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At a Glance Guests of The Unexplained
Howard Hughes ‘The Unexplained’ podcast editions and guests

1 Uri Geller, Paranormalist & Allison Dubois medium 
2 Simon Bacon British medium
3 Baerbel Mohr Cosmic Ordering (Noel Edmonds)
4 Dr Louis Turi French-American “prophet”, Steven Suphi -self empowerment expert and 
Nick Pope, ufo researcher
5 Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewer, Tony Buzan, Mind Mapping, PatrickMoore, Astronomer
6 Roswell UFO Crash interview
7 Richard C. Hoagland, Space expert and author of “Dark Mission”.
8 James van Praagh American Medium (Marilyn Monroe)
9 David Icke, writer & speaker 
10 Mark Turner, UK EVP (Electric Voice Phenomena) researcher
11 Yvonne Smith, alien abduction hypnotherapist 
12 Major Ed Dames, remote viewer 
13 Jacky Newcomb, Paranormal Researcher 
14 Michael Tellinger South African Ancient Civilisation author 
15 Michelle Erloff, Trance-Voice Channeller for Accended Masters
16 R. Gary Patterson - expert on music’s conincidences, conspiracy theories, occult stories
17 Christian Dion, British super-physhic 
18 Richard C. Hoagland, space expert & Peggy Sue, afterlife psychic for Buddy Holly
19 Gerald Celente, US trend watcher & Timothy Good, UFO researcher
20 Phoebe Liverpool Psychic Medium & Dennis Plunkett, UFO researcher
21 Robin Gardener, Conspiracy Theorist’s book,  “The Titanic Conspiracy” 
22 Eric Pearl, Healer
23 Richard C Hoagland, Space expert & Larry Warren, Rendlesham Forrest ufo experiencer
24 Timothy Good UFO expert - on secret ufo files, Reg Presley is on crop circles
Uri Geller, Paranormalist on Michael Jackson, James Van Praagh, US Medium  
25 Steve Bassett on Disclosure, British UFO expert Nick Pope and the first conversation,             
Richard C Hoagland on new research
26 Ralph Ellis on the Pyramids, Peter Robbins UFO/Space/Rendlesham Forrest
27 Richard C Hoagland about Saturn, Midlands Medium Sanders Moses, Midlands Medium
on clearing ‘entities’ from homes 
28 Nick Pope on MoD no longer investigating public UFO sightings, Darren W. Ritson 
Ghosthunter on hauntings, spooks and spirits.
29 Joe Niezgoda, US author on his John Lennon book
30 Fiona Zimmerman, South African Healer 
31 A mysterious spiral of light that appeared in the skies over Norway just before Christmas
32 Gerald Celente, US Trendwatcher and his predictions 
33 Dr Lynne Kitei on aerial phenomena over Phoenix, Arizona - The Phoenix Lights.
34 Richard C Hoagland, Space expert on Mars moon Phobos, not a natural structure.
35 Senior European Space Agency man Olivier Witasse’s reply to Mars / Phobos claim.  36 Nigel Kerner, author and journalist on the Shroud of Turin
37 Jacky Newcomb…She’s “The Angel Lady” on TV
38 Barrie John, British Medium on his radio and TV shows
39 Seth Shostak, Astronomer at the Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute
40 Michael Horn, US representative of highly controversial alleged “Contactee” Billy Meier.
41 Michael Tellinger, author, on who we really are and what we’re here to do.
42 Scott Stephens, US weather expert why he thinks the weather is being “tampered with”.
43 Malcolm Robinson, Scottish Paranormal writer/investigator on UFOs, ghosts & aliens.
44 Heather Couper, British Astronomer about life on other planets and Gliesse 581B.
45 Lorna Byrne, Irishwoman on seeing Angels-given messages about the future of our planet.
46 David Icke, on politics, the global economy and who manipulates the reins of power.
47 Kevin Richardson, South African, and his close work with lions/other dangerous creatures.
48 Linda Moulton Howe, US investigative journalist on Alien contract/ the state of our planet.
49 Retired Policeman John Hanson and his research-partner Dawn Holloway on UFOs.
50 Special 50th Anniversary Edition with Dr Bruce Goldberg, Colin Fry, Charles Hall, Paola 
Harris and David Von Kleist.
