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Free Speech
Peter Hitchens: Paradise? No, but the Britain of my youth was FREE – by today’s standards absolutely it was

When I spoke out in favour of free speech last week on Channel 4 News, I was unpleasantly surprised to find just how unpopular this view now is with the fashionable people who watch that programme.
My great sin was to suggest that the Britain of my youth had been much more free than it is now. 
Oh, yes, they sneered, free for people like you – white, heterosexual males. They suggested that, for anyone else, the country was a seething pit of racial and sexual bigotry.
One, utterly misunderstanding the past, even tried to tell me that women were not allowed to drink at the bars of pubs until 1983.
Revolutionaries always defame the past. I remember the amazement and surprise among Russians when a film called The Russia We Have Lost appeared in Moscow in the 1990s, showing how clean, civilised and often beautiful pre-Communist Russia had been, including the people themselves, uncrushed by decades of war, poverty, purges and stupidity. 
And there is a wonderful passage in George Orwell’s 1984 in which the hero, Winston Smith, tries in vain to discover, from a rambling old man in a pub, what the past before Communism was really like.
He gives up in despair. ‘When memory failed and written records were falsified, the claim of the Party to have improved the conditions of human life had got to be accepted because there did not exist, and never again could exist any standard against which it could be tested.’

Read more: Peter Hitchens: Paradise? No, but the Britain of my youth was FREE – by today’s standards absolutely it was
Lunatics at Manchester University scrap the word ‘mother’

Universities have traditionally played an important role in preparing young people for a life outside academia. These days, though, it appears that many institutions are more interested in lecturing their academics than teaching students – especially when it comes to using the right kind of language.
That perhaps explains why the University of Manchester released on Wednesday a new ‘Guide to inclusive language’ for its staff, made by its ‘equality, diversity and inclusion team’. The guide aims to tell those working at the university ‘how to use inclusive language to avoid biases, slang or expressions that can exclude certain groups’ and has been added to the uni’s house style page, which means academics will be told to follow the guidance when writing for the university.
And while you might hope that one of Britain’s red brick institutions treats its staff like adults, instead it appears the university has taken a rather more hostile approach to the use of language on campus.
The guide begins with a fatwa against age, saying that it should not be brought up unless strictly relevant, and even then only objective terms can be used. So the words ‘elderly’, ‘OAPs’, ‘pensioners’, ‘youngsters’, and ‘mature workforce’ are now banned, to be replaced by ‘over-65s, 75s and so on’.
When it comes to illness and disability, for some reason using the word ‘diabetic’ is no longer allowed and staff are instead encouraged to use language that focuses on people’s ‘abilities, rather than limitations’. In the eyes of Manchester University, someone is no longer ‘suffering from cancer’ but are a person ‘living with cancer’. Similarly, the university no longer says that someone is a ‘victim of dementia’ – presumably because dementia is something to be appreciated in the eyes of the inclusivity team.

Read More: Manchester University scraps the word ‘mother’
Children are warned old tweets could ruin their lives: Backlash as it is revealed police are recording thousands of historic social media posts as non-crime ‘hate incidents’

Children have been warned that old tweets and online comments could harm their career prospects, amid reports police are recording thousands of ‘non-crime hate incidents’.
Figures uncovered by the Daily Telegraph reveal police have recorded more than 2,000 such incidents against those aged 16 and under in the last seven years. Non-crime hate incidents involve reports of ‘hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity’ that are not classed as a crime.
Name-calling between students in a lesson that is not deemed a hate crime could instead be recorded a ‘non-crime’ incident, according to guidance issued by policing chiefs last year.  Even if police find no evidence that a crime has been committed, if anyone believes the incident was motivated by hate then officers are obliged to make a record.
These records, which stay on the system for six years, can show up on enhanced DBS checks. And they could ultimately jeopardise a person’s career, even though the individual was not found guilty of, or even charged with, a hate crime.
Today Conservative MP Sir John Hayes told the Telegraph that the figures showed a ‘disturbing trend’, while fellow MP Tom Hunt told MailOnline the rules ‘need to change’.

Read More: Children are warned old tweets could ruin their lives
I’ve just been suspended from Twitter for tweeting the following .... 

Did you know that there is a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19?

• Studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine (AKA Plaquenil) can significantly improve COVID-19 patient outcomes.  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin, are also among effective treatments.

