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Police State /Private Police Forces / Militarisation of US Police
Face-Nappies turn up with batons to get involved with the crowd at the end of London march when there was absolutely no need to do so and now they play the victim – PATHETIC
Revealed: police trainees’ violence and dishonesty (Exactly what they want)

The head of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, has been forced to defend recruitment standards as leaked documents reveal cases of violent disorder, cheating and dishonesty among trainees at Britain’s biggest police force.
The incidents relate to recruits at the Met’s main training centre and will raise concerns about its ability to provide an effective service as sources within the force allege declining standards for trainees as recruitment has been ramped up.
One leaked document shows that, in July last year, a female recruit at the Met’s Hendon Police College was detained after punching and headbutting a police officer while allegedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
Other documents reveal instances of dishonesty amongst recruits and emerge weeks after the force was accused of “institutional corruption” following an inquiry into the unsolved murder of a private detective.
The revelations will place fresh pressure on the Met and its embattled chief after a week in which Dick was roundly criticised after ticketless supporters stormed the Euro 2020 final at Wembley, the latest in a litany of scandals to hit the force.
The documents reveal that during an internal question-and-answer session in July last year, Dick was forced to deny rumours that an entire intake of Hendon recruits had failed the initial selection process but were still given a start date because “the Met needed the numbers”.
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The Thought Police can go Whistle

Whistling the Bob the Builder theme song can now get you a police record.
‘Bob and the gang have so much fun. Working together, they get the job done.’ The Bob the Builder theme song – ‘Can We Fix It?’ – is all about what humans can achieve when we work together. But Bedfordshire Police has a different interpretation. Its officers seem to believe the catchy tune should be taken as a warning that an appalling racist hate crime is about to be committed.
A man in Bedfordshire has been slapped with a police record for whistling the theme song at his neighbour. Few other details are known about this ‘non-crime hate incident’, other than the fact that the police considered the interaction to be racist.
So-called non-crime hate incidents have proliferated in recent years, with over 120,000 recorded in the past five years alone. Although they do not result in arrest, the ‘perpetrators’ of these non-crimes can end up with a police record. These incidents will show up on any enhanced DBS check. They are supposed to help the police deal with more serious hate crimes, but there is currently no evidence that a single crime has been solved as a result of police recording these incidents.
So what counts as a ‘non-crime hate incident’? Because there is no crime being committed, there is no threshold to determine whether an incident is serious enough to become a police matter. They are also based on the subjective notion of ‘hate’, which is decided according to the feelings of the ‘victim’ or any other person. This means that literally any interaction with another person, animal or inanimate object can now be recorded as a non-crime hate incident.
It’s not just whistling the Bob the Builder theme that can catch the attention of the cops. Other hate incidents recorded by police have included a drug dealer ripping off a gay man (allegedly for his sexuality), a dog pooing on someone’s lawn (apparently this was racially aggravated), and an elderly woman beeping her horn at a slow driver (also racist, allegedly). Even children’s playground insults have been investigated as non-crime hate incidents.

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