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Russia Hysteria
"Russia Hysteria is making US International Laughing Stock" - Chomsky YouTube April 2017
Trump issues Ultimatum to Merkel... Drop Russian Gas Pipeline or face Trade War
US broadsheet calls for Russia's Crimea Bridge to be blown up
Congressman Eric Swalwell taken apart by Tucker Carlson
NATO advances on Russia’s border

... under the cover of Western media propaganda
The one question we should all be asking
... about establishment Russia hysteria
Fabricated Report Accuses Russia of Full Spectrum War on Britain
Cold War? US wants NATO to bolster deterrence against Russia
NATO, which is an institution formed in the midst of the cold war, already has a substantial presence in the Baltics and Poland.

The United States is pushing European North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies to prepare more battalions, warships and planes for combat in Eastern Europe to deter Russia, which is described as a threat and adversary by officials .....
Indicted Russians actually show up in court, Mueller scrambles -

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scrambling to limit pretrial evidence handed over to a Russian company he indicted in February over alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, according to Bloomberg ....
Evil Empire 2.0. The West conjures up the Ghost of the Soviet past to vilify Russia

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