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Current Syria spat involving Sibel Edmonds
Oh, I also meant to comment on the whole "They are not independent!!!!!! raaaaarggghhhh!!!!!" thing ... I don't know if they are or not, don't really care as I never take any info at face value.

But, in my mind, an "independent journalist" is free from external editorial decisions, or even - doesn't work for a media company. Not sure.

Now - "They are not impartial !!!!!!!!!! raaaaaargghhh!!!!!!!!" I could get behind, sort of. Although it would still smack of being an emotional reaction to the people rather than just listening to the info and coming to your own conclusions.

(04-30-2018, 05:46 PM)spider Wrote: ... <snip>

It has nothing to do with having delicate ears. I just have limited time and choose to watch or listen to sources which I consider more credible...

Wasn't having a go at you, or even commenting on the sturdiness of your ears ... was just talking about me continuing to listen  Smile

I agree with everything else you OP'd. Came in to get your back really.

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