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Talk to Count Dankula (Markus Meechan)
I'm not a regular listener to Richie Allen - maybe once per month - but I just heard the latest podcast in which he discussed Count Dankula, Markus Meechan, with Alison Chabloz.

I was quite disappointed in what Richie said and I actually thought that even within the context of the discussion, he was quite hypocritical. On the one hand, suggesting that people who believe in the general consensus regarding the holocaust were not willing to enter dialogue with revisionists due to their unwillingness or fear of letting go of their preconceptions or even talking to people with whom they disagree. Then, without any sense of irony, Markus Meechan was characterised as 'an idiot', 'an absolute idiot', 'he doesn't look too bright', 'I can't say that that is proof that he hates Jews but I suspect that he hates Jews unless he is mentally unwell'.

Having followed the case since the outset, which Richie Allen, by his own confession has not (he said that he had heard of the case 'vaguely'), I do not recognise the portrayal presented here. I'd like to hear him given the chance to defend himself and I rather think that he would challenge not only Richie's preconceptions but also his intellect to some degree.

One cannot, on the one hand argue that you, Richie and David Icke are not given a fair shake of the stick and then slag somebody off like this who ostensibly shares many of your views. I rather think that there is a fear of association.

The possibility that me might end up in prison means that he won't be available for some time after 23rd April. I hope that somehow, an interview, or better still, a discussion (I'm pretty sure he is sick of talking about the details of his case and his thoughts on that are freely available for anybody to see).
Jewish you tuber responds to the court case
Exactly right.

It's the same point that Jordan Peterson made about transgender activists - they (dangerously) don't represent the views of most transgender people.

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