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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.
(03-25-2018, 08:27 PM)jeff55 Wrote: It's sad to see that Richie feels the need to highlight this nonsense, Beeley and Bartlett are doing great work.  Richie has hinted before that he does not like UK Column or 21st Century Wire, he also rubbished Richard D hall, I don't know why, but one thing is for sure, 'the powers that be' want independent media/journalists to fight among themselves and it appears that they are winning. I have listened to Richie since the first show but recently I have noticed him spending far to much time slagging off other independent media and it is not helping the situation. I might be wrong but I don't think I have ever heard David Icke slagging off specific independent journalists and that is very wise. We all have to decide for ourselves wither we trust what is being said by whoever.

I have only been listening to Richie since December 2017
What is his reasoning for his dislike of UK Column, 21st Century Wire and Richard D Hall?
As for what I can gather there are many guests that they all interview regularly so they must be on the same hymn sheet for many of their views. Both Richie and Richard have regularly interviewed Barry Trower and Neil Sanders and Patrick Henningsen certainly used to have quite close ties with David Icke.
I wonder if something happened between them?
I know Richard D did a show where he discussed David Icke, but in the main he said he totally admired his work, he was just debating whether the CIA had used people to infiltrate and discredit his work but I have never heard him say anything about Richie.
I know that Richie believes In the Richard Gage theory of 9-11 and Richard D believes in the Judy Wood theory but again they are entitled to their views without being slagged off.
I find it very odd that there are good alternative media journalists, that are very good at what they do, and also good at getting people to listen to them and go and research subjects in greater detail, but feel the need to criticise each other.
Yes, expose the shills and frauds but a united set of journalists will get the message across to a much greater audience which is what we need right now as the MSM and ruling classes push towards end game

If we are to believe in any theory there must be viable evidence, this is like maths, its either right or wrong, believing in a theory is like trying to make heads and tails of the bible which is also unsubstansiated.

My gripe with the logical minds, is why not make the information free on the internet for everyone to scrutinize, a free world will eventually be one where information is also free, my motto is help those who truly want to help themselves, not being able to do so really shows ones own insecurities, and creates no alternatives, never has.

I like to give my knowledge away for free because I can, this is the most valuable attribute for humanity, yes I could make patents for some of the things I have designed and made, but this will only stagnate humanity as it is designed to do, which is in itself patently ridiculous.

Thoughts should be free to empower, not make those who bring their thoughts forward powerful through monetary prowess, in my eyes money is one of evils main weapons, no matter who prints it.

Nature has always provided everything for every living creature, but they have to earn their conversion of that energy as true natures does, it never wastes an opportunity to thrive for free.

Humans are currently out of sync with true nature.

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