51 Gerald Celente, US Trendmaster – as featured on CNN and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.
52 Paul Guercio, together with George Hart on the Merlin Project and seeing future trends.
53 Dr Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon - on space, aliens...
54 Nick Pope, UFO researcher on National Archive’s release of new batch of declassified files
55 Richard Guy, Structural Engineer, his theory on the earth expanding and oceans shrinking. 
56 Fred Alan Wolf, Physicist and Philosopher - talks on quantum physics to consciousnes.
57 Uri Geller,  travelling the planet with his hit television series…
58 Wendy Brown Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs” and coping with natural disasters.
59 Helen Morrison, serial, mass Killer expert on Brits Derrick Bird and Raoul Moat cases.
60 Nick Redfearn, researcher into UFOs has a book out about the real-life “Men in Black”.
61 Mark L Cowden on his incredible insights into the recording of spirits and humans.
62 Jim Moroney, serial abductee’s take on why the aliens take some of us.
63 Mark Musick, and his book “Boxes – The Secret Life Of Howard Hughes”.
64 Richard C Hoagland, Space expert is coming to the UK with some stunning new work.
65 Micah Hanks, UFO Researcher’s new book “Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified: UFOs and Aliens” and Joanne Webb, broadcaster recalls her real life UFO sighting.
66 Whitley Strieber, broadcaster on Hurricane Irene and film “The Day After Tomorrow”.
67 A look back at 9/11,  and controversial 9/11 Researcher Jim Fetzer from Wisconsin.
68 Archived audio unearthed & remastered with Al Bielek - The Philadelphia Experiment.
69 Rupert Matthews, ghost researcher discusses new book “Haunted Surrey” from ‘the most 
haunted place in Britain’ - Hampton Court Palace near London.
70 Gerard Aartsen, writer’s unique “take” on the tieups between “ETs” and the current  
political & financial instability.
71 Graham Nicholls, British expert, explains the ‘Out of Body’ (OBE) phenomena.
72 Guy Lyon Playfair, author who investigated The Enfield Poltergeist.
73 US investigator Jeff Hilling on the world’s most controversial sighting of Bigfoot.
74 Winter message from Howard Hughes.
75 David Icke on the global events of 2011 and what 2012 might bring.
76 Max Keiser, broadcaster & entrepreneur about “The Keiser Report” on RT, Moscow.
77 Thomas P Fusco on his theory that links together & explains all paranormal phenomena.
78 Ian Shircore, investigative journalist, looks into scores of the biggest conspiracy theories. 
79 Thomas de Wesselow with his new book on the Turin Shroud “The Sign”.
80 Dr Carl Johan Calleman, world expert on the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 prediction.
81 Erlendur Haraldsson, paranormal and parapsychology investigator, on apparitions and the
people who report them, as detailed in his book “The Departed Among The Living”.
82 Mike Sparks, controversial researcher thinks there was much more to Bond-creator and 
British War Hero Ian Fleming than most people know… »
83 Richard Dolan, prolific researcher on the way “the truth” about the UFO phenomenon is       bound to come out.
84 Sherrie Dillard, medium, on tapping into the power of Mary to make Miracles happen.
85 Peter Lindberg. Expedition leader on the possible UFO on the floor of the Baltic Sea.
86 Paul Guercio, Futurist, on The Merlin Project – a “scientific” way of predicting future event.
87 Tim Swartz about mysterious genius scientist Nikola Tesla, time travel and teleportation.
88 Robert Bauval, expert researcher, talks about the Pyramids, Ancient Egyptians and race 
preceding them.
89 Sue Allen, researcher talks about psychic attacks – and how to beat them!
90 Gregory Sams, theorist and wholefood pioneer talks about Chaos Theory, how and why. 
things really do have a habit of falling into place!
91 Linda Molten Howe, investigative journalist on What is the ET link between a “pyramid”  beneath Alaska and more.
92 Peter Maxwell Slattery, UFO/alien “contact” experiencer and his struggle to come to terms 
with what happened to him, and the message to the world.
93 Wynn Free in Arizona, USA who says he has had contact with a “higher intelligence” and a book about  claiming he’s is the re-incarnation of modern-day Edgar Cayce.
94 Richard Lennie, Ufologist talks about his findings using night-vision technology.
95 Special Edition, reflecting on the devastating events around Hurricane Sandy.
96 Anthony Peake’s take on consciousness, life-after-death, near death experiences and what 
we call time
97 Gary Heseltine, serving British police officer, collates UFO reports from policemen and 
women and other members of the uniformed services.
