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Current Syria spat involving Sibel Edmonds
Agree with OP - except I won't stop listening, my delicate ears can handle it if I don't agree with what I hear.

I find most of Richie's rants highly amusing regardless of my relative position, I admire his passion. On this particular issue though, it makes me cringe, especially as he doubles down, seemingly day after day.

He says in his article on the "excellent" video that he was "annoyed with myself to be honest" for giving Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett a platform, without being tougher.  Well ... regardless of his opinions of  VB & EB (which he is entitled to, though I don't agree with the strength of his conclusions), that newsbud video is truly shocking, and eventually Richie will be more than a little "annoyed with himself".

It's obvious that Richie is passionate about journalism, good on him - but Sibel Edmunds has conned him - it's ironic that he uses the phrase "echo chamber" because that is exactly  what has happened here. He can hold his opinions about the VB & EB, no problem, but going all-in on this video because the headlines agree with his position, well .. I think he'll be embarrassed about it - he should be.

I hope Richie, in the interest of balance, posts an article on the Corbett Report rebuttal, already linked in this thread. Strike that... it would be enough if he watched it and calmed down.

All the hero worship and bull shit threats are pathetic, Richie's right to call it out. Getting emotionally involved in the personalities demonstrates the feebleness of those minds.

Anyway, just thought I'd back up the OP a bit - I am and will remain a big Richie fan ... but he needs to check himself on this - Sibel Edmunds is a monster and definately not an example of ethics in journalism. Watch the Corbett Report rebuttal peeps, for balance.

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