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Excellent Film Asks Uncomfortable Questions About Activist Journalists.
(03-24-2018, 12:04 PM)awakened53 Wrote:
(03-24-2018, 11:29 AM)The Apprentice Wrote: There is also the possibility of certain alternative outlets being double agents.

Most definitely the case I think.
The way that the CIA has infiltrated the MSM, I think it is certain that they will have  most certainly infiltrated the Alternative Media, both to gather information and also to plant disinformation and then discredit it. I think that the big payers in the alternative media and popular websites would be the main targets for them. This war on information and perception is like a spy movie.

i think they go after the small as well, and some of the small ARE them.

there was some very nasty stuff going on amongst a subset of the (very nasty) people (in some cases) covering pizzagate, when at a certain point they turned on one person.

also, you had this (very obvious) disinfo 'ex' cia guy reaching out and volunteering to go on these little channels and be interviewed. either they (the little channel owners) were hopelessly naive, or they were in on it from the beginning.

at least one of them lost their channel during the recent yt purge, but unfortunately not all. and if you come across one of those channels - for example, in a search on some topic - they're still busy slagging off other people (not even limited to alt media figures, but to do with similar or the same topics).

when you see that level of shamelessness about lying and hypocrisy, you are dealing with narcissists & psychopaths - and govt agents fit that bill to a tee. so, they were corrupt from the start.

i just wonder about them putting out a mix of (possible, probable) info - along with disinfo.... what's the point or main angle to the psyop? (though very often there is no understandable point to evil, except to cause pain, negativity, and chaos.) is it to present some truth from such vile sources that it is dismissed, and then when it is inevitably confirmed, years later, they boost the tired line of 'tell us something we don't know, everyone's known this for years'? almost a usurpation of people's right to be outraged.

maybe one piece is to measure how much outrage there will be initially.

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