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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.
(03-24-2018, 12:15 PM)The Apprentice Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 12:04 PM)awakened53 Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 11:29 AM)The Apprentice Wrote: There is also the possibility of certain alternative outlets being double agents.

Most definitely the case I think.
The way that the CIA has infiltrated the MSM, I think it is certain that they will have  most certainly infiltrated the Alternative Media, both to gather information and also to plant disinformation and then discredit it. I think that the big payers in the alternative media and popular websites would be the main targets for them. This war on information and perception is like a spy movie.

This has happened many times throughout history like the Templar, who would If Need Be, sacrifice themselves for the cause, there have been many an emasculated warrior walking into battle knowing they would not return.

So we now open up another huge can of worms, who are those that are doing the dark webs work, who are now being seen as victims when really they are like the crisis actor.

The idea is to get as many bad energy makers and shakers to get the real alternatives to take on certain so called irrefutable ideas, and in doing so be tarred with their false brush, One comes to mind and that is R D Hall and his backing of Judy Woods, he also has ideas about Icke and the Credo Mutwah model who Hall says is a possible CIA stooge.

The plot thickens as it is supposed to.

I think the CIA would have definitely been looking at ways to get at David.
The early ridicule of him in the early nineties was enough to keep him from being listened to but once he rode through all of that and then people were listening to him in great numbers, he would definitely have become a target for the CIA, as would Judy Wood, just because of the subject matter.
The 9-11 truth movement was definitely infiltrated and I think that is evident now, as nearly seventeen years after the event, there is still so much in house fighting going on within it, despite the fact that the number of people who believe it was a false flag have increased dramatically. But what better way is there of suppressing the truth, than have all of the people fighting for the truth, fighting among themselves.
You have to make your mind up about each individual alternative researcher yourself I think.
I like RD Hall, but I don't believe in everything he says as after all, it is only his opinion.
Sometimes I think they would be better off keeping their opinions about other alternative media journalists to themselves as it does tend to divide us.
I think we all have our own "trusted" people so to speak and I for one, don't like hearing other alternative media people slagging each other off, as to me it doesn't make them any better than the MSM.
As i mentioned earlier it is getting harder to cut through the disinfo and this is more by design
than coincidence

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