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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.


The human catastrophe that is Syria was coldly created by the ‘moral’ United States on behalf of the Hidden Hand and in league with Israel, Britain and other Elite regimes. 9/ 11 launched the sequence of mayhem and conquest under the title ‘war on terror’ , code for seize and control ever greater tracts of the planet, and justify mass surveillance and other freedom outrages at home to ‘protect people from terrorism’.

American presidents now have the power to kill anyone including their own citizens without charge, evidence or trial once they appear on a CIA ‘kill list’. This is mostly done through drone attack. Cameron announced in 2015 that he had sanctioned death by drone in Syria without producing any evidence in support of his claims that the targets were planning terrorism in the UK. It’s do what you like time and these are the mass-murdering terrorists who claim to be protecting us from terrorism.

Another pre-determined bonus for bloodline elites of this systematic violence and upheaval is for dispossessed masses and refugees to head for Europe to escape war and tyranny and bring more chaos and upheaval by their sheer numbers. Chaos, like fear, is the currency of control.

Problem-Reaction-Solution is the Freemasonic motto ‘Order Ab Chao’, or order out of chaos. Create chaos and you create the excuse to impose order, your order, as an alleged solution to the chaos. Harmony is almost impossible to manipulate by trying to justify change in a situation where everything is fine. Chaos makes people open to anything they believe will end the chaos. A society-changing influx of refugees from other cultures, plus many opportunists and criminals who are not refugees presents limitless potential for economic chaos and conflict between migrants and the home population.

A central Elite technique is to play off one target group against another to make them so focussed on fighting each other that they don’t see the strings on both are held by the same hands. Economic chaos offers further opportunity to steal the people’s money and deepen austerity while conflict and upheaval is an excuse to expand the police state to ‘bring order’. Unrestrained immigration is also designed to destroy a sense of nationhood by fusing cultures together. In this way both the home population and genuine refugees are victims of the same force.

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