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Climate Change
Trudeau’s environment dept discovered scrapping real climate data for models -

It is so important to hand control of energy use to the government that mere actual, historical data that might raise doubt about the extent of purported warming over time must be thrown out and replaced by "models" of what the "scientists" think the historical temperature record must have been‘


In a scathing attack upon the IPCC ‘s latest alarmist predictions, Dr. Khadekar lambasted their report for its total lack of scientific backing....


Terence Corcoran: Here are the signs of hope that Greta's so 'desperate' for

The latest carbon emissions data and forecasts suggest the UN’s climate catastrophe scenarios are way off the mark...


I came across this useful post recently when discussing the climate change issue on social media ....

Here's a fun exercise that that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  

All you have to do is answer the following questions correctly. Feel free to use Google or any other search engine or resource to research the answers.  


1.  What is "normal" in terms of the Earth's average temperature?

2.  What is "normal" in terms of the Earth's average Co2 levels?

3.  When in Earth's 4.65 billion year history has the climate changed over the span of a few years or decades as a result of high levels of greenhouse gases?

4.  What are Milankovitch Cycles and what effect do they have on the planet's climate?

5.  What is the difference between weather and climate change?

6.  If Co2 alone does not have sufficient force effect to drive climate change, then, how is the rapid climate change narrative based upon rising Co2 levels valid?

7.  Distinguish the difference in definition between the words "cause" and "contribute" as they are used in science. 

8.  What percent of the changing climate is due to human activity?

9.  Name natural sources of greenhouse gases and compare the volume of those emissions to human emissions.

10.  Describe the process through which the climate changes.

11.  What are the only factors that we know of that has sufficient force effect to drive climate change  (Hint:  Co2 is not one of them)?

Once you have answered these 11 questions correctly, you will have taken your first steps away from the unsupported myths of climate change that are peddled as truth, and taken your first steps towards an accurate understanding of Earth's climate and its vast complexities.  


Why Greenhouse Gas Theory is Wrong -- An Examination of the Theoretical Basis -

David Bellamy, RIP - Man Made Global Warming is a scam Designed to Control People and Increase Taxes ....

David Bellamy OBE interviewed on Irish TV. A life long environmentalist, David was Professor of Botany at Nottingham University.

David discusses how man made global warming as it relates to Co2 is a complete scam which is designed to control people and be used as an excuse for higher taxes. He also discusses how he (and others) have been banned from the BBC due to their views which do not tow the party line and mentions how the media only portrays one side of the argument, i.e. the official line.

It is interesting to note that due to these views, David was removed as President of Plantlife after 15 years of service and was also removed as President of The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.


... and the truth of a secret meeting that decided BBC policy on climate change has come out online ...


‘Only three of the “28 specialists” invited to advise the BBC were active scientists, none of them climate experts and all committed global-warming alarmists. Virtually all the rest were professional climate-change lobbyists, ranging from emissaries of Greenpeace and the Stop Climate Chaos campaign to the “CO2 project manager” for BP, one of the world’s largest oil companies’
David Bellamy tells of moment he was "frozen out" of BBC -

David Bellamy has described how the BBC “froze him out” when he dismissed global warming as “poppycock”.....

Earth's orbital changes have influenced climate, life forms for at least 215 million years


How Ice Ages happen: the Milankovitch Cycles (video)

Report - ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy Designed by Wall Street and the City of London -



Goldman Sachs pledges $750 billion on climate change — bankers just want to save the world too


The U.N and Greta have failed, as we’re already 20 years too late!


Climate Change Fears Of Teen Activist Are Empirically Baseless -


What I wasn’t told about Climate Change with Luca Rossi ...

The Top 10 Bombshell Climate Truth Stories in 2019 ...

Time To End The Climate Gravy Train -


Termites emit ten times more CO2 than humans. Should we cap-and-tax them?

“Unless we announce disasters, no one will listen.”
... According to the journal Science (Nov. 5, 1982), termites alone emit ten times more carbon dioxide than all the factories and automobiles in the world....


The power of earthworm poop and how it could influence climate change -
Climate Change Swings and Misses. A Decade Of Alarmist Strike Outs -

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