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Vaccine Damage
Doctor Blows Whistle on Flu Shot: 'It’s Designed to Spread Cancer'

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© Neon Nettle
New study: vaccines linked to decline in mental health and social interaction – a cause of increase in mass school shootings?
Californian Senator Richard Pan is pushing a bill to make it a crime for anyone to question vaccines
The big vaccine v autism lie
The big vaccine-autism lie -
The big vaccine-autism lie -
Aluminium Vaccine Adjuvant linked to Autism behaviour in mice
Unvaccinated students in Utah will now be expelled
Insurance Company offering Medical Doctors $400 payout if the Child is Fully Vaccinated by Aged 2
Robert F Kennedy Jnr.. The On going Thimerosol Travesty Needs to End

Amount of Mercury allowed in drinking water is 2 parts per billion
Amount of Mercury found in Vaccines is 51000 parts per billion

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