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Mental Health
Jeremy Corbyn has warned “perfect storm” of economic pressures facing British workers is fuelling a mental health “epidemic” -
Study of 91,000+ links nighttime phone use with mental health disorders.
Decades of research says cell phone and WIFI radiation exposure can cause same disorders 24/7....
The Psychiatric Matrix... What you need to Know

By Jon Rappoport
Beware the so-called mental health 'de-stigmatization' campaigns, Big Pharma in disguise
Campaigns such as Make It OK and NAMI are Front Groups for Big Pharma ...
How negative emotions can affect your health

Story at-a-glance

Every feeling you have affects some part of your body. While positive emotions such as gratitude have been scientifically linked to a number of beneficial health effects, negative emotions and stress can wreak havoc
Certain emotions are known to be associated with pain in certain regions of your body. For example, depressed individuals will often experience chest pains, even when there’s nothing physically wrong with their heart
A biochemical cascade occurs during a bout of anger. Adrenaline and noradrenaline are released, raising your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate. Blood is pushed to your extremities, including your face, which may turn red
To maintain or regain emotional control at this point, you need to engage your prefrontal cortex — the area of your brain that controls complex cognitive behavior, willpower, decision making and judgment
Scientifically proven ways to strengthen your prefrontal cortex and improve your self-control include eating a healthy diet, getting enough quality sleep, exercising regularly and managing daily stress. Brief daily meditation has been shown to increase activity in the prefrontal cortex in as little as eight weeks ......
Confirmed: antidepressants and other drugs cause dementia

The largest and most detailed study of its kind has just confirmed that a group of chemical drugs known as anticholinergics, which include antidepressants, antispasmodics, Parkinson’s drugs and bladder control medications, among others, may be directly linked to the development of dementia .....

The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesn't get enough sleep
A single one-hour meditation session can do wonders for your heart -

As the years go by, more people struggle with anxiety and stress – two “mental monsters” that can significantly affect the well-being of millions every day. In some cases, these mental burdens can even affect our physical health....
Exercise treats addiction by altering brain’s dopamine system -
New research by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions has identified a key mechanism in how exercise can help impact the brain in ways that may support treatment -- and even prevention strategies -- for addiction .....
Depression.. Could Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Disrupting the Blood Brain Barrier be Playing a Role?
Loneliness is bad for the heart

Loneliness is bad for the heart and a strong predictor of premature death, according to a study presented today at EuroHeartCare 2018, the European Society of Cardiology's annual nursing congress. The study found that feeling lonely was a stronger predictor of poor outcomes than living alone, in both men and women.....

The suicide rate has risen 28 percent in the US in less than 20 years, according to new data

The big secret the mainstream media doesn’t want to tell you -

... about Americas soaring suicide rates
This week two celebrity suicides rocked the nation, and neither of them seemed to make any sense.  Kate Spade’s handbag designs had taken the fashion world by storm, and she was supposedly living the kind of lifestyle that millions of Americans can only dream about.  And Anthony Bourdain was one of those rare journalists that was greatly loved by both the left and the right.  His “Kitchen Confidential” book is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon, and his “Parts Unknown” series was one of CNN’s most popular shows.

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