98 Carole J. Obley, Spirit Medium, on “unfinished business” between this world and the next.
99 Amit Goswami on his unique take on Quantum Physics and how it could heal the world.
100  Dr Ian Rubenstein, medical doctor and Medium and his surprising story.
101  Marshall Vian Summers,“modern day prophet” controversial views / warning to the world.
102 Dr Nick Lister, Astronomer on asteroid cruising close to earth and earth-like planets.
103 Steve Hassan, global expert on Cults and Mind Control Groups on how big is this problem.
104 Richard C Hoagland, Space expert, on Mars, Torsion Field Physics, and 9-11 theory.
105 Robert Bartholomew, researcher, on “monster sightings” from the 1600s to present. 
106 Dr Judy Wood, scientist, theory on how an Energy Weapon “dustified” the Twin Towers.
107 Prof James D Stein on how maths and science could explain paranormal phenomena.
108 Karen Dahlman, user of Ouija Boards for four decades describes some amazing results.
109 Dr Barry Taff, “medical intuitive” and paranormalist’s life and work.
110 Marcus Allen - Bermuda Triangle, UFOs and unconventional ways to power the planet.
111 Chris Putnam /Tom Horn on what the Vatican knows about UFOs and ETs.
112 Kevin Goodman, UFO researcher, asking could tiny Warminster be a UFO hotspot? 
113 Richard C Hoagland, Space researcher & David H Boyle, unusualist,on Citytalk radio.
114 Nick Redfern talks about his research into secret government files on Monster sightings.
115 Nick Pope, researcher on the release of the UK’s final batch of UFO report files.
116 Harry Hubbard - on a cave claimed to have been crammed with “Egypt-style” artefacts.
117 Kathleen Marden has spent a lifetime researching UFO and abduction phenomena.
118 Joanne Summercales, from the UK’s UFO/alien abduction Hotline and amazing ufo stories 
from ex-military man Dave Munro.
119 Dr Craig Hassed on changing your mindset to beat disease, repair DNA, slow ageing.
120 David Icke on the People’s Voice” media-venture.
121 Paul Hellyer, ex-Canadian Minister on why he thinks UFO’s are real.
122 Tricia Robertson, Scottish researcher on some stunning after-death accounts.
123 Thomas J Carey, researcher, recorded a few days before the death of Jesse Marcel Jnr.
124 Howard Hughes’s re-discovered radio from Ground Zero on second anniversary of 9/11.
125 Wilbur Allen,  lifelong “contactee” and UFO photographer on his experiences.
126 Timothy Good, world famous British UFO researcher ahead of his new book.
127 David Halpin, surgeon, on why he wants the inquest into Dr David Kelly re-opened.
128 David Paulides, author of “Missing 411” on strange disappearances in US and Canada. 
129 Linda Moulton Howe, researcher,  on the state of the world / Fukushima nuclear disaster.
130 Louisa Oakley Green, the psychic sceptic, who became a believer.
131 An update on Space, Comet Ison, Mars, the Moon and Art Bell.
132 Jim Marrs, Journalist, on JFK, 9-11 and Ancient Civilizations.
133 Robert W Sullivan IV, historian & lawyer, on “Esoteric Freemasonry.
134 Brien Foerster in Peru, and the truth about the Incas and Ancient Civilizations.
136 Ashley Hall, Australian paranormal researcher.
137 Karen Dahlman, “Ouija-lady” and  Karen Dahlman, spirit investigator on never-aired audio
            from a 1940s Liverpool spirit.
138 Lionel Fanthorpe, UK’s most famous paranormal investigator.
139 Dr. Bruce Goldberg, hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist.
140 Micah Hanks US researcher and broadcaster.
141 Cal Cooper, Leading British parapsychologist on the work of Dr Alex Tanous.
142 Dr Rita Louise, psychic, writer, medical intuitive, broadcaster in Texas.
143 Ty Bollinger,  US freedom advocate and health campaigner.
144 Annie Kagan, Doctor, on claims she is communicating with her dead brother. 
145 Dr Steven Greer on Disclosure, UFOs, ETs, Coverups and more.
146 Ole Dammegard believes many high profile deaths and assassinations are connected.
147 Simran Singh believes our constant dialogue with Universe and can change our destiny.
148 Simon Parkes, Yorkshire Councillor, says he’s from a long line of contactees/abductees.
149 Governor Ventura, on being “off The Grid” and the missing Malaysian Airlines plane.
150 Paul La Violette, scientist, says that we are ignoring a threat from space.
151 Psychic Surgeon” Garry Mannion and Tricia Robertson who has researched his claims.
152 Claire and Nick, two ordinary people use CSETI techniques to make “contact”.
153 Courtney Brown on an amazing Remote Viewing Project, the Great Pyramid at Giza.
154 Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the world and its economy really works.
