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Fake News
Fake intercept? Russian MoD dismisses UK claims of chasing off six Su-24 bombers over Black Sea
The 10 Primary Directives of Mainstream Media
More Propaganda from the BBC

BBC lauds RAF for keeping nasty Russian planes at bay… 2,000km away from the UK
Anthrax false flag redux? 

It was reported this morning the Pentagon mail facility has received at least two packages containing the deadly poison ricin.

A piece of mail delivered to the Pentagon mail facility has initially tested positive for ricin, according to two US defense officials.  ....
Fake MSNBC stories
BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg retweets COMPLETELY FAKE Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism smear and refuses to retract it ...
Ex CNN reporter explains how they fake the news ...
Fake news: an open letter to the Editor of the Washington Post -

Yet again, the hard-Left Washington Post has libeled Dr Willie Soon, whom many of us know to be one of the most dedicated scientists in single-minded pursuit of the objective truth about global warming. If you agree with the following Letter to the Editor, please write your own letter and send it in to the Washpot.
Peter Oborne: ‘Downing Street putting out Fake News’ ...

Here's Peter Oborne's full piece on the sickening collusion between senior media players and the Johnson administration. Oborne catalogues a series of examples where 'Downing Street sources' have used the likes of Peston, Kuenssberg, Robinson and Shipman to peddle lies and smears.

A remarkable article from one of the country's most ethical, though sometimes misguided, political commentators.

We are well down a very dangerous road where the Fourth Estate no longer speak truth to power. We need more commentators like Oborne shining a light on these issues. 

(The Daily Politik / FB)
Following is a video with a collection of “The top 10 staged media events”.

10 – 0:53 - The Parking Lot Report
9 – 1:26 - The FEMA Script
8 – 2:19 - Gulf War Script Part 1 - Charles Jaco
7 – 5:06 - Gulf War Script Part 2 - Incubator Babies
6 – 7:34 - Iraq War Script Exposed - Donald Rumsfeld Iraq weapons of mass destruction
5 – 9:57 - Iraq Script Goes Global - Canadian and Australian PM tell literally the same script
4 – 11:15 - Ignore Ron Paul Script
3 – 16:06 – WTC Building 7 Script 9/11
2 – 17:36 - The Bin Laden Script - William Cooper exposes interview with Osama Bin Laden by CNN
1 – 23:25 - The Bahrain Script - Documentary wasn’t shown, because CNN supported by Bahrain regime

Often overlooked (also in the video), is that British PM Tony Blair also repeatedly accused Iraq for having weapons of mass destruction BEFORE George W. Bush and Rumsfeld. For example in September 2002:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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