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Reptilian involvement in Human Affairs
(06-16-2018, 06:28 AM)Greg D Wrote: Very good research Steve I agree with alot of what you have said. I just have a comment regarding your previous post about hiding evil intentions behind charitable titles, ie a wildlife fund that destroys wildlife and Christian churches as a front for satanic rings. Not every organization that contains the name Christian is a Godly one. The trouble I continue to  have through all of my posts so far, is to present the difference between Christian and Christianity. Christianity (the so called Christian religion), the institution, is all you have described it to be, in this thread. On the other hand I am a Christian (an anointed one, or a follower of Christ the anointed). The worldwide church I am part of is one of Spirit filled believers (true Christians).
If I wasn't a Christian I would be worried to read your information, as there appears to be no hope to win this fight against these powerful reptilian aliens. Who is coming to deliver mankind from them? If it is up to us to save ourselves, then how? These questions are directed at you Steve.

Hi Greg, I am sure that these negative forces can be defeated. It just takes enough people to realise the huge scale of deception occurring in so many areas of our lives. This is why I try and encourage people to look beyond the headlines and discover the truth about what these monsters have done throughout history and are doing today.

They can only achieve their ends through the manipulation of others and would themselves rapidly fade away if enough of us become aware and stopped cooperating with them. They are parasites, through and through.

The veil is finally lifting as ever more whistleblowers come forward so I think there is plenty of hope. As long as we start to reject their agenda they can be defeated!
The Hebrew take on things


One way of not cooperating with those who think that you owe them a living, is to cease accepting what they offer you that has been stolen from someone else, I'm sure that any clear thinker knows what this means and what they might do to secure their longevity so that everyone can be free of such a system, and it has nothing to do with free/fair trade.

Zionism is often said to be the heart of the conspiracy. It is part of it, but the Brotherhood network is far bigger than that. Zionism is not the Jewish people, it is a political movement. Many Jews do not support it, many non-Jews do.

To say that Zionism is the Jewish people is like saying the Democratic Party is the American people. Yet to challenge the extremes of Zionism is to be called anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. What nonsense.

Just as the Republic of South Africa is really the Fiefdom of Oppenheimers, so the State of Israel is really the State of Rothschild. Zionism was the creation of the Rothschilds on behalf of the Brotherhood and in truth it is not Zionist, but SIONism, a branch of the reptile-Aryan Sun cult religion.

It has been used to ensure the take over of Arab Palestine for two main reasons. This is sacred land for the reptile-Aryans going back to the Levites and the ancient world. Also blatantly stealing an Arab country offered endless opportunities to foster conflict and division in the Middle East, and this was particularly effective in manipulating the Arab oil states.

The crucial moment in the Rothschild plan for ‘Israel’ was the Balfour Declaration when the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur (Lord) Balfour, announced on November 6th 1917 that Britain supported the claim for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The Rothschild dominated Versailles Peace Conference confirmed their support for this also. Surprise, surprise.

But what was this Balfour Declaration? It was not made to members of the Westminster Parliament. It was simply a letter from Lord Balfour (Comm 300), an inner-circle member of the Round Table secret society, to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (Comm 300), who funded the Round Table! It was a letter between two members of the same secret society.

Rothschild was a representative of the English Federation of Zionists which was set up with Rothschild money. It is widely believed by researchers that the ‘Balfour’ letter was actually written by Lord Rothschild together with Alfred Milner (Comm 300), the Round Table’s leading light who had been made chairman of the mining giant, Rio Tinto Zinc, by the same Lord Rothschild. Rio Tinto is heavily involved in South Africa and a major shareholder apparently is the Queen of England.

The Arabs of Palestine were used to fight the Turks in the First World War under the command of the Englishmen, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who promised them full sovereignty for their efforts. All along he knew that the Brotherhood plan was for the ‘Jewish’ (Khazar-Aryan) homeland in Palestine. Lawrence, a close friend of Winston Churchill, later admitted this fact when he said: “I risked the fraud on my conviction that Arab help was necessary to our cheap and easy victory in the East, and that better we win and break our word, than lose… The Arab inspiration was our main tool for winning the Eastern War. So I assured them that England kept her word in letter and in spirit. In this comfort they performed their fine things; but, of course, instead of being proud of what we did together, I was continually bitter and ashamed.”  

Such has been the reptile-Aryan modus operandi for thousands of years. It was the Rothschilds who funded the early ‘Jewish’ settlers in Palestine; it was the Rothschilds who helped to create and fund Hitler and the Nazis in the Second World War which included the sickening treatment of Jews, gypsies, communists, and others; it was the Rothschilds who used the understandable post-war sympathy for the ‘Jews’ they had mercilessly exploited to press through their demands for a take-over of Arab Palestine; it was the Rothschilds who funded the ‘Jewish’ terrorist groups in Palestine which bombed, murdered, and terrorised Israel into existence; and it was the Rothschilds who funded and manipulated these terrorists into the key positions in Israel, among them the Prime Ministers, Ben-Gurion, Shamir, Begin, and Rabin, and so on.

These men would spend the rest of their lives condemning the terrorism of others with shocking hypocrisy; it was Lord Victor Rothschild, the controller of British Intelligence, who provided the know-how for Israel’s nuclear weapons; it was the Rothschilds who owned and controlled Israel from the start and have continued ever since to dictate its policy; it was the Rothschilds and the rest of the Brotherhood network which has hidden and suppressed the fact, confirmed by Jewish historians, that the overwhelming majority of ‘Jewish’ people in Israel originate genetically from the Caucasus Mountains, not from the lands they now occupy.

The Jewish people have been sacrificed on the Rothschild altar of greed and lust for power, but even the Rothschilds take their orders from a higher authority which is probably based in Asia, and the Far East dictates to the operational headquarters in London. Ultimately, the whole scam is orchestrated from the lower fourth dimension.
(06-17-2018, 11:27 AM)Steve Wrote: Israel

Zionism is often said to be the heart of the conspiracy. It is part of it, but the Brotherhood network is far bigger than that. Zionism is not the Jewish people, it is a political movement. Many Jews do not support it, many non-Jews do.

To say that Zionism is the Jewish people is like saying the Democratic Party is the American people. Yet to challenge the extremes of Zionism is to be called anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. What nonsense.

Just as the Republic of South Africa is really the Fiefdom of Oppenheimers, so the State of Israel is really the State of Rothschild. Zionism was the creation of the Rothschilds on behalf of the Brotherhood and in truth it is not Zionist, but SIONism, a branch of the reptile-Aryan Sun cult religion.

It has been used to ensure the take over of Arab Palestine for two main reasons. This is sacred land for the reptile-Aryans going back to the Levites and the ancient world. Also blatantly stealing an Arab country offered endless opportunities to foster conflict and division in the Middle East, and this was particularly effective in manipulating the Arab oil states.

The crucial moment in the Rothschild plan for ‘Israel’ was the Balfour Declaration when the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur (Lord) Balfour, announced on November 6th 1917 that Britain supported the claim for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The Rothschild dominated Versailles Peace Conference confirmed their support for this also. Surprise, surprise.

But what was this Balfour Declaration? It was not made to members of the Westminster Parliament. It was simply a letter from Lord Balfour (Comm 300), an inner-circle member of the Round Table secret society, to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (Comm 300), who funded the Round Table! It was a letter between two members of the same secret society.

Rothschild was a representative of the English Federation of Zionists which was set up with Rothschild money. It is widely believed by researchers that the ‘Balfour’ letter was actually written by Lord Rothschild together with Alfred Milner (Comm 300), the Round Table’s leading light who had been made chairman of the mining giant, Rio Tinto Zinc, by the same Lord Rothschild. Rio Tinto is heavily involved in South Africa and a major shareholder apparently is the Queen of England.

The Arabs of Palestine were used to fight the Turks in the First World War under the command of the Englishmen, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who promised them full sovereignty for their efforts. All along he knew that the Brotherhood plan was for the ‘Jewish’ (Khazar-Aryan) homeland in Palestine. Lawrence, a close friend of Winston Churchill, later admitted this fact when he said: “I risked the fraud on my conviction that Arab help was necessary to our cheap and easy victory in the East, and that better we win and break our word, than lose… The Arab inspiration was our main tool for winning the Eastern War. So I assured them that England kept her word in letter and in spirit. In this comfort they performed their fine things; but, of course, instead of being proud of what we did together, I was continually bitter and ashamed.”  

Such has been the reptile-Aryan modus operandi for thousands of years. It was the Rothschilds who funded the early ‘Jewish’ settlers in Palestine; it was the Rothschilds who helped to create and fund Hitler and the Nazis in the Second World War which included the sickening treatment of Jews, gypsies, communists, and others; it was the Rothschilds who used the understandable post-war sympathy for the ‘Jews’ they had mercilessly exploited to press through their demands for a take-over of Arab Palestine; it was the Rothschilds who funded the ‘Jewish’ terrorist groups in Palestine which bombed, murdered, and terrorised Israel into existence; and it was the Rothschilds who funded and manipulated these terrorists into the key positions in Israel, among them the Prime Ministers, Ben-Gurion, Shamir, Begin, and Rabin, and so on.

These men would spend the rest of their lives condemning the terrorism of others with shocking hypocrisy; it was Lord Victor Rothschild, the controller of British Intelligence, who provided the know-how for Israel’s nuclear weapons; it was the Rothschilds who owned and controlled Israel from the start and have continued ever since to dictate its policy; it was the Rothschilds and the rest of the Brotherhood network which has hidden and suppressed the fact, confirmed by Jewish historians, that the overwhelming majority of ‘Jewish’ people in Israel originate genetically from the Caucasus Mountains, not from the lands they now occupy.

The Jewish people have been sacrificed on the Rothschild altar of greed and lust for power, but even the Rothschilds take their orders from a higher authority which is probably based in Asia, and the Far East dictates to the operational headquarters in London. Ultimately, the whole scam is orchestrated from the lower fourth dimension.

I would say greed will consume all involved in it, eventually, inevitably,

When I was a young man and had just recieved my first wages as a paper round boy, my Grandfather once told me a short story, he said,

"Those who desire more than they can physically produce will one day end up in a final battle with themselves, there will be two greedy pigs left to steal anothers well being, who hold in one hand a bag full of our riches and in the other a gun, they face each other looking at the other ones bag of money and both take aim, hopefully both will hit their desired target and greed will be gone.

This is what will happen to those who want more than they can physically create, who work for the ones who have captured the planets raw materials and re-distributed our true wealth, namely our real life skills and our vision of how things might be.

All we need to do is re-skill together, make a new system away from the growth model and all there is wealth by stealth, share our inventions with each other for pride of place in a system a plenty as it would be.

And let the healing begin like never before, we all know it is patently the right choice, where the old are cared for by their children who they also cared for, not discarded as spent engines who built everything before them.

