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William Hague's intimate friendship with Leon Brittan
William Hague allegedly married his wife, Ffion, to conceal the fact that he is gay.

William Hague "is living at Leon Brittan's house", reported The Times on 10 January 1999.

The late Conservative MP, Sir Leon Brittan, was the subject of a string of credible child sexual abuse allegations involving young boys.

Another of William Hague's former residences was the Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico,  the alleged venue for organised VIP child sexual abuse 'parties' and a key venue in the Anglo-Irish vice network.

More recently, William Hague ordered the Waterhouse Inquiry into the North Wales children's homes sex abuse scandal, which survivors claim was a whitewash.

In common with several other allegedly gay Conservative MPs who may have been aware of an Anglo-Irish Vice Ring involving numerous Tory Parliamentarians, Lord Hague has allegedly been blackmailed by those who would leverage his sexual orientation and past activities to silence him: 

William Hague is living at Leon Brittan's house

William Hague is close friends with Leon Brittan

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