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Current Syria spat involving Sibel Edmonds
(04-30-2018, 08:19 PM)jeff55 Wrote: Well I would never want to stop anyone expressing their opinion but Richie is wrong on this one, I have been listening since day one and I like the interviews with some of the great guests, however his hate for UK Column. 21 Wire, Beeley, Bartlett and Richard Hall will lose him a lot of listeners. He loves to tell us how long he has been a professional presenter while cursing and swearing all the time - that's not professional. Not sure why he sees the need to have a go at others like this but it has become worse since his split with David Icke (a true professional) who never gets a mention anymore. Waking up as many people as possible is the most important thing so if people like Beeley, Bartlett and Henningson can get on RT that's a way to reach a huge audience. I doubt that I will bother with the RA show in future as the ranting and swearing has become a bit much for my liking and I can hear the guests on other shows anyway.

Many of the popular talk show hosts are much becomming like the MSM and all cover the same stories, eventually there will only be a few left who can make money from the alternative news/donations and will begin to fall away as the quickening takes a tight hold of reality.

I think it would be good if some outlets covered guests who have alternitive skills based information to use for when things get tough, but none will venture away from the road they are all following.

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