Imagine it, desire it and it will be.
The Second World War

At the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 a number of decisions were made which culminated in the genocide known as World War Two. Firstly the reparations imposed on the German people were so fantastic that the Weimar Republic which followed the war had no chance of economic survival. This was precisely as planned. That economic chaos was a massive problem in need of a solution and the solution was Adolf Hitler. 

The second important development, in a secret meeting of the Versailles collaborators at the Hotel Majestic in Paris, was the creation of offshoot organisations connected to the original Round Table. The first came in 1920 with the formation of the Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, at 10 St James’s Square in London. The monarch is its official head and it was given the title Royal Institute in 1926. 

It’s American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, was formed by the American members of the Round Table in 1921 with funds from the Rockefellers and others. These were additions to the Brotherhood network designed to control even more completely British and American politics and indeed the much wider world. They are both the same organisation under different names. The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) was formed by friends of Cecil Rhodes and all the familiar names, including the Astors. 

It was funded, as it is today, by a long, long, list of global corporations and media groups owned by the bloodline families. The Royal Institute connects into the top levels of politics, banking, business, media, all the usual stuff. For instance, one of its top figures was Major John (Jacob) Astor (Comm 300), a director of the Hambros (Brotherhood) Bank and owner after 1922 of the Times newspaper. Other founders included Sir Abe Bailey, the owner of Transvaal Mines in South Africa who worked with Alfred Milner to start the Boer War; and John W. Wheeler-Bennett, who would be General Eisenhower’s ‘political advisor’ in London in the last two crucial years of the Second World War when the design for the post war world was being drawn. 

The Institute interlocks with British universities like Oxford and Cambridge and the London School of Economics which has produced many of the ‘radicals’ of the political ‘left’. Adolf Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf , was ghost-written by Major General Karl Haushofer, who acknowledged that a major source of the ideas it expressed was Halford J. MacKinder, a director of the London School of Economics. 

As with the Round Table, Royal Institute branches were established in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, and India, where it is known as the Council of World Affairs. Its American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), made its home at Harold Pratt House at 58 East 68th Street in New York, the former mansion of the Pratt family, friends of the Rockefellers. It was organised by Colonel Mandel House, J. P. Morgan (Payseur), the Rockefellers, and their associates. The CFR was soon in control of the United States and that remains the case today. 

Look at its membership and you will find the top people in all the institutions which control the lives of the American people, including education. These organisations, like the Round Table, are made up of inner and outer circles.The inner circle knows the Agenda and works full time to achieve it. The next circle knows much of the Agenda and works to that end in their particular sphere of influence. The next circle is pretty much in the dark about the real Agenda, but is manipulated to make the ‘right’ decisions in their area of operation without knowing the true reason for them. 

Admiral Chester Ward, a former US Judge Advocate General of the Navy, was a member of the CFR for sixteen years. He said that the purpose of the organisation was the “…submergence of US sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government”. In his book, Kissinger On The Couch , written with Phyllis Schafly, Ward said: “…(the)…lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership, and particularly in the leadership of several divergent cliques that make up what is actually a polycentric organisation… (the main clique) is composed of the one-world-global-government ideologists –more respectfully referred to as the organised internationalists. They are the ones who carry on the tradition of the founders.”

Since 1921 virtually every President of the United States has been a member of the CFR along with most of the main government posts including most, today all, the American ambassadors around the world. The CFR also includes media owners, key journalists and editors, educationalists, military leaders, on and on it goes. The membership of the Royal Institute of International Affairs remains a secret, but it also includes people of the same positions and background in the United Kingdom and, crucially, the American CFR is subordinate to, and takes orders from, the Royal Institute in London. 

These interlock with the Illuminati; the ‘knight’ Orders like the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Malta); the network controlled by the British monarch; the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the Round Table; the American ‘foundation’ network like the Rockefeller Foundation and an endless web of interconnecting groups operating ultimately to the same global leadership. 

This network was spanning the globe by the 1930s and the Brotherhood was ready for its biggest project yet, the Second World War. It was an effort to achieve further centralisation of power and the creation of a global body which could be evolved into a world government. We know that body today as the United Nations. 

With the German economy in tatters and inflation running at thousands of per cent, the German people looked to Adolf Hitler as their saviour. Problem-reaction-solution. The Nazis were funded from Wall Street and the City of London. This was done via the German subsidiaries of British and American companies and American loans known as the Young Plan and the Dawes Plan. These loans were supposed to be helping Germany to pay the reparations, but in fact went straight into Hitler’s war machine. 

Standard Oil (the Rockefellers) and I. G. Farben, the German chemical cartel which ran the concentration camp at Auchwitz, were, in effect, the same company. Hitler came to power in 1933 and in that same year, no coincidence, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President of the United States. His route to power was the same as Hitler’s. 

In 1929, the Brotherhood bankers crashed the Wall Street stock-market and caused the Great Depression. From this problem came the solution, the ‘New Deal’ economic package offered by Roosevelt which won him the presidential election of 1933. This ‘New Deal’ was a replica of the economic package offered by Hitler to the German people to solve their manufactured economic problems. 

When he came to power, Roosevelt pulled off one of the biggest thefts in human history when he passed laws forcing the American people to hand over all their gold to the government in return for worthless pieces of paper known as Federal Reserve banknotes. This was necessary, he said, to solve the dire economic problems. Soon afterwards, with the American economy now completely under Brotherhood control, Roosevelt put their symbol, the pyramid and all seeing eye, on the dollar bill. He was saying to the American people: “Gotch-yer”. 

Franklin Roosevelt (Ramses-Piso-Bush), a 33rd degree Freemason, held the title, Knight of Pythias, in a secret society called the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles and Mystics. Among its previous members were Francis Bacon and the French revolutionary, Mirabeau. Membership is only open to Freemasons who have reached at least the 32nd degree or are members of the Templar lodges of Freemasonry. The Order was allegedly founded by a descendant of Mohammed who based it on a secret society in medieval Europe which included Jews, Arabs, and Christians. Its symbol is a crescent moon represented by the claws of a Bengal Tiger, engraved with a pyramid, an urn, and the pentagram, a combination representing the Universal Mother: Isis-Semiramis-Ninkharsag.  

Roosevelt’s Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, was also an occultist who was involved in the decision to put the all-seeing eye symbol on the dollar bill. Wallace had a guru, the Russian mystic and artist, Nicholas Roerich, who spent many years travelling through Nepal and Tibet studying with the lamas and searching for the lost city of Shamballa, the legendary home of the secret occult adepts or ‘masters’ who are said to have secretly ‘influenced’ world affairs throughout history. They are variously known as the Secret Chiefs, the Hidden Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood and some researchers believe they are the force behind the creation of the Freemasons, Sufis, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Theosophical Society, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Roerich was involved in the formation of the League of Nations, the first attempt at world government, and supported the work of Dr Andrija Puharich, a scientist who helped to develop the psychic powers of a young Israeli called Uri Geller.  

In Britain, the Round Table-Royal Institute of International Affairs members in the Houses of Parliament at first called for appeasement with Germany until Hitler’s military build up had reached the point where he could fight a long war. Then suddenly, they switched and called for all-out war against Hitler. 

Among the most grotesque examples of this were Lady Astor, Leopold Amery, Lionel Curtis, and Lord Lothian, all members of the Round Table and/or the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary and a Round Table member almost from its foundation, was another who supported the appeasement of Hitler. He met Hitler on November 19th 1937 and Hitler’s representative, Alfred Rosenberg, had come to Britain in May 1933, to meet with Sir Henry Deterding (Comm 300), head of Royal Dutch Shell, Geoffrey Dawson, the editor of the Times newspaper owned by the Astors (Round Table, Royal Institute, Comm 300), the 1st Viscount Hailsham, the Secretary for War, Walter Eliot MP, and the Duke of Kent, brother of King Edward VIII and King George VI. 

The sudden change from appeasement with Hitler to war with him was mirrored in Downing Street as the appeaser prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, was replaced by the Brotherhood’s man of war, Winston Churchill, on May 11th 1940. Soon after his appointment, the mass bombing of civilian targets in Germany began. The reptile-Aryan black magicians had themselves another global blood ritual. Churchill’s membership of the Freemasons has often been played down as it has with Prince Philip. But Churchill was in fact, behind the scenes, a very active Mason after his initiation into the Studholme Lodge (No 1591) at the Cafe Royal in May 1901. 

Local historians in Bradford, England, uncovered evidence that some of Churchill’s wartime policies were influenced by the fact that he and King George II of Greece were Masons. One example of this was in 1943 when Churchill sent 5,000 troops to Athens to restore George to the throne even though the beleaguered monarch was detested by all sides and the troops were needed elsewhere. The Churchill family has close links with the Rothschilds and the esoteric underground. 

Winston Churchill joined the Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids at Blenheim Palace on August 15th 1908. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was funded by the House of Rothschild while he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the mid 1800s and his closest friend was Nathaniel Rothschild. When Randolph died, he was in debt to the Rothschilds to the tune of £65,000, a fantastic amount in those days. Winston, too, was in debt to them and he was a good friend of Lord Victor Rothschild, the orchestrator of British Intelligence, and the Rothschilds’ arch manipulator in the United States, Bernard Baruch. 

Churchill had close links with the Cecil family who, in effect, controlled him, and the Cecils have long time connections with the networks created by that Brotherhood front, the Jesuits, and to the Habsburgs, the British monarchs, and the families of the Black Nobility in Italy. The Churchills are related to the Duke of Marlborough family who played an important role in putting William of Orange on the British throne and in fact Winston Churchill was born at their ancestral home, Blenheim Palace, near Oxford. Churchill knew exactly what he was doing and the image of him left us by official history is a farce. 

He did not save the British Isles from tyranny, he was part of the tyranny. An American decoding officer at the United States Embassy in London called Tyler Kent was jailed throughout the war for passing evidence to the Conservative MP, Colonel Ramsey, that Churchill and Roosevelt had been communicating in coded messages before Churchill was Prime Minister making arrangements to ensure that war would break out. 

Ramsey was also jailed under a law called Regulation 18b which was introduced just before the war, the Government said, to deal with terrorism by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Another problem-reaction-solution. This was merely the excuse they used to have a law in place that would allow them to jail people without trial during the war and so keep the lid on their game. One woman, an admiral’s wife, was jailed under regulation 18b as she left a courtroom which had cleared her of all charges! 

The man behind this law was Lord Victor Rothschild, one of the most important manipulators of the second half of the 20th century and a friend of Winston Churchill. It was Churchill who began to use Regulation 18b as soon as he took office in order to jail people who knew what was going on and were prepared to say so. 

