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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.
(03-24-2018, 02:32 PM)ContemplationInTranquility Wrote: The Guardian has previously done a hatchet job on these two journalists and I don't blame them for their reaction. I took the Guardian for some years and used to have respect for it but certainly not any more as regards to their political reporting. Most of their funding comes from HSBC which should tell you all you need to know. They are losing money hand over fist but they continue to be supported as a propaganda machine. The public is being played concerning Syria just as I believe they are being played about the Salisbury poisoning. Look at the agenda, look at who benefits.

The HSBC has made billions from drug money laundering and the fine they recieved is a drop in the ocean, they only managed to survive the 2008 crash due to this grey money, the amount give by the government was a tip basically, a tip compared to the truth profit they made from enabling others to sell drugs to everyone.

If we are not careful the truth movement will be tatted by the same opiates that are ripping the paradigm apart, we must not hand our money over to anyone who has a drug problem either, knowingly or not as this will come back to haunt those that do.

This is why I set up my own sites and placed there the things that might enlighten those now looking in through the many new windows their curtains already drawn for the populous to peer into.

I would also lovee to see the truth being shared freely instead of having to make money from it, by now people know who I am and what I have been sharing, and hope the interest draws in the right kind of people, I will continue to involve and add my input to where I think it will do the most good.

I used to frequent other sites with my wares and skills message, but will remain here for as long as I am allowed and it is definately drawing in the eyes, which is good for Richie in its own way, pro bono Richie, keep up the good work.

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