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David Icke
London Real Interview - Rose / Icke III

Notes -

0:00 introduction 

0:03 recent events summary - Rose/Icke I & II interviews / outcomes

0:08 I am more powerful than them and they know it

0:09 they’re in a panic

0:10 everything is a frequency, and the truth is the most powerful one

0:11 the false virus perception and it’s consequences

0:12 house arrest, lock downs, whose behind it?

0:13 fear controlling the planet, dependency is the control they are using

0:14 we are living in a nazi germany situation, fake pandemic 

0:15 giving up our freedoms over the fear of a theoretical virus

0:16 background to the current situation, the cult, satanic groups, the web

0:17 where they want to take us, the plan for human society 

0:18 current events have accelerated this activity, hunger games society, pyramid

0:19 dependency being engineered by the 1% and creating a police state 

0:20 controlling us via technology, a technocracy, technocrats, bureaucrats

0:21 why businesses are being destroyed, the lockdown of business

0:22 destruction of the independent livelihood of enormous numbers of people 

0:23 the other goals of their agenda 

0:24 a complete takeover of people and their minds via Artificial Intelligence 

0:25 the hijacking of the human race, the structure they use to achieve this

0:26 central point, dictating from the centre with subsidiaries / networks in countries

0:27 control of all organisations and structures all working to the same blueprint

0:28 the media manipulation and propaganda effect, problem reaction solution

0:29 WMD, Iraq, climate change examples, no problem reaction solution

0:30 subsidiaries working to one aim without borders using the china model

0:31 creating and incubating the very society wanted globally - China 

0:32 what has the West become recently? the plan all along, Wuhan environment 

0:33 Dr Andrew Kaufman research, the bogus virus discovery and hoax - not a virus

0:34 purification of pathogenic virus has never been achieved 

0:35 the faulty PRC tests does not detect a virus, misdiagnosis follows

0:36 the massive hype in China that spreads globally

0:37 the key to the scam was through a draconian Wuhan lock down

0:38 the figures and symptoms illusion

0:39 the death certificate fraud to exaggerate the numbers

0:40 fixing the data to perpetuate the scam - same with the climate change hoax

0:41 Chinese model became the blueprint for other countries, WHO corruption 

0:42 the Rockefeller institutions involved in this mass deception 

0:43 figures manipulated upwards and downwards, draconian measures

0:44 Silicon Valley involvement, the censoring of information 

0:45 the medical system pyramid world wide controlled by those in key positions

0:46 Gates, Fauci, Birx connections and funding

0:47 the control of the false medical diagnosis symptoms, all Covid -19

0:48 Northern Italy deaths and the factors behind this ignore the pollution factor

0:49 the admission the of Italian authorities points to other causes rather than covid


0:50 the virus excuse used to falsely protect the old

0:51 the lock down fallacy and illusion of a virus

0:52 all systematically put on old people

0:53 the test positive fantasy, medicare, payment fee system

0:55 hospital fees rise dramatically for covid diagnosis, the oxygen machines

0:56 the financial covid incentives, the false Gates vaccine immunity argument

0:57 the statistics did not reflect a pandemic situation 

0:58 re diagnosis snd the covid lie, inaccurate computer models, Imperial College deceit

0:59 it’s so easy to fix the data on these computer models

1:00 Boris Johnson and Neil Ferguson - the computer model distortion 

1:01 Johnston and Trump were misled into using the china model for lock downs

1:02 perpetuating the lockdown to introduce a mandatory vaccine program

1:03 dead body diagnosis

1:04 Johns Hopkins University involvement, pandemic simulation Event 201

1:05 controlling the pandemic narrative, destroying livelihoods 

1:06 creating mass dependency through a guaranteed income method 

1:07 the pope, the scam via Johns Hopkins University 

1:08 the survival mechanism in the brain inhibits our rational thought process

1:09 the media is beyond disgusting by destroying people through their lies

1:10 indirect deaths and illnesses being caused by the fake pandemic, knock on effect

1:11 hospital cancellations and empty hospitals

1:12 the dancing nurses, false media descriptions of war zone hospitals 

1:13 mass clapping for the NHS instigated to perpetuate the illusion, children dying alone

1:14 people sitting at home needing vital hospital treatment may end up dying due to lock down 

1:15 the secondment of private hospitals, turning patients away

1:16 the real killer will be the lock down and its consequences

1:17 they will claim a successful lock down but just compare with Sweden and other countries

1:18 question for Gates - if a virus has never been isolated, how can you give a vaccine for it?

