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Information on shows and guests on the website
Programmes are uploaded to PodOmatic and other platforms. Could there be a section on the Richie Allen website that lists shows with guests, with links to where they can be heard?

Features could include:
  • A search feature by guest name.
  • A blurb on each guest, including links to website, blog etc.
  • Each show page would have names of guests, for which one could click on to bring up other shows that they have appeared on.
For PodOmatic, as programmes are uploaded in their entirety then a time at which the interview starts would allow one to go straight to that point in the recorded show.

This would pull together the 'broadcasts' which are scattered on different platforms. Previously on YouTube, each interview was uploaded as a separate audio with interviewees' name in its title, and therefore one could search the channel for a particular guest.

What I am suggesting would be a privately-run and free of possible censorship by a third-party video/audio hosting website.
that would be great! it's a lot of work for someone though. i hope it can be done eventually.

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