155 Richard C Hoagland on what are the Chinese up to on the Moon right now?
156 Dr. Hugh Lewis at Southampton University on how to clear up space debris.
157 Deborah Moffitt -spine-chilling story of terrifying events that gripped a family in California.
158 Bill Chalker, Australian UFO Researcher.
159 John Hanson, UK policeman, talks about his exhaustive British UFO research.
160 Gerrard Williams, Journalist, on Hitler’s alleged escape from Germany to South America.
161 Linda Moulton Howe, on missing flight MH 370 and her research on alien-human Hybrids.
162 Professor Stafford Betty, California-based afterlife researcher.
163 Uri Geller, recorded at his fabulous Thames Valley home.
164 Gordon Strong, British author and researcher on the controversial subject of Ritual Magic. 
165 Jenny Cockell on her “past lives” Mike Love, of The Beach Boys.
166 Peter Davenport, UFO researcher, one of Art Bell’s favourite guests.
167 Stanton Freedman, famous UFO investigator on his 80th birthday.
168 Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux – authors of “Raechel’s Eyes” a “lost” 2005 radio edition.
169 Canada’s Grant Cameron, talking about UFOs and consciousness.
170 William J Hall, Magician, investigator of one of America’s best-known poltergeist cases.
171 Retired Sydney lawyer Victor and his partner Wendy – with their “case for the Afterlife.
172 Roger Stone, who worked Nixon, and his view of Watergate… and beyond.
173 Mike Bara, Author /blogger, who co-wrote “Dark Mission” with Richard Hoagland.
174 Courtney Brown, Farsight Institute and controversial project Remote Viewing 9/11.
175 David Paulides, ex US cop who now investigates the world’s unexplained disappearances.
176 Dick Allgire, ex television newscaster and Remote Viewer explains how he does it.
177 Robert Salas, Ex USAF man, on Did Aliens disable some of America’s nuclear missiles? 
178 Linda Motten Howe, investigative journalist talks about Energy, Ebola and Extinction.
179 Heidi Hollis, in time for Hallowe’en – Shadow People, the Hat Man and Aliens.
180 Robert Steele, ex CIA-man,  Highly compelling, very controversial and totally unmissable.
181 Lionel Fanthorpe, the paranormal world of the Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe in Cardiff.
182 Robert Schwartz thinks who we are now was determined before we were born.
183 Dr David Clarke, British Journalism Lecturer and acclaimed investigator of paranormality.
184 Harry Cooper, researcher of German U-Boats/crews, and Hitler’s “escape” after the War.
185 Judy Wood, researcher, who again questions why the Twin Towers “turned to dust.
186 Chase Kloetzke, US paranormal investigator’s aims, methods and findings.
187 Ernesto Ortiz, on if  we really go back through time and erase bad things in the past?
188 Neil Sanders – British expert on Mind Control techniques.
189 Karen Dahlman, Californian Ouija expert returns with ways to “alchemize” your life.
190 Erich Von Daniken, author of “Chariots of the Gods”.
191 Global Trendwatcher Gerald Celente and Cryptologist Buff Parry.
192 Darren Brittain – a very down-to-earth British Medium.
193 Stephen Bassett, on disclosure.
194 Scott Creighton, with a fresh take on Egyptology and  Yorkshire “Contactee” Tony Topping.
195 March 2, 2015
196 Jeanne Wolf, Hollywood reporter, on the life of Leonard Nimoy and Seth Shostak, SETI.
197 Bernard Janzen, on the life and times of the late Father Malachi Martin.
198 Courtney Brown, Farsight Institute on his latest Remote Viewing Mars project, Cydonia.
199 Dr Nick Begich and his research on HAARP and other important “earth topics”.
200 Some of the Unexplained greatest guests – plus, Astronomer Heather Couper and
            Astronomer/Astronaut Nigel Henbest.