The American Ambassador in London in this period was Joseph Kennedy, the deeply crooked father of John F. Kennedy. The Kennedy’s are an Elite bloodline going back to the Irish kings and beyond. To complete the set, the British ambassadors in America during the war were Lord Lothian of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Lord Halifax of the Royal Institute, Round Table, and Committee of 300. Franklin Roosevelt won a second term as President in 1937 by repeating over and over that the sons of America were not going to fight in another war in Europe, while he knew full well that that was exactly what they were going to do. Representative Philip Bennett of Missouri told Congress: “But our boys are not going to be sent abroad, says the President. Nonsense, Mr Chairman; even now their berths are being built in our transport ships. Even now the tags for identification of the dead and wounded are being printed by the firm of William C. Ballantyne and Co of Washington.” 

Roosevelt had come to power for the second time by saying that America would not fight in another war in Europe and so when he returned to the White House he had a public relations problem because he was already helping to arrange that very war. As with Woodrow Wilson and the sinking of the Lusitania, a problem-reactionsolution was organised to give him the excuse to break his ‘promises’. In 1939, Senator P. Nye of North Dakota said that he had seen a series of volumes called The Next War , including one called Propaganda In The Next War which originated in London (of course!). It revealed the game plan for manipulating America into the Second World War. This document, written between the wars, said: “To persuade her (the United States) to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed. 

It will need a definite threat to America, a threat moreover, which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the Republic will again take arms in an external quarrel… “…The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan (my emphasis) were involved, and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious effect of our propagandists to achieve this, just as in the Great War they succeeded in embroiling the United States against Germany. “Fortunately with America, our propaganda is on firm ground. We can be entirely sincere, as our main plank will be the old democratic one. We must clearly enunciate our belief in the democratic form of government, and our firm resolve to adhere to… the old goddess of democracy routine.” 

On December 7th 1941, Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United States entered the war. It has since been established that many intercepted messages gave Roosevelt considerable prior warning of the Japanese attack, but no action was taken and Americans were left to die for the sake of the Brotherhood Agenda as literally billions of people have these past few thousand years. The attack itself came after a long campaign by the Americans to goad Japan into attacking them. 

Henry Stimson, Roosevelt’s Secretary of War and a founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, had said: “We face the delicate question of diplomatic fencing to be done so as to be sure Japan is put into the wrong and makes the first bad overt move.” That is the brief summary of how the Second World War was visited upon the planet and how tens of millions of men, women, and children, lost their lives. The climax was to drop two atomic bombs on Japan which had already agreed to surrender on the very same terms it eventually agreed to after the bombs had caused such devastation. 

The man who ordered those bombs to be dropped was President Harry S. Truman who had replaced Franklin Roosevelt at the end of the war. Truman was a 33rd degree Freemason and when he reached that level he added the middle ‘S’ which stood for Solomon. Truman was a failed haberdasher and deemed unemployable before the Freemasons launched his career. His mother lost her farm because of his debts and when he became President he used to go on nightly drunken binges around the back alleys of Washington followed at a discreet distance by two FBI agents despatched by J. Edgar Hoover to look after him. Truman’s career took off after he became chief organiser of the Freemasonic lodges in Missouri and then he was nominated to become a judge before moving into the White House. 

The man behind this meteoric rise was another Mason and the head of organised crime in Kansas City, Boss Prendergast. Truman’s closest confidant was David Niles, or Neyhus, who had one sister in an important position in the government of Israel and another making policy in Moscow! This is the background to Harry S. Truman, the Freemason placeman, who refused to accept Japan’s terms of surrender, ordered the atomic devastation, and then accepted the surrender on the same terms he had refused before. 

The bombs were dropped because as one phase ended in the reptilian Agenda, another was immediately begun –the Cold War –and it is so much easier to engender the fear necessary for that if people have seen for themselves what happens when one of these devices explodes. 
The United Nations

After the war, the world was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically devastated. This allowed the banks to make vast fortunes lending money to governments to rebuild the societies destroyed by a war the same banks had funded. This massively increased the debt owed by nations to private banks and the control over those countries increased in proportion.

The desperation for peace made the world open to the main reason the Brotherhood had created the war –the formation of the United Nations. Problem-reaction-solution . The charter for the United Nations, the global body the Brotherhood so badly wanted, was written by a committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. The writer, James Perloff, revealed the background to the UN in his 1988 book, The Shadows Of Power: The Council On Foreign Relations And The American Decline :

“In January 1943, the Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, formed a steering committee composed of himself, Leo Pasvolsky, Isaiah Bowman, Sumner Welles, Norman Davis, and Morton Taylor. All these men –with the exception of Hull –were in the CFR. Later known as the Informal Agenda Group, they drafted the original proposal of the United Nations. It was Bowman –a founder of the CFR and a founder of Colonel House’s old ‘Inquiry’ (another Elite grouping) –who first put forward the concept. They called in three attorneys, all CFR men, who ruled that it was constitutional. Then they discussed it with Franklin D. Roosevelt on June 15th 1944. The President
approved the plan and announced it to the public the next day.”

In his book, The American Language , H. L. Mencken suggests that the term ‘United Nations’ was decided by President Roosevelt during a meeting with Winston Churchill at the White House in December 1941, shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor. When the United Nations was officially formed in San Francisco on June 26th 1945, the US delegation included 74 members of the CFR, including John J. McCloy, the CFR chairman from 1953-70, a member of the Committee of 300, chairman of the Ford Foundation and the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan Bank, and friend and advisor to nine presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan.

Also there were John Foster Dulles, the Hitler supporter, CFR founder, and soon-to-be US Secretary of State, and Nelson Rockefeller, the Satanist and arch manipulator, who was four times Governor of New York and Vice President to Gerald Ford after Richard Nixon was ousted by Watergate.

Remember, too, that while the CFR created the United Nations, it is still only a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, which is only an offshoot of the Round Table, which is only an agency of an even higher authority in the hierarchy. The Rockefellers paid for the headquarters of the League of Nations in Geneva and now they gave the land for the United Nations building in New York.

The land had previously been used for a slaughter house and that was exactly what the Satanists of the Brotherhood wanted. Land covered in blood, fear, and pain, for the foundations of the organisation designed to do the same to human beings. The UN is a Trojan Horse for world government and it sits atop a vast network of organisations which present themselves as serving the people when in fact they are fronts for the most grotesque manipulation, not least in the developing world of Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

The UN network includes the World Health Organisation (WHO), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Anglo-American-Swiss pharmaceutical cartel with its interlocking leadership. The WHO tell the world there is going to be an epidemic of something or other and its controllers, the pharmaceutical corporations, provide the vaccine. Another problem-reactionsolution and the vaccines are causing untold harm to the physical and spiritual well being of billions.

The UN Population Fund uses ‘population control’ for a policy of eugenics against people with black faces and those with white faces who are not up to the genetic ‘purity’ (reptilian bloodline) demanded by these deeply imbalanced people. The UN Environment Programme uses the environment as an excuse to create international laws, take control of great swathes of land, and steal land from developing countries under the heading of ‘debt for nature’ swaps. UNESCO, the science and culture operation, advances the Agenda across many areas of life.

Now the United Nations, which was set up to stop war, according to the propaganda, actually goes to war. This happened in the Gulf when American, British and French soldiers and pilots killed untold thousands of Iraqi civilians under the banner of the UN flag. One of the stooges wheeled in to be UN Secretary-general was Kofi Annan, a black man who ought to be disgusted at what his organisation is doing to his African continent. An advisor was Maurice Strong, the Canadian oil tycoon, Rockefeller clone, and manipulator extraordinaire, not least of the environment movement. The United Nations is there for the good of the world? Of course not.
Hitler and the Nazis

So many of the strands of history with regard to the reptilian presence in human affairs can be found in the beliefs of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. This is no surprise because the Nazi Party was the creation of a network of secret societies which had access to the underground stream of knowledge that carries the true, or truer, story of human origins. Germany has long been a centre for esoteric thinking and secret societies and, among the most prominent occult families in Middle Ages Germany were the Bauers, a strand of which changed their name to Rothschild. Much of the Windsor blood also comes via Germany.

The Bavarian Illuminati, which was involved in many of the ‘people’s’ revolutions in Europe, including the French, was founded in Germany on May 1st 1776 by the occultist, Adam Weishaupt, and the Christian Church was split into Catholics and Protestants by Martin Luther, the German agent for the Rosicrucian Order. Germany is another centre for global manipulation. Hitler was not the creator of Nazi belief, merely the public expression of it.

In the 19th century one of the pre-Hitler prophets was the composer Richard Wagner, and his composition, The Ride Of The Valkyries , captures his obsession with the invading powers of evil. Wagner declared the imminent arrival of the Master Race. His work, The Ring , was the musical expression of his belief in German ‘supermen’ bestriding the world stage like the ancient Pagan gods, Wotan and Thor. Hitler would later say that to understand Nazi Germany, one had to know Wagner. One of the students of master-race fanatic Wagner, was the composer, Gustav Mahler. His studies with Wagner were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild.

One of the places to which Wagner travelled and researched was Rennes-le-Chateau, that mysterious village in southern France so connected to the Knights Templar and the Cathars. Indeed, the German secret society underground is closely aligned to the Templar traditions and those contemporaries of the original Templars, the Teutonic Knights.

Adolf Hitler was officially born in 1889 at Braunau-am-Inn, on the border of Germany and the Austria-Hungary Empire. Hitler was actually a Rothschild! Yes, a Rothschild. The esoteric became a consuming passion for Hitler, especially in his rise to power. He was strongly influenced by the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who was born in the Ukraine in 1831 and later, according to research, became an agent for British Intelligence. Other researchers claim she had connections with the secret society of Italian revolutionaries, the Carbonari, who were closely linked to the Black Nobility, and she was a member of the Egyptian society, the Brotherhood of Luxor, which she later denounced as “a den for disgusting immorality, greediness for selfish power, and moneymaking”.

Madam Blavatsky arrived in New York in 1873 and, with the help of a Colonel Henry Olcott, she founded the Theosophical Society two years later. This is still around today. The Theosophical Society’s headquarters in America were in California at Krotona. The Pythagorean mystery school in ancient Greece was at Crotona. Blavatsky’s society was yet another mystery school derivative. Its doctrines are based on Blavatsky’s books such as Isis Unveiled , which was written in 1877, and The Secret Doctrine , published in 1888, which are themselves based on the Hebrew Cabala.

She claimed to be in psychic contact with hidden masters or supermen. These hidden masters, she said, lived in central Asia and could be contacted telepathically by those who knew the secret to the esoteric mysteries. Today we call this process of communication ‘channelling’. There are many UFO sightings and much research which indicate that there are secret underground and underwater bases for extraterrestrials around the world, central Asia among them. This connects with the endless legends and ancient traditions all over the world of a Master Race living within the Earth.

The belief in the Masters and the Great White Brotherhood of discarnate entities promoted by people like the Theosophical psychic of the post-Blavatsky period, Alice Bailey, is a theme that remains well entrenched in what is known today as the New Age movement. Alice Bailey founded the Arcane esoteric school. She claimed to ‘channel’ an entity she called the ‘Tibetan’ and she produced a number of books including Hierarchy Of The Masters , The Seven Rays , A New Group Of World Servers , and New World Religion .

