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Open letter ref Syria to My MP (Its a start at least)
(04-22-2018, 09:25 AM)AL Bassninja Wrote: Below is a copy of an email I have sent to my MP ref Syria (editted removed my personal data). OK it might just do Sweet FA, but if we are needing undeniable proof that those who work the system, truly don't listen.  Then engaging them I believe is a starting point. A point to show those who doubt that there is a conspiracy of global proportions. Its there why else would they ignore the people if they are representing the people?

I will post a reply if she sends one..

Dear Mrs Maria Eagle,

I would sincerely like to thank you for giving me both your time and your advice when we last met.

Mrs Eagle with recent events in Syria and  other recent alarming events including the alleged chemical attack in Salisbury. I feel compelled to write to you more than ever. 

As a politician who has served both in an elected  government and in opposition. Could you please help me me to further my understanding of the political system.  Under what mandate does a government especially a minority one; have the right to attack another sovereign state, without the say so of the British people and Parliament? 

OK Mr Blair did so, so did Mr Hameron. Since I've been alive it seems to be the norm and leads me to believe that some of our political elites are clearly war mongering, Arab hating sociopaths. Which in effect is Anti-Semitic is it not?

It is my understanding and after hearing this from many commentators and I believe Mr Corbyn mentioned this as well that; International Law states that force may only be used for the purposes of self defense and within the confines of necessity and proportionality. 

So with that in mind how can the RAF be involved in attacking Syria? Is it not the case then Mrs May has committed a crime? Not to mention has endangered the security of the UK.  At least she should resign as should the whole of her cabinet. 

By all accounts, the real Syrian Government Forces were clearly in a winning position. Due to the military assistance of the Russian military forces. who to my understanding were invited by the Syrian Government, under international law. So in this instance it appears that Mr Putin is on the right side?  History I assume will only show this.

If I am to believe the US, and UK account, that President Assad decided that it would be to his strategic advantage to murder his own people like a 'gas killing animal'.  Then a true international and independent investigation into the recent alleged chemical attack needs to be undertaken. I heard the statement made by Mrs May and I am not surprised, nor do I believe her in anyway.  Maybe her husband's links to a company who are invested in BAE Systems, had a lot to do with her decision, to bomb Syria?

There is a massive information/propaganda war from all sides and the waters are clearly being muddied by all. But I take great care in what I listen to. I simply ask myself a question 'Who benefits?' So who is benefiting from all this chaos?  Well obviously the worlds arms industry is. BAE shares went up didn't they? Does Assad benefit?  I can't see how him ordering a chemical attack and bringing world opinion against him, and the result of further NATO intervention, benefits his Government or the innocent millions of Syrians, being bombed back into the stoneage by British made weaponry. 

Any testimony from the the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights (SOHR) and especially the White Helmets must be ignored. The truth about this 'propaganda film unit' must be shown to the British public. Mrs Eagle could you please find out for me, who exactly is James Le Mesurier? Is this really this man's real name?  If so, what is an ex British Military Intelligence Army Officer doing being involved and by all accounts actually founded the White Helmets in Turkey, not Syria back in 2013?  What kind of 'contracts' was this guy doing for the British Government prior to 2013? Why is it that these facts are never mentioned by the BBC, nor that Syria has a Civil Defense Organisation. One which has been in existence for decades and is made up of real Syrian volunteers, and is internationally recognized. 

An explanation has to be given to the British public as to why the British government has funded this 'pop up out of nowhere, academy award winning' organisation, headed by an ex British Army Officer.  The exact amount of funding and exactly who has received British Tax Payers Money, needs to be disclosed now? Why is it that our tax money has gone to the propaganda wing of Wahhabi child murdering nutjobs aka ISIS, yet UK public services are crying out for funding? Funding terrorism is still illegal in the UK right?

These White Helmets are clearly Wahhabi nutjobs, and it has been widely reported by independent journalists, that many are responsible for war crimes, including beheading children.  This is not Russian Bot Propaganda or 'conspiracy theories', one only has to look at these nutjobs social media sites to see them standing over the dead bodies of SAA soldiers, waving the black ISIS flag, attending executions. Why is it these Wahhabi film units only operate in 'rebel' held territory or it appears that In Al Nusra, ISIS Territory? Why is it Syrian civilians who have been liberated from ISIS areas, state the White Helmets only saved ISIS fighters, sorry 'rebels' and were indeed part of these groups?