201 Actor who plays computer geek Langly talks about new series of The X-Files.
202 Robert W Sullivan, Author and Theologian on his latest research into Cinema Symbolism.
203 Klaus Dona, Austrian researcher/explorer with news about an ancient race of giants.
204 Duncan Roads, founder of Nexus Magazine.
205 Trisha McCagh, Animal Communicator, direct from Perth, Western Australia.
206 Dr Harry Oldfield, British “energy field” researcher.
207 Richard Hoagland, Space researcher, direct from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
208 Dr Carmen Boulter,  with news of a remarkable discovery in Ancient Egypt.
209 Dr Robert Zubrin, Red Planet President of the Mars Society on colonising the Red Planet.
210 Candace L Talmadge, Texas researcher, and connecting to “the afterlife”.
211 Garnet Schulhauser, a Canadian lawyer, who wants us to benefit from a life-changing
           encounter he had.
212 Linda Moulton Howe, leading researcher and investigative journalist in New Mexico.
213 Rev.Michael.J.Carter, the man who connects ufology and religion.
214 Gary Heseltine, ex-policeman who founded the area that collates police UFO reports.
215 June Lundgren, a down-to-earth demon-battling Medium from Oregon.
216 Tim Swartz, researcher of the strange condition of morgellons disease and its sufferers.
217 Michiel Mol, Founder of XCOR in Amsterdam, aims to be first to start civilian space flights.
218 Ron Felber, Author’s research into a chilling and amazing “alien abduction” case in 1989.
219 David Paulides, ex-Detective, on his latest research into the mysteries of missing people.
220 Roy Hill, psychologist, and his latest research on near death experiences.
221 The Unexplained flashes back to 2005 to an unheard archive edition.
222 Bob Davis Phd, on the scientific way of investigating UFOs and alien abduction.
223 Dr Nick Lister, British Astronomer, after traces of flowing water found on Mars?
224 Fevzi Turkalp,  Gadget Detective on the benefits and threats of our technological future.
225 Charles R Mallett, veteran Researcher direct from Wiltshire, UK on crop circle update.
226 James K Lambert, researcher, on how he thinks “conspiracy theories” just don’t stack up.
227 Graham Hancock, World-renowned British author, journalist and historian.
228 David Rohl, British Egyptologist - unique take on the Old Testament and ancient history.
229 Professor Greg Barton, expert in Islamic Politics, after the atrocity of Paris terrorist attacks.
230 Tricia Robertson, Psychical Researcher on book “Things You Can Do When You’re Dead”.
231 Marcus Allen, Nexus, on the case of D.B. Cooper, Moon Landing Conspiracy & Fukushima. 
232 Dr James Carpenter, top ESA scientist working on the new Moon mission.
233 Philip Mantle, big name in UK Ufology really has done the legwork, and it shows!
234 Dr Ronald Mallett, groundbreaking physicist, talks time travel.
235 Frank Thayer, researcher, on The Aztec incident… Did another Roswell happen in 1948?
236 David Icke, with a new book out within days and a World Tour this year, a catch up.
237 Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira researchers - did a race of giants once exist in N America? 238 Courtney Brown, Farsight Institute, on Remote View project inside mind of evil Hitler.
