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David Icke
David Icke's Inconvenient Truth... War equals Profit
Archons Gnosticism and the Reptilian Agenda
David Icke podcasts from The Unexplained 9, 46, 75, 120, 236, 256, 319, 320

January 20, 2008. The first edition of a new year is an Unexplained special with world famous British writer and visionary David Icke…

October 13, 2010. This show features a man you’ve been asking me to get back on the show for months – David Icke. David’s views about politics, the global economy and who manipulates the reins of power are deeply controversial but always worth hearing.

January 15, 2012. This time we talk to highly compelling and very controversial writer and speaker David Icke about 2012 and what might happen to our world this year – and we look back on what David thinks are the causes of the amazing global events of 2011.

August 12, 2013. With just months to go to the launch of “The People’s Voice” media-venture David Icke returns to The Unexplained… »

January 7, 2016. With a new book out within days and a World Tour this year we catch up with David Icke… »

June 11, 2016. As he prepares for a new book and a major Tour David Icke returns to the show… »

November 13, 2017. This time – David Icke on his “explosive” new book… »

November 20, 2017. Part Two of the conversation with David Icke about his new book… »
Icke: Reports of my madness have been greatly exaggerated
David Icke talks with Eamon Holmes on Talk Radio
(07-29-2018, 11:36 PM)awakened53 Wrote: David Icke talks with Eamon Holmes on Talk Radio

It’s good to see some mainstream presenters allow David Icke to put over his views so clearly!
PROVED RIGHT AGAIN: David Icke predicting the war on Russia and explaining why -
The Awakening & How They Wish To Crush It -
[color=rgba(17, 17, 17, 0.6)]David Icke joins Eamonn in the studio to discuss his alternative theories. Under the microscope is fake news, mass surveillance, 5G, AI, climate change, US and UK politics - and, of course - Brexii ....[/color]
David Icke Discusses Theories and Politics with Eamonn Holmes ...

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