Bailey said that her Tibetan Master had told her the Second World War was necessary to defend the plan of God. It sounds ridiculous, but there are many in the New Age field who believe that everything is part of ‘the plan’ and the will of God, even a global holocaust - more like a great excuse to do nothing and a cop out of huge proportions.

We create our own reality and if we change our inner self we will change its outer reflection. Inner peace = outer peace. Wars don’t have to happen as part of some plan of God. We create them and if we change our inner self, our attitudes, we can stop creating them. It’s a choice. This concept of the Masters and the Great White Brotherhood idea is a dangerous path to tread and something to be extremely wary of.

Two organisations spawned by Alice Bailey’s work, the Lucis Trust (formerly the Lucifer Trust) and the World Goodwill Organisation, are both staunch promoters of the United Nations - such is their devotion. It is interesting to see how the New Age has inherited ‘truths’ over the decades in the same way that conventional religion has done over the centuries. As the followers of Christianity have inherited the manipulated version of Jesus, so New Agers have inherited the Masters. There is too little checking of origins and too much acceptance of inherited belief. Certainly there is with the Masters and Blavatsky’s Great White Brotherhood because she admitted in correspondence with her sister, that she had made up their names by using the nicknames of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons who were funding her.

Yet today, all over the world there are hundreds of thousands (at least) of New Age ‘channellers’ who claim to be communicating with these Masters and with the Archangel Michael who is an ancient deity of the Phoenicians. If the New Age isn’t careful, it will be Christianity revisited. It is already becoming so. The concept of Masters can be a means through which those who have rejected the status quo of religion and science can still have their minds controlled.

Another big influence on Hitler was the novel, The Coming Race, by the Englishman, Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Comm 300), a British colonial minister heavily involved in imposing opium addiction on the Chinese. He was a close friend of the British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, and the writer, Charles Dickens, and was Grand Patron of the English Rosicrucian Society, which included Francis Bacon and John Dee among its earlier membership. Bulwer-Lytton was also a Grand Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the head of British Intelligence. Research indicates that of his operatives was Helena Blavatsky and Bulwer-Lytton, often referred to in her book, Isis Unveiled.

He is best known for his work, The Last Days Of Pompeii, but his passion was the world of esoteric magic. In The Coming Race, he wrote of an enormous civilisation inside the Earth, well ahead of our own. They had discovered a power called ‘Vril’ which, by the use of the psyche, could be used to perform ‘miracles’. These underground supermen would, according to Bulwer-Lytton’s novel, emerge on the surface one day and take control of the world.

Many Nazis believed this. The themes of underground supermen, or hidden masters, can be found in most of the secret societies and in legends across the world. Certainly this was true of the Order of the Golden Dawn, formed in 1888 by Dr Wynn Westcott, a Freemason, and S.L. Mathers. They called their Masters the Secret Chiefs. This supports the ancient and modern theme of extraterrestrials or inner-Earth races living underground.

Mathers devised a series of rituals and initiations designed to help his members access their full psychic and physical potential. He believed, however, that this gift was only for the few and he was a supporter of authoritarian government. These rituals would have attracted the extreme negative energies which allowed vibrational synchronisation –possession –with the reptilians or other lower fourth dimensional ‘astral’ entities which reside there. This is one of the main reasons for such black magic initiations, to plug in the initiate’s consciousness to the reptilians and others in the lower fourth dimension. 

In the mid 1890s, there were temples of the Order of the Golden Dawn in London, Edinburgh, Bradford, Weston Super Mare, and Paris, where Mathers made his home. The Golden Dawn also spoke of the Vril force and one of their secret signs was the pointed-arm salute which the Nazis used when saying “Heil Hitler”. It was yet another source of the esoteric foundations on which Nazism was built. Mathers had known Madam Blavatsky and so had the Master of the Order’s London Temple, the poet William Butler Yeats, who would go on to win a Nobel Prize.

Remnants of the Order of the Golden Dawn continue to this day, but the original version splintered after a row between Yeats, Mathers, and the arch Satanist, Aleister Crowley, which split the membership into quarrelling factions. Other significant thinkers and groups which influenced the gathering Nazi philosophy included the Order of the Oriental Templars (OTO), which used sex rituals to create and harness the energy known as Vril, and two German esoteric magicians, Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels.

In his summer solstice celebrations, List used wine bottles on the ground to form the symbol of the Hermetic Cross, also known as the Hammer of Thor. It was the Badge of Power in the Order of the Golden Dawn and we know this symbol as the swastika, the ancient Sun symbol of the Phoenician-Aryans. Lanz von Liebenfels (real name Adolf Lanz), used the swastika on a flag which flew over his ‘temple’ overlooking the Danube, and for these two black magicians it symbolised the end of Christianity and the dawning of the age of the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Aryan supermen.

They believed in the racial inferiority of those they called the ‘dark forces’, such as the Jews, the Slavs, and the Negroes. Lebenfels recommended castration for these people. The two vons, List and Liebenfels, were to have a massive influence on Adolf Hitler. In 1932, with Hitler on the verge of power, von Liebenfels would write to a fellow believer: “Hitler is one of our pupils… you will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious and develop a movement that will make the world tremble.”

Two others who would influence the thinking and beliefs of Adolf Hitler were the Englishmen, Aleister Crowley and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Crowley was born in Warwickshire in 1875. He rebelled against a strict religious upbringing and was initiated into the Order of the Golden Dawn in 1898 after leaving Cambridge University. He left the Order after the row with its founders and travelled to Mexico, India, and Ceylon, where he was introduced to yoga and Buddhism. He also became a record-breaking mountaineer.

Buddhism replaced his interest in the occult until an experience in Cairo in April 1904. Crowley was asked by his wife, Rose, to perform an esoteric ritual to see what happened. During the ceremony she entered a trance-like state and began to channel the words of a communicator. “They are waiting for you” she said to Crowley. The “They”, she said, was Horus, the god of war and the son of Osiris, in ancient Egyptian belief. Crowley did not accept any of this and asked his wife a series of detailed questions in an effort to trick her. But Rose, who apparently knew little of the esoteric, gave the correct answer every time, according to the official story.

The reptilians were on the line again. The communicator told Crowley to be at a desk in his hotel room between noon and one o clock on three specific days. He agreed and in these periods he wrote, via automatic writing, a document called the Book Of The Law. Automatic writing is when your arm and hand are guided by another force and often no-one is more surprised at what they are writing than the person involved.

Crowley’s communication said that the old age of Osiris was being replaced by the new age of Horus. But it said the old age would first have to be destroyed by barbarism and the Earth bathed in blood. There would be a world war, he was told. The Book Of The Law taught of a race of supermen and condemned the old religions, pacifism, democracy, compassion, and humanitarianism.

“Let my servants be few and secret: They shall rule the many and the known”, the ‘superman’ continued. The message went on: “We have nothing with the outcasts and the unfit; let them die in their misery, for they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak; this is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world… Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride in the day of your wrath… Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler… “I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead. Amen… therefore strike hard and low and to hell with them, master… Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the battle of conquest; thus shall my worship be about my secret house… Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears. Let the woman be gurt with a sword before me; let blood flow in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their flesh to eat… Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child… kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!.” 

These are classic sentiments of the lower fourth dimensional reptilians and the Satanic rings which serve them. If all that sounds remarkably like some of the angry God stuff in the Old Testament, that’s because it was the same force which communicated to the ancients, to Crowley, and to anyone else on that vibration who would help to stimulate the conflict of human misery on which these reptiles feed.

This is the force that controls the consciousness of those which have controlled the Babylonian Brotherhood since ancient times. When you read that diatribe, you will appreciate the mentality that can set out to create the horrors which have plagued the human race. Crowley apparently tried to ignore what he had written with his guided hand, but it would not go away, and from 1909 on he began to take it seriously. Very seriously. He said: “After five years of folly and weakness, miss-called politeness, tact, discretion, care for the feeling of others, O I am weary of it. I say today: to hell with Christianity, rationalism, Buddhism, all the lumber of the centuries. I bring you a positive and primeval fact, Magic by name; and with this I will build me a new heaven and new Earth. I want none of your faint approval or faint dispraise; I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong.”

Crowley left his former tutor, MacGregor Mathers, a broken man as he embarked on a psychic war against him. They both conjured up ‘demons’ to attack the other, but Mathers lost out. Such psychic wars are very much part of the Brotherhood armoury today. They war psychically with each other, but overwhelmingly with the population and people who are challenging their power.

Crowley’s communicators would also take over the psyches of Adolf Hitler and other architects of Nazism. Long after his death, Crowley would become a hero to many involved in the Flower Power period of the 1960s, when the young were calling for love and peace. The irony is not lost. Crowley welcomed the First World War as necessary to sweep away the old age and usher in the new one.

After going public with his revelations, Crowley was made the world head of the Germany-based, Order of the Oriental Templars (OTO), and this gave him very significant influence among like-thinkers in Germany. At the same time as he and his organisation were influencing the Nazis, Crowley was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason and an agent of the British Intelligence operation, MI6. He was an advisor to his fellow Satanist, Winston Churchill.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain (Comm 300) was born in England in 1855, but moved to Germany in 1882. In 1908 he married Eva, the daughter of Richard Wagner, and became a prestigious writer. His best known work was Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century which ran to 1,200 pages and sold more than 250,000 copies. It made him famous throughout the country. He was, however, a troubled man who had a series of nervous breakdowns. He felt himself to be taken over by demons and his books were written in a trance and a fever, which suggests that he was locked into the reptilians or another low vibrational consciousness via automatic writing.

In his autobiography, he said he did not recognise such writing as his own. The themes of his work are very familiar: all civilisation comes from the Aryan race and the Germans were the purist of all; Jews were the enemy who would pollute the Aryan bloodlines. Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler said Chamberlain was a prophet.

He became the principle advisor to Kaiser Wilhelm and urged the king to go to war in 1914 to fulfil the prophecy of Germany’s world domination. When the war was over and Wilhelm had abdicated, he realised how he had been manipulated. Wilhelm gathered together a mass of books on the occult and the German secret societies and he was convinced that they had conspired to create the First World War and caused Germany to be defeated. Chamberlain, who had been awarded the Iron Cross by the Kaiser, died in 1927 after years in a wheelchair broken in body and spirit. This is something that often happens to those who are used as vehicles and channels for this highly malevolent branch of the reptilian consciousness. It eventually destroys them. But Chamberlain’s influence was to live on in the mind of Adolf Hitler.

He had been introduced to Hitler by Alfred Rosenberg, the refugee from Russia and another Satanist figure. It was Rosenberg, despite his ‘Jewish’ background, who gave a copy of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion to Hitler via another occultist, Dietrich Eckart. The Protocols were used by Hilter to justify his campaign against the Jews.

