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Plastic Pollution
New Plastic Eating Enzyme Can Help Solve The Plastic Pollution Crisis -
A unique plastic collecting device is about to take on the Great Pacific garbage patch
UK's pledge to ban single-use plastics includes wet wipes
The EU is moving to ban 10 of the worst single-use plastic products
If there's a race to clean up the world's oceans, the European Union wants to come first...
It's official, plastic pollution has now reached our last unspoilt wilderness -
Sea salt contains an alarming amount of micro plastics -

Sea salt has become a trendy source for salt compared to refined varieties (even though there are little or no measurable health benefits to using sea salt over other forms of sodium chloride), but its perception as a "natural" alternative could soon change after a slew of studies looking at the plastic content of sea salts...
Chemists report biorenewable, biodegradable plastic alternative -

Colorado State University polymer chemists have taken another step toward a future of high-performance, biorenewable, biodegradable plastics .....
Mumbai bans single-use plastic -

... users face fines, prison
Indian State uses seized plastic to make roads, repair potholes -

The Kerala government had also ordered that at least 10 percent of the roads built by the local bodies in 2016-17 should use plastic .....
Could this be the solution to our Earth and ocean pollution epidemic?

In Brief

The Facts:
One of the biggest environmental challenges we face is pollution. This affects our land masses and our oceans. CarbonCycle is an initiative that converts waste into useable materials.

Reflect On:
Through Earth Cycle, you can help get involved in this great initiative. See the Earth Cycle link below for more details ....

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