon project was and still is an ongoing simulation attack, but its to do with cyberspace/computers. As they say "A cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics...., but 10 times worse".

When ever this cyber attack happens, we may see the remaining saving holders left with no back accounts. Maybe what we seen during lockdowns in Ireland with the HSE cyber attack was a drill, for an upcoming global one. At this point you will definitely own nothing, and if that doesn't go to plan the B.I.S will step in and take the money straight from your banking account anyway, because by that time people will be brainwashed into thinking the planet is dying, and nothing is sustainable, and will be quite happy to give it all up, even their house.

You will then be offered the deal of a life time, the SOLUTION!, own nothing and be happy, and when the internet comes back online, a new internet will be deployed, called WEB 3.0 that will use a digital currency (CBDC) all run on their blockchain, that will monitor all spending's and movement of people. WEF has admitted a blockchain must be incorporated. "With a blurred reality of liability and consequences for data misuse, a decentralized exchange system such as blockchain must be incorporated to enhance security and limit siloed control...."

Mastercard are already in partnership with the U.N., they call this Doconomy.... a credit card that not only helps users track and measure their CO2 emissions associated with their purchases, but also helps limit the climate impact of their spending.
This is really what's at the heart of climate change and immigration, the deletion of private property, ownership and total freedom.
Own nothing but be happy, well if I don't own it and you don't own it, who owns it?

There must be a Cyber Attack by these psychopaths, to incorporate a blockchain, that's how their going to sell it to us. More secure etc...

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