These were some of the people and beliefs that moulded the thinking of the man claiming to be a young Austrian called Schiklgruber, but later rather better known as Adolf Hitler. “Heil Schiklgruber” would not have had the same ring to it somehow. He hated school, the official story goes, and wanted to be an artist, an ambition that took him to Vienna. He spent hours in the libraries reading books on astrology, mysticism, and the religions of the East. He was fascinated by the books of Blavatsky, Chamberlain, List, and Liebenfels and he picked out parts from each of them to produce his preferred mixture, a cocktail of horror and hatred called Nazism.

His passion was the power of the will. The potential of willpower to achieve anything it desires was to be his focus and guide throughout the years that followed. Put another way, creating your own reality. He practised the esoteric arts in his effort to access the level of consciousness he was convinced would turn him into one of the supermen he had read so much about and believed in so much. His psyche became locked into the reptilian vibration more powerfully than before.

He was possessed, probably during some black ritual which opened his psyche to the reptilians. As a Rothschild he would have been a reptilian bloodline anyway. You only have to look at his beliefs to see that he would have had great potential for ‘vibrational compatibility’ with this consciousness. It was now that an uncharismatic and ineffectual man would begin to exude the charisma and magnetism that would captivate and intoxicate a nation. We talk of some people having magnetism and ‘magnetic personalities’ and that is exactly what they have. We are all generating magnetic energies. Some people transmit powerful magnetism and others less so.

Negative energies are just as magnetic as positive. Those connected to, and therefore generating, the extreme negative vibration, will be very magnetic. You often hear highly negative people described as having a magnetic personality or a ‘fatal attraction’. This is why. It is also where the magnetism and charisma of Adolf Hitler suddenly appeared from. When he was standing on a public platform, with that contorted face and crazed delivery, he was channelling the reptilian consciousness and transmitting this vibration to the vast crowds.

This affected the vibrational state of the people and turned them into equally crazed agents of hatred. It is the pied piper principle, using vibrational frequencies. As one writer said of Hitler: “His power to bewitch an audience has been likened to the occult art of the African medicine man or the Asiatic shaman; others have compared it to the sensitivity of a medium, and the magnetism of a hypnotist.”

Hermann Rauschning, an aide to Hitler, said in his book, Hitler Speaks :
“One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seem to be supernatural powers which set them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back again into mediocrity. It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself –almost demoniacal forces of which the individual man Hitler was only the temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which one was conscious in his presence… It was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers.”

Hitler appeared to live in perpetual fear of the ‘supermen’. Rauschning told how Hitler suffered from terrible nightmares and would wake in terror screaming about entities who were invisible to all but him. Hitler once said to his aide: “What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak… but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”

This is the society planned -the society planned by the reptilians and their reptile-Aryan master race if we allow the New World Order to be introduced in the next few years.

Hitler’s ‘secret chiefs’ are the reptilians and note the obsession with hierarchy and ritual, character traits of the R-complex or reptile brain. After Hitler moved to Germany, he spent a lot of time in Bavaria, Home of Weishaupt’s Illuminati and he returned there after the First World War. The following year, he came across a tiny and rather pathetic political party called the German Workers Party, an offshoot of an esoteric secret society called the German Order, which was fiercely nationalistic and anti-Jewish.

Out of this order came other similar societies, including the infamous Thule-Gesellschaft (Thule Society) and the Luminous Lodge or Vril Society. Hitler was a member of both. Vril was the name given by the English writer, Lord Bulwer-Lytton to the force in the blood which, he claimed, awakens people to their true power and potential to become supermen. So what is the Vril force in the blood? It was known by the Hindus as the ‘serpent force’ and it relates to the genetic make up of the body which allows shape-shifting and conscious interdimensional travel. The Vril force is, yet again, related to the reptile-human bloodlines.

In 1933, the rocket expert, Willi Ley, fled from Germany and revealed the existence of the Vril Society and the Nazis’ belief that they would become the equals of the supermen in the bowels of the Earth by use of esoteric teachings and mind expansion. They believed this would reawaken the Vril force sleeping in the blood. The initiates of the Vril Society included two men who would become famous Nazis, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering. Vril members were convinced they were in alliance with mysterious esoteric lodges in Tibet and one of the so-called ‘unknown supermen’ who was referred to as the King of Fear.

Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s deputy Fuhrer until he made his ill-fated flight to England in 1941, was a dedicated occultist and a member, with Hermann Goering, of the Edelweiss Society, a sect which believed in the Nordic master race. Hess worshipped Hitler as the ‘messiah’, although how he could do this when the Fuhrer was hardly blue-eyed and blond-haired is not clear. Hitler had the same problem in equating the two, but he would have found some ridiculous explanation for it.

The inner core of the Nazi secret society network was the Black Order which continues today and is reported to be the innermost circle of the CIA. The German researcher, Jan van Helsing, writes in his book, Secret Societies Of The 20th Century, of how the Vril and Thule societies believed they were corresponding with extraterrestrials through two mediums known as Maria Orsic and Sigrun in a lodge near Berchtesgaden in December 1919.

According to Vril documents, he says, these channellings were transmitted from a solar system called Aldebaran, 68 light years away in the constellation of Taurus where two inhabited planets formed the ‘Sumeran’ empire. The population of Aldebaran is divided into a master race of blond-haired, blue-eyed, Aryans, known as Light God People and several other human-like races which had mutated to a lower genetic form due to climatic changes, the channellings said.

In excess of 500 million years ago the Aldebaran sun began to expand so creating a tremendous increase in heat. The ‘lower’ races were evacuated and taken to other inhabitable planets. Then the Aryan Light God People began to colonise Earth-like planets after theirs became uninhabitable.

In our solar system it was said that they first occupied the planet, Mallona, also known as Marduk/Mardek, and by the Russians and Romans, Phaeton, which, they said, existed between Mars and Jupiter in what is now the asteroid belt. This corresponds with the Sumerian accounts of the planet, Tiamat.

The Vril Society believed that later this race of blond-haired, blue-eyed Aldebarans, colonised Mars before landing on the Earth and starting the Sumerian civilisation. The Vril channellers said that the Sumerian language was identical to that of the Aldebarans and sounded like “unintelligible German”. The language frequency of German and Sumerian-Aldebaranian were almost identical, they believed. The details may change in each version, but here we see the same basic theme yet again. A blond-haired, blue-eyed master race of extraterrestrials land on Earth from Mars and become the gods of ancient legend. They become the inspiration behind the advanced Sumerian culture and spawned the purest genetic stream on the planet.

These same gods have controlled the planet ever since from their underground cities, and within the Aryan stream are the reptile-Aryan bloodlines. Research indicates that the reptilians need the  blood, for some reason, of the blond-haired, blue-eyed people, and the Nazi obsession with the Master Race may have been designed to keep this stream pure and discourage interbreeding with other streams and races.

The Thule Society was named after Ultima Thule which is claimed to be the mythical city on Hyperborea, the first continent settled by the extraterrestrial Aryan race from Aldebaran, it is believed. Some say this was long before Atlantis and Lemuria, and others that Hyperborea was Atlantis or even the inner-Earth. Scandinavian legend describes Ultima Thule as a wonderful land in the far North where the Sun never sets and the ancestors of the Aryans have their home.

When Hyperborea started to sink, the legend goes, the Aryan extraterrestrials used their highly advanced technology to burrow gigantic tunnels into the Earth’s crust and they settled under the Himalayan Mountains. This realm became known as Agharta with a capital city called Shamballah, the Thule advocates believe.

The Persians called this area Aryana, the land of the Aryans. The Nazi belief system claimed that the people of Agharta were good and those of Shamballah were evil. The two had been in conflict for thousands of years and the Nazis believed they were backing the ‘good guys’ of Agharta against the ‘Freemasons and Zionists’ of Shamballah.

Could this division be Aryan Martians v Anunnaki reptilians, as an age old conflict between the two continues? First they battled on Mars, apparently, then the Moon and now Earth. Hitler was obsessed with finding the entrances to this subterranean world so he could contact the Aryan master race, but the truth is that he was a reptilian puppet controlled by the ‘Angel of Death’, Josef Mengele. It is highly likely that the reptilians are in conflict with other extraterrestrial or inner-terrestrial races for control of the planet and there will certainly be many competing factions in the consciousness cesspit of the lower fourth dimension.

A founder of the Thule Society was Rudolf Glauer, an astrologer, who changed his name to the grand-sounding Baron von Sebottendorff. His demands for a revolution against Jews and the Marxists turned the Thule Society into a focus for the anti-Jew, anti-Marxist, German master-racers. Out of all this came the German Workers Party which would one day become the Nazi Party.

Another committed occultist and friend of Sebottendorff now becomes highly significant. This was Dietrich Eckart, a heavy-drinking, drug-taking writer who believed he was here to pave the way for a dictator of Germany. He met Hitler in 1919 and decided he was the one, the ‘messiah’, he was looking for. It is Eckart who is credited with Hitler’s advanced esoteric knowledge and probably the black magic rituals which plugged him so completely into the reptilian frequency.

From now on, Hitler’s power to attract support grew rapidly. Eckart wrote to a friend in 1923: “Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with Them. Do not mourn for me; I shall have influenced history more than any other German.”

Another of Hitler’s obsessions was the so-called Spear of Destiny, the weapon alleged to have been used to pierce the side of ‘Jesus’ at the crucifixion. He stole what is claimed to be the spear when the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938 and it was taken to Nuremberg. The legend says that whoever has this spear and decodes its secrets will have control of the world for good or evil. The one that Hitler stole is now in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna, where there was a major fire in November 1992, seven days before the blaze which destroyed part of Windsor Castle.

Heinrich Himmler was another dedicated occultist who was into all matters esoteric. He used this knowledge in the blackest of ways. Himmler was particularly interested in the rune stones, a system of divination in which stones carrying symbols are thrown or selected and the choice or combination ‘read’ by an ‘expert’. It was Himmler who formed the notorious SS and, as with the swastika, he chose an esoteric symbol for his horrific organisation and this was the double S or sig rune which looks like two flashes of lightning.

The SS was a virtually self contained body and the epitome of all the esoteric knowledge in which the Nazis believed so passionately. Only those considered racially pure were allowed to join, and instruction in the esoteric arts, including the rune stones, was fundamental to their training. The SS was run and governed as a black magic secret society. Their rituals were taken from others such as the Jesuits and the Knights Templar. The highest ranking initiates were the 13 (again) members of the Grand Council of Knights led by their Grand Master, Heinrich Himmler, and the black rituals were performed at the ancient castle of Wewelsberg in Westphalia.

They celebrated the rituals of the Nordic Pagans and the summer solstice. Here they worshipped Satan, Lucifer, Set, whichever name you prefer. Prince Bernhard, one of founders of the Brotherhood front, the Bilderberg Group, and an extremely close friend of Prince Philip, was in the SS.