239 Mark Devlin, DJ and writer says he’s “lifted the lid” on music and entertainment business.
240 Peter Robbins, World famous UFO researcher on his Rendlesham Forest investigations.
241 Nigel Henbest, British astronomer, on Gravitational Waves and space travel training.
242 Merrell Fankhauser, researcher and UFO/ancient civilisation researcher.
243 Richard Estep, paranormal investigator, on ghosts and hauntings in the US and UK.
244 Adam Tomlinson, Canadian researcher and film-maker on Shadow People.
245 Jesse Marcell III, grandson of the man at the centre of the Roswell case, fighting for truth.
246 Anthony Wright, who says he re-wired his brain after an amazing battle with brain tumour.
247 Prof Malcolm Walter has had a life in Astrobiology, and is now a world leader in the field.
248 Dr Edgar Mitchell’s FREE organisation’s groundbreaking new UFO/ET research.
249 Ray Hernandez explains the detail in the data of the FREE organisation’s UFO/ET research.
250 Eben Alexander, on his near-death coma, who recovered and returned with a message.
251 Dr Patrick Kelly, researcher on the inventions/inventors of limitless power machines.
252 Dr Penny Sartori, Near Death experiencer, on her unique research in hospitals.
253 Some of the guests appearing, courtesy of talkRADIO.
254 Rob Gutro, American ghost investigator, medium and meteorologist.
255 Stephen Mera, Paranormal investigator on Possession and Professor Kevin Warwick on Robotics/Cybernetics.
256 David Icke as he prepares for a new book and a major Tour.
257 Peter Robbins, UFO researcher on his Presentation at the Scottish Paranormal Conference
258 Jason Offutt, author and paranormal researcher in Missouri.
259 Bill Konkolesky, US alien “Experiencer” on his story that might make you think twice.
260 James Swagger, ancient civilization researcher.
261 Chris Garetano, Film-maker, on the disturbing Montauk Project.
262 Nick Pope, UFO and paranormal expert, and Dr Max Abrahms, terrorism researcher.
263 Howard Hughes, eccentric multi-millionaire-did he live years after we were told he’d died.
264 Steve Parsons, Wales-based ghost investigator.
265 Brien Foerster, ancient civilisation researcher on his return visit to Peru.
266 Harry Drew,  researcher and author and the mysterious Kingman “UFO” case(s).
267 Seth Shostak from SETI, George Harrison sister Louise, and former hacker Greg Housh.
268 Major Ed Dames, Remote Viewer and Dr Caroline Watt from the University of Edinburgh.
269 Peter Janney, author, says close friend of JFK murdered after assassination to silence her.
270 Maria D’Andrea, New York psychic.
271 David J Hogan, author, who’s written the “complete guide” to everything Ufological.
272 Erich Von Daniken, author of Chariots of the Gods.
273 Paul J. Davids, Hollywood insider on his recent work - the life/death of Marilyn Monroe.
274 Milton Wainwright on “extra terrestrial microbial life” & Kevin Bennett on “Creepy Clowns”.
275 Ole Dammegard, Conspiracy researcher.
276 Riley Heagerty, US researcher, on two very unusual medium-sisters.
277 Dr James Oberg, US space insider and ex NASA-man.
278 Dr Leonard David, on colonizing Mars, and Dr Max Moore on Cryonic Preservation.
279 Linda Moulton Howe, world-famous investigative journalist and broadcaster.
280 Keith McCloskey researches the mysterious deaths of nine ski-hikers in 1959.
281 Richard C Hoagland plus Dr Who’s Companion in space-time travel Katy Manning.
282 Damon Berry, Filmmaker, on civilization, one of a string that have all played out.
283 Dr Piero Calvi-Parisetti, after-life researcher.
284 Colonel Halt, in charge when strange events at Rendlesham Forest occurred in 1980.
285 Elizabeth Greenwood on why people fake their own death, and Alexander Nekrassov, ex- Kremlin Insider.
286 Steve Bassett, CEO of PRG, with an update on “Disclosure”.
287 Dark Waters, direct from New Orleans - a true-life paranormal story teller.
288 Dr David Whitehouse, Science writer on the new Exoplanets & Space Shuttle’s Brian Duffy. 
289 Tricia Robertson, Scottish paranormal investigator talks consciousness and life after life.
290 Top people,top topics, strange Galactic flashes, MH370, Wikileaks & our robotic future.
291 Jon Rappoport, US investigative journalist on news, the media, science and medicine.
292 Richard C Hoagland and Dr Horace drew on the messages in crop circles.
293 Paul Adams, the UK’s most famous paranormal investigator on researching Harry Price.
294 Leslie Kean,  journalist/author– on her new research “Surviving Death”.
295 Randy Kramer, says he’s been on secret Mars missions – and Nick Pope, ufo researcher.
296 Garrett Graff, Author and historian on “doomsday” planning for a nuclear attack.
