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The Disclosure Project
Is the " To the Stars "  project real or fake?
Operation UFO: Britain's race to beat Russia... alien weapons revealed in secret files 
BRITISH spies planned to capture a flying saucer and use its alien technology to build superweapons, secret files reveal. Even after the Cold War, there were fears that the Soviet Union or China had impounded a UFO and were harvesting its secrets to develop superfast warplanes that could hover in mid-air and be invisible to radar.....
Declassified FBI document suggests “beings from other dimensions” have visited Earth

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    A declassified FBI document, one of many, contemplates beings from other worlds and dimensions, in a serious fashion.
  • Reflect On:
    Why so many credible research and researchers continue to bring forth evidence and have for decades, showing that we are not alone, and probably never were. Reflect on why so many people are curious about this, and why it's no longer taboo.....

Is a ‘False Flag’ Alien Invasion in the Works? Wernher von Braun’s Colleague Seems to Think So -
Ex USAF colonel and Boeing engineer explains what really happened during Apollo 13 -

In Brief

  • The Facts:
    Colonel Ross Dedrickson, a high ranking military man who spent a long service with the Energy Commission between 1950-1958, claims that the problems with Apollo 13 were handled with care by extraterrestrials.

  • Reflect On:
    UFOs are no longer taboo and their existence has been verified via documents, photographs and videos released by dozens of governments. To complement this, we have witness testimony. The common theme is that many crafts are extraterrestrial.

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