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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.
(03-25-2018, 10:14 PM)awakened53 Wrote:
(03-25-2018, 09:07 PM)The Apprentice Wrote: What we might see is the main players getting together to try and smooth out this issue of so called back biting and or opinions of who is or maybe has been got at by inner agents within each camp.

What I would like to see is a union of the best advocates coming together for a common cause, because remaining too independant creates a stagnation/stigma where the alternative media becomes just like the ones they are trying to expose, this is how they become like a stuck record all reporting the same thing without any uniqueness and any new ideas are then pushed back.

The same attributes were seen in Plato's time as well, its all been done before, there ain't nothing new under the same sun as yesteryear.

The are some good writers and researchers who are bringing new conjecture to the front line who are part of their own forums but they never get a look in, this is very wasteful in my eyes, but things might have to change to make the alternative news worth watching and listening to, no single alternative has it all.

Great points from both Jeff and The Apprentice.
I mentioned in a previous post about the real alternative media sticking together for the greater cause, rather than fragmenting it into lots of small groups which ultimately has less impact. To slag off other  alternative journalists who may have put in endless hours of research, just because they don't agree with them is a little bit hypocritical when they keep harping on about free speech. Sometimes I think it is a bit of an ego thing.
You are correct when you say that David doesn't resort to that and I think that he understands the need for the alternative media to be united if we are to win this perception battle

The perception model only works if those viewing it are seeing only bad vibes, I sugest there needs to be more of a community based program where many other alternatives are creating things of inerest outside of the negative images of those who are suffering. Worrying about these traits are in themselves non creative, its when we get truly creative to when our gaze is turned into something fruitful and useful for the host/s, and yes you guessed it, making things using hands and eye perception is all healing.

I have frequented several forums now for many years some with many thousands of views but still nothing can distract them from what they are actually doing to themselves.

Occasional greatnees will always kill its host, this is why we must begin rebuilding the destruction that others are giving us as reality, with our own hands and cease destroying others with the same hands to eye coordination that is basically blind men walking with guns and video games.

If we instigate a mass non compliance, there must also be an alternative already in place, and talking alone is never going to cut the mustard, don't believe me, then lets see the latest headlines in a months time and what we have achieved for ourselves as individuals and or helped those in harms way, I can tell you the answer right now.

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