297 Ray Bowyer, the Aurigny Airlines Pilot who had a “close encounter” with giant UFO.
298 Dr Gary Schwartz, acclaimed US paranormal researcher, on synchronicity.
299 Laura Thompson, British author & the nation’s deepest murder mystery, Lord Lucan.
300 Heather Wade, Midnight in the Desert, and Avi Loeb, Harvard Space Professor.
301 Dr Robert M Schoch, on groundbreaking research on our ancient past.
302 Nick Pope on UFO files & Whitley Streiber & June Lundgren at Hampton Court Palace.
303 Special Edition with the man in charge of the Mars One mission… Bas Lansdorp… »
304 Professor Michio Kaku, world famous scientist.
305 David Paulides, an update on new movie on people who disappear mysteriously.
306 Cathy O’Neil, mathematician, on “Weapons of Maths Destruction” and rogue algorithms.
307 Sue Blackmore on her lifetime OBE research plus a 75 year old Swiss ice mystery solved.
308 Mark Thurston researcheed and updated on the works of visionary Edgar Cayce.
309 Kevin Warwick on the rise of AI and robots and Andrew Basiago on time travel.
310 James Burke, world famous science broadcaster and writer.
311 David Mathisen, researcher of myths, legends, and sacred texts influenced by the cosmos.
312 Sharon Daphna on chemtrails, electromagnetic radiation and weather control.
313 Steve Bassett on Disclosure and Mark O’Connell on Dr J Allen Hynek.
314 Ray Szymanski – who’s worked at a place where UFOs and ETs are claimed to be kept.
315 Linda Moulton Howe, world-famous investigative journalist.
316 Dr Martin Archer, on Elon Musk’s new space plans & Carol Bowman on reincarnation.
317 Randall Nickerson on a forgotten ET case at an African school & contactee Salma Siddick.
318 Paul Sinclair on weird happenings off Yorkshire’s coast & Dave O’Brien on the“JFK Files”.
319 David Icke, part 1, on his “explosive” new book
320 David Icke, part 2 of the conversation with about his new book.
321 Peter Kling, who says he interprets the Scriptures and predicts events.
322 Alan Godfrey, UK policeman, who had two astonishing ultra-strange “UFO/ET encounters.
323 Jenny Randles, UFO Investigator who worked with PC Alan Godfrey on his book.
324 Larry Warren, the “Rendlesham Whistleblower” talks about his polygraph test.
325 Thomas Anglero, IBM Head of innovation on our “AI” future 
326 Leslie Kean, on  the amazing New York report about a secret UFO Research program.
327 Bruce Fenton, ancient civilizations researcher from Sydney.
328 This time fascinating UK-based “ethical hacker” Mike Godfrey on beating cyber threats
329 Professor Avi Loeb, on  Space exploration & news of a water crisis in a Sth African city.
330 Travis Walton, “alien abductee” and his amazing and controversial story.
331 A mission statement… from Howard at the home of The Unexplained
332 Dr Scott Kolbaba, with stories of life, death and miracles medics sometimes don’t tell.
333 Catherine Austin Fitts, ex-US government, on her views of world government and finance.
334 Michael Tellinger, latest on South Africa’s Stone Circles – and the Ubuntu movement.
335 Calista, Energy healer, on why she believes that Unicorns are real.
336 Cutting edge science explained about hydrogen power, batteries and cancer research.
337 Much-requested Mark Sargent – who believes the Earth is flat and isn’t a globe… »
338 Stanton T. Friedman, Ufologist, and New Zealand’s Suzy Hansen on her ET contact.
339 Jason Gleaves, the “go to guy” for UFO image analysis, and Philip Mantle on UFOs.
340 Richard Estep, Anglo-American paramedic and acclaimed ghosthunter.
341 Gerry Anderson’s son Jamie talks about his father’s inspirational tv sci-fi creations.
 -     A tribute to Art Bell… »
342 Howard Storm, former Professor who, during an NDE says he was sent back from hell.
343 The Australian Skeptics on investigating “pseudo science” and paranormality for decades.
344 Dr Paul Harrison, Egyptologist on a fresh take on Egyptology.
345 Judy Carroll, Australian, claims she is descended from aliens and has a mission on earth.

346 Dean Alioto, film-maker, who accidentally created one of biggest UFO controversies ever.
347 Dr Lynne Kitei, who saw/recorded America’s strangest and most widespread aerial events.

348 William Stickevers, Astrologer to Wall Street and celebrities… »

349 Dr Sam Osmanaggich on the Bosnian Pyramids 

350 British author John Hamer with his explosive findings on the sinking of the Titanic… »

351 June 26, 2018 Andrew McGrath – London-based cryptozoology researcher…
352 Tony Healy,  Australian bigfoot researcher, on the trail of “Yowie”

Edition 346 - more on Dean Atiolo
A top UK podcast ...

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