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Esther Rantzen, Vaz, Camilla & Charles, Savile, and the Anglo-Irish Vice Ring
    Dame Esther Rantzen and Keith Vaz MP are both Patrons of Vaz's controversial diabetes charity, Silver Star, which may well be a front organisation used for money laundering (i.e. of payments and/or earnings for services linked to child sexual exploitation).

When using the Silver Star charity to pay for cocaine and visit sex workers, Keith Vaz likes to claim, after all, that he is "a washing machine salesman" - so money "laundering" would seem to fit his profile.

Dame Esther Rantzen also supports the charitable activities of Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

When Camilla isn't schmoozing with Savile enabler Rantzen, the Duchess (whose husband Prince Charles enlisted Jimmy Savile for "marriage counselling") likes nothing better than kicking back with alleged Dolphin Square paedo organiser Derek Laud.

For, believe it or not, Camilla and the 'seedy' Big Brother contestant once holidayed together in Italy, as the Sun reported at the time.

But Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall know nothing about the elite Anglo-Irish vice ring (Kincora-Bryn Alyn-Dolphin Square) ...Or do they?

Prince Charles, Camilla and Dolphin Square child abuse

But, in any case, just because Dame Esther Rantzen has lots of close friends allegedly linked to organised VIP child sexual abuse, that doesn't mean that Dame Esther herself is involved.

Or is she?
Dame Esther Rantzen and organised child sexual abuse
Kincora VIP Paedophile Ring victim Richard Kerr Speaks out

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