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Get out of trouble free card for Netanyahu

The cemeteries of Europe, Charles de Gaulle once quipped, are filled with indispensable people. And the caustic French nationalist leader believed it, but surely not about himself.
Like de Gaulle, Benjamin Netanyahu, who will arrive in Washington over the weekend for a Monday meeting with President Donald Trump, believes himself to be indispensable, too—paradoxically, more so now than ever as his political woes and prospects of dispensability mount.

As the shadow of a possible indictment and trial loom large, the Israeli prime minister doesn’t intend to go quietly into the night. Ever the indispensable man, he intends to demonstrate that indispensability in every way he can. And nowhere is that opportunity greater than in showing that he alone has the capacity to not only manage the unpredictable and mercurial Trump but to take the U.S.-Israel relationship to new and unprecedented heights.

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