1:19 they had the vaccine developed before this covid pandemic

1:20  the planned vaccine

1:21 ofcom bogus 5G vaccine argument

1:22 covid 19 doesn’t exist

1:23 ofcom promote 5G and hands out contracts for it

1:24 what 5G at 60Ghz does and its dire consequences for humanity 

1:25 the adverse effects of EMFs on your body

1:26 there is no regulation or testing for 5G, and people are already getting ill in schools

1:27 5G experiments prior to the 5G rollout

1:28 Samsung expose, telecoms discussion about 60Ghz

1:29 the perfect frequency for 5G technology 

1:30 the effect of 60Ghz, misdiagnosis in hospitals

1:31 it is comparable to high altitude sickness / oxygen deprivation 

1:32 the unexplained symptoms being seen in some patients 

1:33 rollout of 5G under the cover of lock down including satellites 

1:34 the more 5G devices used the greater the health on the population 

1:35 the excuse for further waves of a false pandemic is really 5G

1:36 forced mandatory vaccines to follow, what can we do?

1:37 the smart grid sub reality that is planned - a cloud around planet 

1:38 AI to be connected to the human brain by 2030 - all connected to it

1:39 human thinking will be finished

1:40 the gradual fusing of humans to AI - electronic personal assistants 

1:41 addiction to smart phones

1:42 humans being pushed apart deliberately 

1:43 the social distancing nonsense not based on science

1:44 the aim is to keep people apart, the masks nonsense, no interaction 

1:45 what will be in the vaccine? Nano technology chips / machines

1:46 they want synthetic humans - no need for men / women, transgenders 

1:47 Celeste Solum and FEMA, National state of emergency powers

1:48 vaccine nanochips DARPA gel

1:49 silicon valley/ military complex 

1:50 nanochip replication within the body 

1:51 we become terminals, interacting with the grid

1:52 we need to do something about this techno fascism before it’s too late

1:53 this is what the false pandemic is all about

1:54 YouTube, Google, Facebook are the facilitators of this fascism

1:55 stop acquiescing to these psychopaths

1:56 Scotland dictated to by Sturgeon, what world will we have?

1:57 world has been infiltrated by a non human force manipulating humanity

1:58 the archons, gins, gnostics operating outside of our frequencies

1:59 manipulation of our world by the bloodlines

2:00 fusions to create hybrids, interbreeding, blue bloods 

2:01 these bloodlines represent the non human world, bible, nephalim

2:02 the aim is complete control, satanic ritual, child abuse

2:03 what goes on underground, royals

2:04 Bill Gates dead lifeless eyes, no love, psychopath, DUMBS

2:05 underground development in these bases, Orwell, Huxley

2:06 the planned / hidden technology, Richard Hall predictions

2:07 all this is ready to be deployed, the need for a cover story

2:08 the gofers role in fronting this technology, heartless philanthropy 

2:09 the foundations cover for nefarious activities 

2:10 Soros financial manipulation to advance their agenda - Open Society cover

2:11 Bill Gates aim - vaccinate / chip the world

2:12 quantum tattoo idea to surveil everyone of us - Gates the psychopath

2:13 their wish for death and destruction for billions on the planet 

2:14 Ferguson models, Gates control via medical martial law

2:15 the vaccine blackmail by unelected technocrat dictators

2:16 what we need to do to stop this from happening, it’s our lives

2:17 what fear does to you, the consequences

2:18 perceptual connection, stuck in the narrow band of the five senses

2:19 we’re manipulated into perceiving life through this narrow frequency

2:20 people reacting in the same way, chakras, love, doing what is right

2:21 heart connection to access other levels of expanded perception 

2:22 opening yourself to access a higher level, what you know to be right

2:23 abuse and ridicule barriers and worrying about the consequences 

2:24 what stops us from doing what is right

2:25 satisfaction and self respect for controlling your life, not them

2:26 getting rid of the fear

2:27 the psychic Betty Shine experience in 1990

2:28 changing the world against enormous opposition 

2:29 invisible force, information to transform human consciousness 

2:30 waking from the coma, truth vibrations, the hidden is to be revealed

2:31 looking with new eyes, re evaluating the world beyond a five sense reality

2:32 ever more people are expanding their consciousness and losing their fear

2:33 you say and do what you know to be right that gives you power

2:34 ending the fear will lead to positive changes

2:35 the awakening of humanity will happen - the lockdown effect

2:36 the realisation of the lies and deceit we have been fed

2:37 we are points of attention within the stream of consciousness 

2:38 our own power, the Wogan Show, the ridicule

2:39 from mass ridicule to the power of doing what you know to be right

2:40 it will then be over for the psychopaths / fascists

2:41 without fear they cannot do anything to us and take control back

2:42 the message to the cult

2:43 saying no and refusing to comply with this tyranny 

2:44 a feeling of relief when you release the fear

2:45 how to achieve the knowing of what to be right

2:46  release the prison guards of fear and consequences 

2:47 know your own power, the silver lining in the dark cloud

2:48 not being at the mercy of the cult

2:49 there’s always a silver lining, it’s our natural state

2:50 know who you are and take control of your life, refuse to comply

2:51 we are all the same consciousness, not the divide and rule conflict 

2:52 we are all aspects of each other,  destroying the divide and rule control

2:53 labels enable the divide and rule strategy 

2:54 don’t allow the prats in dark suits to control you

2:55 accessing your innate intelligence, do not concede to ‘stupid’

