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Police State /Private Police Forces / Militarisation of US Police
Cops raid City Council Presidents home after he exposed their corruption
An incomplete list of evidence that Australia is becoming a police state -

I always figured it couldn’t happen here. There was something about Australians and our collective personality that made it impossible. As it turns out, there isn’t anything special about Australians. We were kidding ourselves. Doubtless plenty of Americans are undergoing the same disillusionment about their own compatriots right now, too.....
You're not going F***ing Film us. Raging Cop Arrests Innocent Woman for Filming
Man catches cops on Video framing him to justify  blowing up his door and fairing his home

Minnesota cops ordered Paramedics to inject suspects with powerful tranquilizer html
Police Caught Giving Suspects to Hospital for Involuntary Human Experiments with Date Rape Drug
Resisting the Creeping Police State... Ron Paul with special guest John Whitehead
California Schools Sued for Putting Kids on Probation for Defying Authority
Most Brits Say Police Have Lost Control, Blame Political Correctness
Police state dictatorship

A police state structure to impose the will of the Archontic El-lite on the poverty-stricken masses is so obviously happening. Psychopaths are being systematically recruited around the world to don the uniform of law enforcement at the expense of the decent police officers they are replacing. The process is planned to be speeded up through privatisation of law enforcement and prisons.

Here you have the reason for private policing and security companies such as G4S securing government contracts no matter what their performance. Private firms are given ever more powers from the professional police as part of the dismantling of policing as we have known it until now.

Private prisons are negotiating contracts in which governments agree to ensure high occupancy rates. This new police/ policed dynamic was captured in Australia when a police officer on the Gold Coast was charged with ‘misconduct in public office’ for leaking a video to the media exposing how his colleagues brutally beat a 21-year-old while the blood was washed away by a senior sergeant. The officers who did this were not charged, only the one who exposed what they did. Do what you like lads, just don’t tell anyone. Doing it is fine, just don’t get caught.

Psychopaths and software minds are also being recruited into government administration at every level and they and law enforcement personnel are sent on ‘training courses’ which are nothing more than mind control operations to further integrate the program and instil a sense of us and them with the public. New York police have been told to take pictures of homeless people in the streets and post them online to ‘shame them’. This is so indicative of the  psychopathic, us and them mentality that is now dominating positions of authority.

Vital for the planned control structure to work is for law enforcement and government administration to identify with their masters –the less than one percent –and see the population as the enemy. Police brutality even in the so-called civilised countries of the West is now so unspeakable in scale it is closing in on commonplace.

Almost every day on line, there are more videoed or reported examples of the most horrific levels of psychopathic behaviour by police officers and there are efforts to make filming the police illegal to stem the exposure. FBI Director James Comey said ludicrously that public outrage over police brutality videos might have caused an increase in violent crime –what, by the police? He produced no evidence, of course.

Police beat, shoot, kill and Taser with virtual impunity in terms of official consequences for their actions. In a psychopathic police state would you find headlines like ‘14 San Francisco cops gang up on homeless man with one leg and ’armed’ with crutches’? Put those words into a search engine and you’ll see the video of morons in uniform.

How much more extreme and psychopathically outrageous can you get than British police officers holding down an innocent Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes, on a London tube train while another officer shot him in the head at point-blank range seven times? They said they mistook him for a ‘terrorist’ when he was just a young guy going about his day. If anyone else had done what those officers did it would be considered cold-blooded murder and a long prison sentence would follow, but the officer who fired the gun was promoted and so was the police commander overseeing the operation, Cressida Dick. She was also made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for ‘services to policing’.
The police state has arrived -

... British man claims Australian customs agents bugged his phone after taking his mobile and laptop into a private room

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