Utterly disgraceful!
How Woke is a cover for fascism: ‘Covid’ critic Van Morrison ‘is a toxic menace – Glastonbury shouldn’t be hosting him’ says toxic menace media that hilariously calls itself the ‘Independent’. Message to this ‘writer’: Fascism and other tyrannies cancel people they don’t agree with – just as you are calling for

What connects the town of Glastonbury in Somerset and professional sourpuss Van Morrison? Well for starters, they both have god-given gifts: Glastonbury is blessed with the mythical Tor, the Vale of Avalon and an abundance of natural beauty. Few would say that Van Morrison is blessed with natural beauty, but he does own a singing voice in the realm of the divine.
They’re also joined by the Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza – an annual event organised by the Eavis family, who also run the Glastonbury Festival. Van is an Abbey favourite. He’s played the community-oriented event three times before, and will headline again this September. But this time feels different. Why? Because Van Morrison has become a stain on music, an anti-social menace and someone who probably shouldn’t have access to a platform for a while. As a fan of the festival, I’m worried that Glastonbury’s reputation could be damaged by working with such a toxic human right now.
Despite being prevented from gigging, Van Morrison has managed to have what you might call an active pandemic. Back in March 2020, as the deadly respiratory virus was starting to take hold in the UK, the singer told The Independent in an interview: “Like everyone else, I’m following the guidelines.” That was perhaps the last time Van acted “like everyone else”.

Read more: How Woke is a cover for fascism: ‘Covid’ critic Van Morrison ‘is a toxic menace – Glastonbury shouldn’t be hosting him’ says toxic menace media that hilariously calls itself the ‘Independent’. Message to this ‘writer’: Fascism and other tyrannies cancel people they don’t agree with – just as you are calling for
Fascist World Economic Forum Announces ‘Global Coalition For Digital Safety’ – which means dystopian global censorship – and part of this is the UK government’s fascist ‘Online Safety Bill’ planned to be policed and enforced by the Blair-created fascist Ofcom

WEF partners with Big Tech and governments to police Internet, encourage ‘coordinated action’ against unauthorized voices deemed ‘harmful’ to collective psyche.
The World Economic Forum announced June 29 it will initiate a new “public-private partnership” with Big Tech and governments around the world to identify and uproot all opinions from the Internet that it considers “harmful.”
The WEF is one of those elitist organizations that wields enormous influence over the elected leaders of Western nations but which almost nobody in the general population has heard of.
Its members are internationalist corporate honchos and technocrats who meet once a year in Davos with the stated goal of working to “shape global, regional and industry agendas.”
It made a big splash last year with its highly touted “Great Reset,” which promises to use the pandemic as an “opportunity” to crash the world’s dollar-based, capitalist economic system and “build back better” under a more socialist and globally integrated system that mirrors the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals for Sustainable Development.
Any politician you hear using the term “build back better” [Biden-Harris-Trudeau-Johnson repeat this mantra daily] you know has drunk the poisonous Kool-Aid of the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab.
Schwab’s latest venture is the so-called “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that consists of execs from Big Tech and government officials with the goal of creating a “global framework” for regulating speech on the Internet, wiping it of so-called “harmful content.”[I could not help but think of the Committee of Public Safety that conducted the reign of terror during the French Revolution.]
And who gets to define what’s “harmful”? Why, the global coalition set up by the elitist WEF of course!
Read More: Technocracy Rising: World Economic Forum Announces ‘Global Coalition For Digital Safety’
YouTube Flexes Power Over World Leaders By Summarily Deleting Content

Google-owned YouTube is once again flexing more power than world leaders by deleting 15 videos from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s channel over claims of ‘COVID misinformation’.
Videos that were removed included one that discussed the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID, as well as former health minister Eduardo Pazuello comparing coronavirus to AIDS.
“Post-HIV pandemic, HIV continues to exist. There are still some who are contaminated, most are treated, and life goes on,” he stated.
Some of the content was also deleted because YouTube doesn’t allow anyone to question the efficacy of masks.
This is particularly bizarre given that WHO and Anthony Fauci himself said early on during the pandemic that masks were useless.
Fauci wrote in a February 2020 email that a typical store-bought face mask “is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material.”
A similar argument was made recently by Dr Colin Axon, a SAGE advisor for the UK government, who told the London Telegraph that medics have given people a “cartoonish” view of how how microscopic viruses travel through the air, and the masks have gaps in them that are up to 5000 times bigger than COVID particles.
Apparently, discussing concerns shared by top doctors and scientists is enough to get content removed, even if you’re the leader of a major country.
“Bolsonaro and his office have not yet released a statement on the removal of the videos, but his official Twitter account did post a message urging followers to join him on Telegram to receive daily information directly,” reports RT.

