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Flat Earth?
Flat Earth Debate: Part 1 / 93.7 KLBJ FM -

PART 1 - Richard Garriott and "Flat Earth" Andrew came on the Dudley & Bob + Matt Show to debate various aspects of flat Earth...
#12 The globe is pseudoscience it can't be practically demonstrated anything real can be practically demonstrated. The globe is wrong so that's where the focus should be no need to accept any strew man flat models to replace the globe. no one knows the full dimensions the only way to find the full dimensions is full exploration. Euclidian plane geometry is used in construction and navigation you would not use that on curved surfaces. Also we live in gas pressure. Now in order for there to be a vacuum next to gas pressure solid separation is required. so there is no vacuum of space. so people claiming a vacuum of space need to practically demonstrate gas pressure next to a vacuum with no solid separation. People claiming a globe need to demonstrate water curving around the outside of a shape. We were all born in to a cult i am a ex globe cult member. Now i am looking to see what the objective reality we live in is. No one knows who we are way we are or why we are here all we have is those that profess to know when they don't have clue.

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