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Big Pharma
It's Official! Curing Patients Is Bad for Business


The Drug Industry, Big Pharma

Today, the medical services are controlled by the multinational drug companies. Sixty per cent of the US drug industry is owned by the Rockefellers alone. As a result, what claims to be state-of-the-art ‘medicine’ offers the scalpel or the drug in response to almost every ill. Both are motivated, at their controlling levels, by profit, not people. Wealth and not health. The infinite knowledge of healing in the world which understands how imbalances in our eternal selves create physical dis-ease is kept out of ‘official’ medicine. 

The body-as-machine approach of Darwin and others is still the one taught in medical schools and hospitals. It has become so farcical, that a situation can arise where a hospital doctor can say, treat nurses with homeopathy, but cannot treat their patients in that way, except secretly, because the wrath of the official drug-company-controlled medical establishment would be brought down upon him. 

Millions die of cancer while many cures are suppressed. If you can’t sell it at a vast profit under contract to a drug company, every effort is made to destroy methods of healing that would remove the so called “incurable” diseases of today. There are no incurable diseases. Every one is caused by an energy imbalance –an imbalance that can be returned to harmony and, in doing so, the body returned to health. This is happening every day outside the medical establishment.
The drugging of American seniors: Big Pharma profits depend on sick seniors
The Faust Syndrome
Many Big Pharma drugs destroy our gut microbiome, causing us to be more vulnerable to disease -

Study: virgin coconut oil reduces Aβ plaques, inflammation and oxidative stress associated with Alzheimer’s disease -
Media won’t investigate medically caused death numbers -

Plan to liberate US from opioids instead liberates Big Pharma
... from oversight
Truth-telling statistics that Big Pharma and the CDC never report to us physicians or our patients

The NNV (Number Needed to Vaccinate) and the NNT (Number Needed to Treat)
The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know
The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know
Big Pharma... An example of the best " Democracy " that money can buy
Guide to paying a small fine and making billions by Jon Rappoport

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