Black magic and the esoteric arts pervaded all that Hitler and the Nazis did, even down to the use of pendulums on maps to identify the positions of enemy troops. The original swastika Sun symbol was right handed which, in esoteric terms, means light and creation, the positive. The Nazis reversed it to symbolise black magic and destruction. This is the classic reversed symbolism of Satanism which does precisely the same. The inverted pentagram is but one example.

The mass rallies that Hitler used so effectively were designed with the knowledge of the human psyche and how it can be manipulated. In the book, Satan And Swastika , Francis King says: “Hitler’s public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi Party’s Nuremberg Rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The fanfares, military marches, and Wagnerian music, all emphasised the idea of German military glory. The mass swastika banners in black, white, and red, filled the consciousness of the participants in the rally with national socialist ideology. The ballet-like precision of the movement of the uniformed party members, all acting in unison, evoked from the unconscious, the principles of war and violence which the ancients symbolised as Mars.

And the prime rituals of the rallies - Hitler clasping to other banners the ‘blood banner’ carried in the Munich Putsch of 1923, was a quasi-magical ceremony designed to link up minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images symbolised by the dead national socialist heroes of the past. The religio-magical aspects of the rallies were emphasised by the fact that their high points were reached after dusk and took place in a ‘Cathedral of Light’  - an open space surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the sky.

If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed a ritual intended to ‘invoke Mars’ he could not have come up with anything more effective than the ceremonies used at Nuremberg.” And what applied then, applies now, the esoteric knowledge used by the Nazis for mass hypnosis on the German people, is being used today to expand the global hypnosis on the human race.

Symbols, words, colours, sounds and techniques of which the public are not even aware, are being used in the media and advertising to hypnotise us. The propaganda ministry of Joseph Goebbels was based on the esoteric knowledge of the human psyche. He knew that people will believe anything if you tell them often enough and if you can engineer events which create the ‘something must be done’ mentality in the public mind. He used colours, symbols and slogans, to great effect.

The slogans were used like mantras and repeated over and over again, hypnotising the mass psyche. All alternative views and information were censored and the people were programmed to respond as desired. What is the difference between that and the constant drip, drip, drip, of inaccurate and biased information that is fed to us and our children today? It may not have a swastika on it, but it is still mass hypnotism.

It would seem to be a contradiction that Hitler sought to destroy secret societies like the Freemasons and to prevent the use of esoteric knowledge in German society, but it isn’t. He knew as much as anyone the power available to those with the understanding, and he wanted to keep that for himself.

In 1934, all forms of fortune telling were banned in Berlin and later esoteric books were banned throughout Germany. Secret societies were disbanded and even the Thule Society and the German Order (which had together founded Nazism) were targeted. Astrologers were attacked and killed and people like Lanz von Liebenfels were prevented from publishing their work.

This purge had two main motives: to distance Hitler and the Nazis from the occult in the minds of the public and other countries and, most importantly, to pull up the ladder and stop anyone else from using esoteric knowledge against them as they were using it against others.

This is a mirror of the tactics of the reptile-Aryans throughout known history as they have used the knowledge to control and suppress while creating the religious dictatorships to take the same knowledge out of public circulation. In truth, the Nazis were created and controlled at every level by the secret society underground and, ultimately, by the reptilians.

They believed the Sumerian gods were the extraterrestrial master race; they believed in the existence of Atlantis; and they launched expeditions to North Africa, Rennes-le-Chateau and Montsegur in Cathar country, and to Tibet, where they believed the underground supermen were based. There is a positive Buddhist stream of belief and a highly negative one. The Nazis connected with the latter and when the Russians arrived in Berlin at the end of the war they found many dead Buddhist monks who had been working with the Nazis.
Fact or fiction dressed as fact

The Spider’s Web 

After thousands of years of evolution, the reptilian network is now a vast and often unfathomable web of interconnecting secret societies, banks, businesses, political parties, security agencies, media owners, and so on. But its basic structure and Agenda remains very simple. The centre of the operational web is the City of London with interlocking leaderships in places like France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. These are the spiders in the web with the City of London, ‘New Troy’, the most important.

From this centre the Global Agenda and policies are administered and their ‘branch managers’ introduce those policies in each country. So if it suits the Global Agenda to crash the US dollar, the Mexican peso, the South African rand, or the Far East stock-markets, the branch managers in those areas will take the action necessary to do that. The Brotherhood don’t suffer, indeed quite the opposite, because they know what is coming. The major Brotherhood banks in the United States, like the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan, increased their profits on the Mexican peso in 1991, the year the value of the peso collapsed, because they sold their peso holdings just before the crash. 

In 1987, the late billionaire financier and Rothschild relative, Jimmy Goldsmith, sold all his holdings just before the world stock-market crash. A coincidence, of course. At the heart of the web, or the top of the pyramid, whichever analogy you choose, are the reptilians. These operate mostly in the background from underground bases and overwhelmingly by possessing the reptilian-human bloodstreams which resonate most closely to the reptile consciousness of the lower fourth dimension.

These reptile full-bloods and reptile-possessed people hold the major positions of power in the world or work in the background controlling those in the positions of apparent power like prime ministers and presidents. Having a reptilian or reptilian-controlled human as president might sound fantastic if you have allowed yourself to have your vision of possibility suppressed to the size of a pea, but when you see the evidence put together over thousands of years, it makes perfect sense of the ‘mysteries’ of history. People may reasonably ask why anyone would want to dedicate their lives to taking over a planet when they knew they were going to die long before it was achieved. Answer: The consciousness controlling that body is only using it as an overcoat, a space suit, until it wears out. When that happens, it possesses another one.

These same reptilians have been occupying the bodies of all the main players in the conspiracy going back to ancient times. The obsession with interbreeding within the Brotherhood bloodstreams comes from the need to hold the reptilian genetic inheritance and therefore maintain the vibrational connection between the human body on the third dimension and its controlling force on the lower fourth.

It was to hide this truth that they arranged for the destruction of ancient historical records, texts, and accounts over the centuries as they ravaged and raped the native societies of the world. The reptilians wanted to destroy all memory and records of their earlier open existence and control in the past. If they could do that, humanity would have no idea that they were being controlled through physical bodies that look human by a fourth-dimensional force that is not human.

The truth of what happened and continues to happen is held under the strictest secrecy at the highest level of the secret society network and only a relative handful of people know the story. Each section of the global pyramid is itself a smaller compartmentalised pyramid. These are like watertight compartments on a ship or, more appropriately given its covert nature, a submarine. As above, so below.

For example, the Freemason’s pyramid answers to a common leadership and then this leadership in turn answers to a higher one. The Illuminati degrees begin where the Freemasons degrees end so the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite and tenth degree of the York Rite appear to be as far as anyone can go and for most Masons that’s true. But if someone is considered the right mentality and bloodline by the Brotherhood, they move on to the next level, the Illuminati degrees or to another of the highly secretive inner-circle groups like the Round Table which operate above the levels of the official secret societies like the Freemasons and the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Malta).

At their peak, the hierarchies of the secret societies fuse and connect with a common leadership and at that level they are all the same organisation working to the same Agenda, despite their countless internal quarrels and conflicts. This secret society network places its trusted initiates into the most influential positions in the world of banking, business, politics, the media, the military, medicine, etc, and again at their highest levels, these apparently unconnected organisations and institutions fuse into the same pyramid peak and are controlled by the same people. It is like Russian dolls, one doll, or in this case, pyramid, inside another, until you reach the global pyramid which encompasses all of them.

The public faces of these organisations, and those who control them behind the scenes, might connect into the network by being a Freemason, a Knight of Malta, an initiate of the Skull and Bones Society, or as a member of a group of secret and semi-secret organisations called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the Trilateral Commission. While all these groups have different names and apparently different aims, they are all the same organisation controlled in the end by the same leadership.

The secret societies and groups which form the vast web of interconnected operations are an expanded version of the same network which goes back into antiquity. Some researchers say that the upper hierarchy appears to consist of the Council of 3, the Council of 5, the Council of 7, Council of 9, Council of 13, Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300 (also known as the ‘Olympians’), and the Committee of 500. Many groups have no name to avoid detection. There is bound to be one, maybe two, people, sitting at the top of this pyramid, a sort of High Priest and High Priestess of the world because the most important hierarchy to which all others are subordinate is the Satanist hierarchy.

If you want to control the game, you have to control all sides and this structure allows that to happen. The Brotherhood control the ‘fors’ and the ‘againsts’ in politics, banking, business, the media, and politics. They have agents in all governments and agents in the other political parties ‘opposing’ those governments; they have agents on both sides in wars and political conflicts; in the drug-running cartels and in the anti-drug agencies ‘opposing’ those cartels; within the organised crime syndicates and the police and security agencies ‘investigating’ those syndicates; within terrorist groups and the intelligence agencies ‘investigating’ those groups.

Just because someone says he stands for freedom and peace does not mean that he does. In fact, if he did he would not need to say it because it would be obvious. Be wary of anything that calls itself ‘democratic’ as it stands for anything but. Look at the number of Democratic Fronts around the world which spend their time imposing a dictatorship.
The Round Table network

One of the major networks is governed from the centre by the Round Table. It has branches all over the world and in 1920 and 1921 it added the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to its web.

The RIIA itself created its own offshoots. The Council on Foreign Relations in New York developed its own subordinate network within the United States which connects the Babylonian Brotherhood with US government departments, Congress, media owners, editors, journalists, the tax-exempt foundations like the Rockfeller Foundation, universities, scientists, ambassadors, military leaders, ‘historians’, bankers, and business people.

Each major country has such a network which follows the Agenda dictated from the global centres in the City of London, Germany, France, and Switzerlan - and the exact same Agenda across the generations. Why don’t big corporations or banks cease to exist when one generation of leadership retires or dies? Because the next generation takes over, and in keeping with the Brotherhood and its Agenda.

In May 1954 came the first official meeting of the next organisation in the Round Table web, the Bilderberg Group (Bil), which was named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where that opening meeting took place. Or that’s the official story, anyway. Bil or Bel was also the Sun God of the Phoenicians. Bilderberg translates as ‘Bel of the rock’ or ‘Bel of the mountain’. The Bilderberg Group was chaired from 1954 to 1976 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the former Nazi SS officer and German spy working for the NW7 Intelligence department operating within the despicable chemical giant, I. G. Farben, which ran the Auchwitz Concentration Camp.

Pope John Paul II is said by some researchers to have worked for I. G. Farben, which makes sense because the Brotherhood pick the Popes. Prince Bernhard, a German who married into the Dutch Royal Family, just as William of Orange had done, is a reptilian blood relative and great friend of Britain’s Prince Philip. Together they launched the World Wildlife Fund, now the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) with the last thing they were interested in, protecting wildlife.