2:56 how to remove their power, the difference between freedom & slavery 

2:57 I am a ‘this’ or ‘that’ label perceptions and limitations

2:58  just for a month, shed the labels and embrace your new consciousness 

2:59 the ‘we are all one’ truth, we are love truth

3:00 the ridiculous racist label, look at the illusions

3:01 their worst nightmare, message of love and confronting your fears

3:02 it’s about love, look the dragon in the eye

3:03 close
I spent a day interviewing David Icke. He was charming, maddening and sad – I can’t believe THIS is the man UK establishment fears -

We Can Stop What's Coming Before It's Too Late | David Icke's Banned Interview -
David Icke destroys COVID-19 Hoax in Powerful New Interview 720p
I’ve found some interesting information on one of the best known “conspiracy theorists” in the world - David Icke.
This shows that David Icke is connected to the same establishment that he supposedly exposes as shapeshifting reptilians from out-of-space.

David Icke’s “Freedom Foundation” was administered by the International Humanities Center (IHC).
In 2005, one of the top donors of the IHC was the Tides Foundation (with $55,000).
The donor list of Tides includes the elite of the world.

The Pew Charitable Trust (of the family of Sun Oil), between 1990 and 2002 donated $118 million to Tides.
The Ford Foundation provided $36 million between 1989 and 2005.
George Soros’ Open Society Institute donated $15.7 million (1997-2003).
Carnegie Corporation contributed $2.3 million (1992-2002).

Rockefeller Foundation gave $2.9 million (1993-2002);
Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave $1.9 million (1993-2003), plus $250,000 in 2005;
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers gave $372,300 (1997-2001);
Rockefeller Family Fund donated $175,000 (1991-2001).

Between 1995 and 2001, the Tides Foundation also received some $6 million from Heinz Endowments, run by Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of Skull & Bones man Senator John Kerry, who ran for president “against” George W. Bush in 2004

Joanie Bronfman sits on the Tides Foundation’s Board of Directors.
Bronfman is of course a member of the notorious family, an “heiress to the Seagram whiskey fortune”.

In 2006, the donors of the IHC were again very interesting.
Topping the list was a Laurance Rockefeller, who donated $899,000 to the IHC.

Before becoming IHC Executive Director, Steve Sugarman had been Executive Director of Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE). The SEE Program was founded in 1994 by the EarthWays Foundation. The EarthWays Foundation was established in 1988 by Andrew Beath. EarthWays’ financial connections are also interesting.
In 1998, EarthWays received $50,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation and another $42,837 in 2000.
EarthWays also received “$10,000 or more” from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, between 2002 and 2004.

Another EarthWays project, The Atomic Mirror (TAM) is also associated to the Rockefeller “philanthropies”.
In 2005 TAM was a participant in “The People Speak: America’s Role in the World” organised by the United Nations Foundation, with additional backing from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Brookings Institution:

In 2012, the International Humanities Center (IHC) collapsed in which (mostly small) donors reportedly lost $1 million (where did the money go?):
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

David Icke Reveals the Truth


EDIT..YouTube have removed it ( no surprise there) Here is a link via David's site
David Icke Speech, Trafalgar Square London 26th September, Freedom Rally

Gareth Icke Speech Trafalgar Square 26th September, Freedom Rally
One thing that has crossed my mind when looking at the banning practices of youtube and other social platforms, is, once the main or well known players have been moved on or banned their overall audience who normally follow are often thinned out once taken away from the main gaze of society.

The new Brand New Tube is one such place, where the majority are now instituted and in one place and given a new avenue for abuse, control of the narrative and the entire truth movement.

If effect it is all controlled from top to bottom, and is not growing in strength but being watered down.

The protests in the capital are very tiny compared to the rest of the country, so small that it won't make a real difference, but will make lots of money in donations from behind their pay walls.

There is more to this kind of news than meets the eye.
David Icke: New! - September 2020 talk with  Shaun Attwood
"I'm Not Supposed To Talk About This" | David Icke 21st Mar 2021

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