Am I being irrational to pose the question under what motive would trigger the Assad Govt to use Chemical weapons? Is it unreasonable to speculate that the 'rebels' are the side in this conflict that would clearly benefit from such an atrocity.  It has again been reported that some 'rebel groups' have indeed used Chemical weapons on 50 plus occasions and blamed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), to gain more global and Western favor.

Is not unreasonable to suggest that the recent alleged attack was indeed staged by a 'rebel Wahhabi nutjob' White Helmet film unit.  One which no doubt the British Govt has armed, to the teeth.  Yet the working people of the UK are forced to cough up an extra 6% on Council Tax.  In fact it appears that this indeed is the case. You only has to listen to the testimony of one of the children from Douhma, who are featured in the Wahhabi film unit's released video.  Also using water to clean kids who are meant to be suffering the affects of chemical weapons. For me this is more than enough evidence that the video was fake.  The confused terrified look on the kids faces says it all. I state this Mrs Eagle as I was in the Royal Engineers back in 1992, albeit I had  a short army career. I do have memories of the NBC training, I received as a British soldier.

I am under no illusion the Syrian Govt, the SAA are responsible for the deaths of many in this terrible civil war. I just don't see the tactical, or political advantage for the Assad Govt to have carried out the latest alleged attack. Well its clear that they didn't and once again the BBC and the rest of the pathetic MSM have lapped up a fake staged video.  If this evidence is actually real and indeed this was a false flag staged event, then Mrs May needs to be arrested on charges of funding international terrorism, breaching International Law, and War Crimes.  But would this ever happen?  Somehow I doubt it, after all Mr Blair is still walking free isn't he.

Mrs Eagle I would greatly appreciate a response to the points I raise in this email.  I am very concerned and believe that this war mongering and military muscle flexing, will lead only to further war.  A war which I doubt Mrs May or any other politicians kids would be sent to die in. War with Russia has to be avoided at all costs.  I doubt the MSM/Governments accounts of the Salisbury story, again it makes no sense, and clearly Mr Johnson lied.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Bassninja

My letter to Priti Patel regarding the Syrian false flag chemical attack.

Dear Mrs Patel

I am writing to you as a reminder that you currently are employed by the people of Witham who elected you as their MP. You already crossed the line once by visiting Israel without informing the foreign office, which I believe is a treasonous offence. My main reason for writing to you, is that the people of the UK DO NOT want the current criminal government to push for war with Syria leading to a world war with Russia and China at NO benefit to the population of the world. There has been no investigations with proven evidence in the supposed poisoning of the MI6 double agent in Salisbury and the information given to the public by the media (BBC Sky) has been so contradictory it is as if it was written by a small child. The current Foreign Secretary can’t even collaborate his story with the chief executive of Portan Down. The latest supposedly chemical attack in Syria supposedly by Bashar al-Assad being pushed out again with NO evidence, just like the WMD that led to the invasion of Iraq killing 1 million innocent women and children back in 2003 based on a lie, led by the then prime minister Tony Blair who went on to be middle east peace envoy.  hmmmm.
Former US Congressman and political analyst Ron Paul has gone on record to say. The claim that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "is gassing his own people is a total nonsense,” adding that the American neoconservatives, who want a perpetual war in the Middle East, are probably behind the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria. 
Dr. Paul, a three-time American presidential candidate and the founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, made the remarks in an interview on Monday while commenting on the alleged attack near the capital Damascus last Saturday. Also General Mattis secretary of defence to the US openly conceded that the last chemical attack one year ago to the day was probably not carried out by the Assad regime even thought the US unleashed 54 tomahawk cruise missiles with NO evidence.

So once again I ask you personally if you really hold any moral compass, to do the right thing by informing fellow MP’s from all parties that we STOP this illegal invasion of Syria as the governments track record over the last two decades e.g.. Libya & Iraq have left total decimation to the countries and ruined millions of lives with no benefit to the people of the world accept a few. The government should compel its finances and not spend tax payers money on un just wars and rebuild Britain as we have a failing education system a failing NHS failing infrastructure and a national debt that has more than doubled in the last ten years. Just maybe you will redeem yourself & help the people of this world to make it a better place.

Yours faithfully

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