In 1968 came the Club of Rome, headed by the Bilderberger and Freemason, Aurelio Peccei (Comm 300), the number two at Fiat to the Black Nobility Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli. Peccei once said to his friend, the former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig (TC, Knight of Malta), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated. Weishaupt was the man behind the Bavarian Illuminati. The Club of Rome, set up at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy, created the environmental movement.

The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have played the environmental movement like a violin. The Club of Rome has used the environment to centralise power and confiscate land. It claims to be campaigning to ‘save the planet’ when in truth it is just another front for the Agenda intent on controlling the world and, what’s more, a front peopled by those who are demonstrably creating the very environmental problems they say they wish to stop.

The same applies to the so-called Club of Budapest which is trying to do with ‘spirituality’ what the Club of Rome has done with the environment. The Club of Budapest is headed by Ervin Laszio, an associate of the Club of Rome’s, Aurelio Peccei.

Another important Round Table satellite is the Trilateral Commission which was created by the Rockefellers in the United States in 1972 and it has a role in the network of coordinating the Agenda between three parts of the world, the United States, Europe and Japan.

These interlocking groups have among their number the top people in global banking, business, media, military, intelligence agencies, education, and politics. Although more recent details of membership is shrouded in secrecy, a look at some of the people who attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 gives an indication of the sort of people involved.

The chairman was Prince Bernhard, the husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (Comm 300), who has herself been a regular Bilderberg attendee. The present Queen, Beatrix, is another Bilderberg promoter. Other Bilderberg chairmen have included Sir Alex Douglas Hume (Lord Home), one of the Elite Scottish bloodlines and a former British Prime Minister, and another British aristocratic bloodline, Lord Carrington, who became chairman in 1991.

Prince Bernhard was head-hunted to be the Bilderberg chairman by Lord Victor Rothschild, the spy, conman of colossal  proportions, and one of the major manipulators of the 20th century. Other attendees of that first meeting included: David Rockefeller (CFR, TC); Deak Rusk (CFR, TC, Rhodes Scholar), the head of the Rockefeller Foundation and Secretary of State under John F. Kennedy; Joseph E. Johnson (CFR), head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (War!) and US Secretary for the Bilderbergers; Denis Healey (TC, RIIA, Comm 300, Fabian Society), the British Labour Party Minister of Defence from 1964– 1970 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1974– 1979; and Lord Boothby, who worked with Winston Churchill on the unification of Europe, later known as the European Union.

NATO was a creation of the Brotherhood and is designed to evolve by stealth into a world army by encompassing more and more countries and by manipulating ‘problems’ which give it the opportunities to operate outside its designated area. Many Secretary-generals of NATO have been Bilderbergers - Joseph Luns, Lord Carrington, Manfred Woener, Willy Claes, Javier Solana and George Robertson. The head of the World Bank, the Rothschild partner, James Wolfensohn, and a stream of his predecessors like Robert Strange McNamara, are Bilderbergers. So are the first two heads of the new World Trade Organisation, a Brotherhood creation which imposes heavy fines on countries who seek to protect their people from the merciless global financial and trading system.

The first head of the World Trade Organisation was Peter D. Sutherland of Ireland (Bil, TC, Comm 300), the Director of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT), Commissioner of the European Community (Union), and chairman of Allied Irish Banks and Goldman Sachs. He later became head of British Petroleum (BP). Sutherland is an Elite clone, make no mistake, and he was replaced at the WTO by an Italian Bilderberger, Renato Ruggerio.

Both the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation connect with other global financial agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the G-7/ G-8 group to impose their will and policies on developing countries in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia, and to ensure they are controlled by the transnational corporations which answer to the same overall leadership.

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is another scam designed to dramatically increase the ability of the transnational corporations to destroy a country’s economic base by imposing their will on the government and walking away with the profits while avoiding the tax and business laws the other businesses have to face.

The central banking network connects into the Round Table-Bilderberg operation. A number of heads of the Bank of England including Sir Gordon Richardson have been Bilderbergers and the same applies to the other central banks like the United States Federal Reserve, the cartel of private banks controlled from Europe which controls the US economy. Alan Greenspan (CFR, TC, Bil) replaced Paul A.Volker (CFR, TC, Bil), and so on.

Every few weeks in the United States and Britain, the media speculate on the possible content of statements by the Central banks and the Governor of the Bank of England or the Bundesbank about the state of their countries’ economies. These statements can, and do, send the stock-markets rising and falling on the basis of what these people say.

If they put interest rates up or down it can have a spectacular effect on the markets and people’s lives. Who do you think controls these people and the statements they make? Research indicates that when observing investment patterns of the major corporations, banks, and insurance companies, in the period immediately before the heads are due to make financial statements, on every occasion the big players either massively buy or sell stock or bonds of a specific kind in the three days before the speech. The statements made by Greenspan, for example, on each and every occasion, has had a fundamental effect on precisely the stock or bonds the Brotherhood have bought or sold.

If you want to know what the stock-markets are going to do, watch the buying and selling patterns of the Brotherhood families and corporations who control the markets. Interlocking with ‘gofers’ like Greenspan and major players like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, are ‘renegade’ financiers such as George Soros (Bil) who simply follow orders.

It was Soros who made billions by attacking the British pound in September 1992, costing the people unbelievable amounts of money as the Chancellor of the Exchequer tried to defend the currency. Who was that Chancellor? Norman Lamont… Bilderberg Group. Soros did the same to the Swedish currency with the same outcome. Who was the Swedish Prime Minister at the time? Carl Bildt… Bilderberg Group. It was the fear of standing alone caused by that Soros raid which turned a majority of Swedish public opinion to favour entry into the European Union, something most Swedes now appear to bitterly regret.

The careers of so many politicians have taken off dramatically after they attended Bilderberg meetings. In the 1970s the career of the British Conservative Party politician, Margaret Thatcher, soared when she began to attend Bilderberg meetings and her election to Prime Minister was made certain in 1979 by the explosion of scandals and strikes which brought down the Labour Government.

A year later Ronald Reagan and George Bush were elected to the White House and they introduced exactly the same extreme economic policies that Margaret Thatcher was doing under the name Thatcherism. It wasn’t Thatcherism at all, it was  the Agenda unfolding as interest rates took off to levels that crippled the Third World and made them ripe for the recolonisation programme through financial control.

Also, the privatisation mania under Thatcher-Reagan-Bush handed over state assets to the Brotherhood transnational corporations at knock-down prices. When Thatcher had outlived her usefulness she was dumped, because everyone is expendable to the cause.

In 1991, a relatively unknown Governor for Arkansas called Bill Clinton was invited by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. A year later this man of British (Black Nobility) royal blood was President of the United States.

In 1993, a British Labour Party Home Affairs spokesman called Tony Blair was invited to the Bilderberg meeting at Vouliagment, Greece, and a year later after the sudden and unexpected death of the Labour leader, John Smith, it was Blair who took over. From the moment that happened, a series of scandals and conflicts destroyed the credibility of the ruling Conservative Government of John Major making it certain that Blair would become Prime Minister in a landslide victory in 1997.

Interestingly, May 1st, the date of the election, was a very important day in ancient times to do with the Babylonian Brotherhood. Examples of this are the May Day fertility rituals and the May 1st celebrations in the Brotherhood-created Soviet Union. The Bavarian Illuminati was officially formed on May 1st 1776. Tony Blair was such an important frontman for the Brotherhood that it would inevitably bring him to power on May 1st. In Britain they do not have fixed term governments, the Prime Minister can call the election any time within five years of coming to power and so he is the one who officially announces the date.

What did John Major do? Under instruction from the Tribe, he called the 1997 General Election for May 1st and Tony Blair, a big-time Brotherhood chosen one, was elected Prime Minister on that day. Apparently, one of the Blairs’ children was conceived on the solar eclipse over England on August 11th 1999 and was due to be born sometime in early May 2000.

From the moment he came to power, Blair and his Bilderberger Chancellor, Gordon Brown, began to introduce the Brotherhood Agenda for the Millennium years in Britain and Europe. This included conceding the government’s power to set interest rates to the Bank of England, a move which happened within days of the election.

The economic policies followed by Bilderberger Brown were no different in fundamentals to those of the previous Conservative Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, whom Brown replaced. This is not surprising because Clarke is also a Bilderberger and attended the meeting with Tony Blair in Greece and again at Turnberry, Scotland, in May 1998.

Brotherhood Labour yes-man replaces Brotherhood Conservative yes-man as the official head of the nation’s finances and the only thing that changes is the name on the door. Britain, like America and virtually every other country in the world, is a one-party-state while the public go on thinking they are free because they have the right to put a cross on a piece of paper every five years and choose the next Brotherhood puppet to run their country.

In the United States, staggeringly, they vote electronically and this makes it so easy to rig. Tony Blair became an immediate bosom-buddy of Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) and they speak with one (Brotherhood) voice. Blair’s ‘minder’ in the Labour Government has been Peter Mandelson (Bil, RIIA), nicknamed the Prince of Darkness. He was one of the most important Brotherhood link-men within the British Labour Party and continued to be so despite his resignation from the cabinet over a financial scandal. Incidentally it was when Peter Mandelson took charge of the Labour Party’s image-making in the 1980s that they changed their party symbol from the red flag to the classic Brotherhood symbol over the ages… the red rose. 

Chancellor Kohl of Germany is a Bilderberger and so were his predecessors, Brandt and Schmidt. Many prime ministers and leading politicians in the Netherlands, including Ruud Lubbers, are Bilderbergers and it’s the same throughout Europe with people such as Carl Bildt and the assassinated Olof Palme (Sweden), Uffe Ellemann-Jenson and Ritt Bjergegaard (Denmark). Jacques Santer, former head of the European Commission, is a Bilderberger.

He was the most important public voice in the European Union and he ran his centralised dictatorship with the stunning arrogance that Brotherhood initiates find so easy to manifest. His successor follows the same pattern of Brotherhood clone. European royalty is represented at Bilderberg meetings by the Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and British royal families, or in truth: family. Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles have attended Bilderberg meetings.

The “peace-keepers” 

When Brotherhood organisations use a word in their name they invariably mean the opposite. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace manipulates war and ‘Democratic Fronts’ all over the world introduce dictatorships. It can be the same with ‘peace-keepers’ and ‘peace negotiators’. Henry Kissinger goes around the world talking about “peace” and yet when he leaves a country all hell often breaks out. It’s not that he’s a bad negotiator, he’s just doing his job for the Tribe. His company, Kissinger Associates (founding director Lord Carrington (RIIA, Bil, TC), was heavily involved in starting the Bosnian war which has moved the world closer to a global army under NATO control.

