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Current Syria spat involving Sibel Edmonds
I had thought that I had said all I had to say on this topic. I am wary of claiming to be psychic but a few minutes ago, I had the urge to check this thread but persuaded myself not to. Then a minute later, curiosity got the better of me and I found that you had just replied, UberBone.

It has nothing to do with having delicate ears. I just have limited time and choose to watch or listen to sources which I consider more credible. I have occasionally listened to Richie Allen for the same reason I occasionally look at some mainstream media sites; simply to see how world events are being reported. I certainly don't look to Richie Allen for information because he has proven himself to be too easily influenced and therefore unreliable.

The way I see it is as James Corbett recently laid it out, in a game of 4/5/6D chess, if you choose a side, you lose. The only way to benefit is to follow the truth to the best of one's ability and identify the Pied Pipers before they can damage you.

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