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Fake News
Twitter and Facebook posts of Muslims Rioting in Birmingham are actually Swiss Football Hooligans
Mainstream Fake News... The Devious Limited Hangout by Jon Rappoport
Fact checking the Fact Checkers! Snopes and Politifact said I was a liar.
But let's look at their facts!! By Daisy Luther
Five fake science sources and how they could lead to your harm -

Through a lack of education many continue to be deceived into believing the corporate/banker sponsored fake science. The spin is made by paid off crooked scientific establishments, phony front men and tightly controlled mainstream media outlets for the ulterior motives, control and profit ......
India: mob lynchings attributed to fake news on Whatsapp

Whatsapp has pointed out its harder to monitor the app as the messages are encrypted between users. 
Following a spate of Fake news on Whatsapp, 18 people have been killed across India, in the states of Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tripura and West Bengal ....
Where is/was the mainstream press?

With all the talk and smear campaigns about “fake news” shouldn’t Americans be entitled to know what’s really going on in the politics of their own country?

The United States is where 90% of the press and media are controlled by six corporations: GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS .....
Theatrical dance: the fake news mainstream reporter and his audience

And the deeper implications behind it ....
May 2012
Chinese botanical medicine: Wikipedia claims it is fake, we are certain it is real -

Modern conventional medicine has increasingly become a culture of scientific and historical denialism. Although portending to be an objective discipline of consistent progress, the medical establishment more often than not denies the insights, discoveries, medical systems and methodologies of the distant past and non-Western cultures .....
How Twitter Degrades Discourse and Encourages Distortions: Illustrated by ex-Pentagon Official Ryan Goodman
The real 'fake news' from government media -

Facebook has announced its campaign against “fake news.” But, according to some workers’ own admission, conservatives are being censored.....

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