Read More: YouTube Flexes Power Over World Leaders By Summarily Deleting Content
Death toll as a result of anti-vaccine misinformation (any challenge to the official narrative) is greater than any terrorist organisation in the world combined, embarrassingly ludicrous script-reader Imran Ahmed, head of an influential (man and a dog) ‘think tank’, will tell MPs examining the fascist Online Safety Bill. Why not just say it Ahmed – I hate freedom which is why my opinion is constantly sought by Establishment organisations. Tell us what we want to hear Ahmed – ‘Certainly sir, yes sir, please sir, thank you sir …’

There is “no doubt” that the death toll as a result of anti-vaccine misinformation is greater than any terrorist organisation in the world combined, the head of an influential think tank will tell MPs examining the forthcoming Online Safety Bill.
Imran Ahmed, chief executive of the Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is set to give evidence on Thursday to the Joint Select Committee scrutinising the legislation before it comes into power.
The first draft of the bill was published in May, outlining plans to give regulator Ofcom the power to fine social media firms and other tech companies it deemed to have failed in their duty of care to protect users online.
The legislation should be amended to cover explicit references to the harmful consequences caused by hate and misinformation online, he will recommend, pointing out that failure to do so could bypass the chance to introduce effective and accountable regulation for the tech giants.
“Hate and misinformation are not on the face of the bill, which is an extraordinary omission,” he told i.
Read more: Death toll as a result of anti-vaccine misinformation (any challenge to the official narrative) is greater than any terrorist organisation in the world combined, embarrassingly ludicrous script-reader Imran Ahmed, head of an influential (man and a dog) ‘think tank’, will tell MPs examining the fascist Online Safety Bill. Why not just say it Ahmed – I hate freedom which is why my opinion is constantly sought by Establishment organisations. Tell us what we want to hear Ahmed – ‘Certainly sir, yes sir, please sir, thank you sir …’
CNN Accidentally Allows Someone To Tell The Truth On Air

[Image: D1JRWBLXQAAU-y0.png]

Less than a week after CNN scrambled to do damage control when their chief medical correspondent was wrecked by Joe Rogan over Ivermectin lies, the network may have another fire to put out…
Indeed, just days after anchor Don Lemon tried to ‘networksplain’ Rogan’s argument, host Brian Stelter made the mistake of allowing former NYT Editor Bari Weiss on air to discuss examples of why the world has gone mad.
Stelter’s first mistake, of course, was having Weiss on his show.
His second mistake was assuming she didn’t have receipts when she said the world has gone mad.
Where can I start? Well, when you have the chief reporter on the beat of COVID for The New York Times talking about how questioning or pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad. 
When you’re not able to say out loud and in public there are differences between men and women, the world has gone mad. 
When we’re not allowed to acknowledge that rioting is rioting and it is bad and that silence is not violence, but violence is violence, the world has gone mad,” Weiss said. 
When you’re not able to say the Hunter Biden laptop is a story worth pursuing, the world has gone mad

Fascist Council In ‘Woke’ (Fast Asleep) Totnes Bans Event Exposing Fake Vaccine Lies – and read this report by the ‘Totnes Times’ to see how the media is populated by uninformed compliant morons serving their masters by covering their arse. By the way, read the comments of ‘Town Mayor’ Ben Piper if you want a definition of moronic

A group of anti-vaxers who have been banned from holding a conference on council-owned premises, have been vilified for embracing the “violent language and actions of anti-semitism and white supremacy.”
The New World Alliance, formed in September by Dr Stephen Hopwood, booked the hall for its self-penned “truth conference” featuring speakers such as conspiracy theorist Garth Icke, and Patrick Henningsen, founder of UK Column News, which publishes false and misleading health information, including about Covid-19, says independent body Newsguard.
Also lined up were speakers from the World Doctors Alliance, an international pressure group which researchers say spreads false and conspiratorial claims about Covid-19; QAnon promoter, Shelley Tasker, who was accused by an NHS trust Cornwall of “spreading lies dangerous to people’s health;” and Anna de Buisseret – filmed ranting that vaccines are “murdering our children” outside an NHS centre.
A petition with 170 signatures called for the council to revoke its permission to hire one of the town’s “most respected public venues” to the group, which is “causing distress and division in our town,” it said.
In a joint statement, the town council and the Paige Adams Trust said they cancelled the booking following “multiple” complaints from residents.
Read More: Council rejects anti-vax forum
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