This is a constant theme. Start the war and then negotiate the ‘peace’ to suit your Agenda. At the start of the Bosnian conflict, the status quo was the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. But it was exposed, by design, to be ineffective and with horrific pictures pouring from the television screens every night, the global cry was: “Something must be done, this can’t go on, what are they going to do about it.” That ‘something’ offered by the very people who had engineered the war, was a 60,000-strong NATO world army, the biggest multinational force assembled since the Second World War. 

It is in these circumstances that the Round Table network can be used to ensure the right appointments. The first peace negotiator appointed by the European Union in Bosnia was, again, Lord Carrington, chairman of the Bilderberg Group, President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission member, and one of the Committee of 300. He was replaced by Lord David Owen (Bil, TC) and Carl Bildt (Bil), the former Swedish Prime Minister. The United Nations appointed negotiators were Cyrus Vance (Bil, CFR, TC) and the Norwegian, Thorvald Stoltenberg (Bil, TC). When their negotiations came to nothing, along came an ‘independent’ negotiator, Jimmy Carter, the first Trilateral Commission President of the United States, and a CFR member.

The cry of “Do something” got even louder as the horrors in Bosnia continued unchecked and then came Richard Holbrooke (CFR, TC, Bil), the peace envoy of Bill Clinton, who negotiated the Dayton Agreement which introduced the NATO world army in Bosnia. Holbrooke answered to the then Secretary of State, Warren Christopher (CFR, TC), and the Defence Secretary, William Perry (Bil). They reported to the President, Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) who followed the orders of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, leading lights in the CFR, TC, Bil, and RIIA.

The  first head of the NATO world army in Bosnia was Admiral Leighton Smith (CFR) and the civilian end of the operation was controlled by Carl Bildt (Bil). And, of course, the American ambassador in the former Yugoslavia was Warren Zimmerman (CFR). What’s more, the financier, George Soros (Bil), just happened to have a series of tax-exempt ‘foundations’ throughout the former Yugoslavia before and during the war. Just a coincidence?

This is only one example of the techniques and organisations used to change the world by making wars and deciding what happens as a result of them. Problem-reaction-solution. There are endless other examples, including Bosnia, stage two, the Kosovo conflict. Some of the names behind the Bilderberg Group and the wider network are very familiar, the Rothschilds, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Lord Carrington.

These individuals are not the very top of the pyramid people, but they are right up there at the operational level -

David Rockefeller (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) 

The Rockefellers (previous name Rockenfelder) became one of the most powerful families in the United States with the help of Rothschild money and, no doubt, through other sources, too. The manipulation of the United States and the wider world abounds with the name Rockefeller, be it J. D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Winthrop Rockefeller, Laurance Rockefeller, or the most notorious of them in the second half of the 20th century, David Rockefeller. If the Rockefeller family and its networks and interconnecting bloodlines had never existed, the United States would be a very different place today: a land with far greater freedom than it currently enjoys, as would the world in general. 

David Rockefeller, the long-time head of the Chase Manhattan Bank and later unofficially in charge, was secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations Study Group which created the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War. Marshall Plan funds were used to promote the European Union and to undermine the authority of the nation states. 

The man appointed to head the Marshall Plan in Europe was… Averell Harriman (Comm 300, Skull and Bones Society) who based himself at the Rothschild’s Paris mansion. David Rockefeller was chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1946-53 and created the Trilateral Commission under the leadership of Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, TC, Bil). 

Brzezinski was a professor at the Brotherhood-founded Columbia University and authored the book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technotronic Era, which mirrored the Brotherhood vision for the world. He was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, the man David Rockefeller selected in 1976 to become the first Trilateral Commission President of the United States. 

David Rockefeller is the man behind all the presidents because he controls the money, media, and politics, to ensure that both presidential candidates answer to him. That was true of George Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992 and Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in 1996. If you control the money, the media, and the party machines, you can put anyone you like in the White House and you can get rid of them while they are still in office if that suits your agenda and timescale. 

This is why those who truly represent the interests of the people never reach the upper levels of politics. But it is not just in the United States that this is so. David Rockefeller was the banker and puppet master of Russia and the Soviet Union, schooling and dictating to people like Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Gorbachev, a reptilian shape-shifter, was used by Rockefeller and Kissinger to bring down the Soviet Union to allow those countries to begin the process of integration into the European Union and NATO. Yeltsin was speaking at Trilateral Commission events before he became President of Russia. 

The hand of David Rockefeller was everywhere, and for instance, symbolically up the backside of the glove puppet called Maurice Strong (Bil, Comm 300), the Canadian oil millionaire or billionaire, who has massively manipulated the environmental movement as the first Director of the United Nations Environment Agency and the top man at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil. Wherever David Rockefeller goes the stench of corruption, manipulation, and genocide, follows. 

Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) 

Henry Kissinger became world famous after 1968 as the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to President Richard Nixon, the only man in US history to hold both posts at the same time. But Kissinger’s enormous service to the Babylonian Brotherhood goes back a long way before then and continues to the present day. He was born in Germany in 1923 and grew up a Jew under Adolf Hitler. But if Kissinger really is a ‘Jew’, why was he one of those involved in Project Paperclip, the Anglo-American Intelligence operation which allowed Nazi genetic and mind experimenters and torturers like Josef Mengele to escape from Germany at the end of the war to continue their work in the United States and South America? It is due to the fact that he could not give a damn about Jewish people. They are just cattle to him like every other race, except his own, the reptilians. Kissinger is a Satanist, mass murderer, mind control expert, and child killer. He arrived in the United States on September 5th 1938 and later became a naturalised American citizen.

In 1972 the Polish KGB agent, Michael Goleniewski, told the British Government that KGB documents he saw prior to his defection in 1959 included the name Henry Kissinger as a Soviet Union asset. According to Goleniewski, Kissinger was recruited by the KGB into an espionage cell called ODRA and was given the code name BOR or Colonel BOR. He built his power-base and ‘reputation’ at Harvard and he was on his way. 

Kissinger has been the man behind all the presidents since Nixon, even though he has not been involved officially. It was he who arranged for the Watergate scandal which removed Nixon and brought in Gerald Ford (CFR, Bil) as President and Nelson Rockefeller, Kissinger’s crony and mentor, as vice-president. It was Nelson Rockefeller who advised Nixon to appoint Kissinger in the first place. 

The Watergate scandal was exposed by journalists Woodwood and Bernstein of the Washington Post, a paper owned by Kissinger’s friend, Katherine Graham (CFR, TC, Bil). A scientist working for the Brotherhood against his will, who was ordered to a meeting at the White House during the Bush administration (1988– 92) was astonished to find Kissinger in the Oval Office dictating events while Bush sat there and nodded. Kissinger had no official role in the Bush administration to the knowledge of the American public and yet there he was calling the shots. 

Kissinger’s ‘shuttle diplomacy’ consisted, and consists, of misrepresenting each side to the other, so sparking war after war. In 1973, Kissinger was given the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping the Yom Kippur War which he had actually started. When Kissinger and Carrington come into a country, all hell normally follows the moment they leave, as was the case in Burundi and Rwanda… When George Bush became President in 1988.

He appointed two executives of the Kissinger Associates to his administration. Brent Scowcroft, the head of the Washington office, became Director of the National Security Council, and Lawrence Eagleburger, the President of Kissinger Associates, became Under-secretary at the State Department. Kissinger Associates was behind the war in Bosnia and the first ‘peace’ negotiator appointed by the European Union was Lord Carrington, a founding director of Kissinger Associates. This company was also instrumental in the Gulf War, arranging loans for Iraq through the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) as early as 1984 to allow Saddam Hussein to finance arms purchases through a little known subsidiary of Fiat, the Italian car giant owned by Giovanni Agnelli, the Black Nobility Bilderberger. 

Charles Barletta, a former Justice Department investigator, was quoted about this in the Spotlight newspaper in Washington on November 9th 1992. The report said: “Barletta added that federal probers had collected dozens of such incriminating case histories about the Kissinger firm. But Henry Kissinger seems to possess a special kind of immunity. I’m not sure how he does it, but Kissinger wields as much power over the Washington national security bureaucracy now as in the days when he was the Nixon administration’s foreign policy czar. He gets the payoff; others get the blame. Kissinger will remain unscathed until Congress finds the courage to convene a full-dress investigation into this Teflon power broker.” 

Kissinger operates in the highest levels of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Club of Rome, and he is a member of the Grand Alpine Freemasonry Lodge in Switzerland, which controlled the notorious Italian terrorist lodge known as P2. The world will not be safe while this man is on the streets. 

Another of his ‘specialities’ is genocide in the Third World to dramatically reduce the number of non-white faces and to cull those members of the white races considered the lower stock. This programme is being introduced by manipulating famine, disease (including those created in laboratories), war, sterilisation and ‘population control’. 

Lord Carrington (RIIA, TC, Bil, Comm 300) 

Peter Rupert Carrington comes from a banking family and is an extremely close associate of Kissinger. These are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of global manipulation. Carrington was on the board of Hambros Bank (Comm 300 designate) which was connected to the Michel Sindona-P2 Freemasonry scandal in Italy. 

The Elite P2 Freemasonry Lodge controlled by the Mussolini fascist, Lucio Gelli, was the force behind the Red Brigades terrorists in the 1970s who planted the devastating bomb at Bologna railway station and murdered the leading politician, Aldo Morro, after Morro had rejected Henry Kissinger’s order to change his policies. P2 and the Hambros-Carrington-connected Michel Sindona were also involved in the control of the Vatican Bank.

Another casualty was the Italian P2 Freemason and banker, Roberto Calvi, who was hanged under Blackfriars Bridge near the City of London’s Square Mile in 1982 after the scandal became public. Carrington’s other business interests included some familiar names, Rio Tinto Zinc, Barclays Bank, Cadbury Schweppes, Amalgamated Metal, British Metal, Christies the auctioneers, and the chairmanship of the Australian New Zealand Bank.

In his book, The English Rothschilds, Richard Davis reports that Lionel Rothschild was a frequent visitor to the Carrington’s home in Whitehall. The two families are related by the marriage of the fifth Earl Rosebery to Hannah Rothschild, daughter of Meyer, in 1878. During the ceremony she was ‘given away’ as they say by Prime Minister Disraeli. Carrington, then, is of the Rothschild-British aristocratic reptilian bloodline. He has the perfect background and attitudes for a Brotherhood manipulator and he has been appointed to perform many tasks for them. 

He was the British Foreign Secretary who ensured that power in the former Rhodesia was transferred from the white minority government of Ian Smith to the black dictator, Robert Mugabe, and things have got worse, not better, for the people, exactly as planned. It was Carrington who resigned as Foreign Secretary because of the ‘mistakes’ he made which led to the Falklands War in 1982. You would have thought that he would have been kept well away from things military after that, but no, from 1984 to 1988, he was the Secretary-general of NATO and in 1991 he became the chairman of the Bilderberg Group. While in that post, he was appointed to be the first ‘peace’ negotiator in Bosnia. 
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